2005-02-07-A Lesson on Divine Intent

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Topic: A Lesson on Divine Intent

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Now you are really hesitant in noting these words, as you consider that divine intent is only from God, as God is the only Pure Being. However, I assure you that even humans can have a divine intent when they are completely sincere.


Complete sincerity borders on the divine, and is as close to perfection as one can get in the mortal estate. It is never human judgment which makes intent divine. It is the human heart which is open to the unconditional love of the Creator, and seeks to bestow that love upon others without any thought of recompense. It is the ability to live free of, and unencumbered by, human willful thinking, and of having surrendered everything to the Creator. This is the acme of living life as a spiritual being.

“It is a self-mastery to the highest degree. It is an independent functioning of a will freely given to the Creator without any fear connected to this act, or otherwise being fearful of suffering retribution from a supposedly angry God. Divine intent is so much higher then man's puerile thinking. It is so totally unselfish and loving that it can only be experienced in moments of supreme oneness with the highest consciousness a mortal is capable of. Such a life is slowly on transformed into a higher way of life and becomes truly capable of greater things when it acts on these moments of divine intent. It is a sincere growing into the fulfilling of the divine blueprint which each human is gifted with but so very seldom realizes in this mortal estate. It is thoughtful living from day to day with increasing sincerity.

“How will you do this? It is as simple as sincerely seeking, making and establishing a solid connection with the Spark of God within, which is divine intent personified. It is a following of God’s guidance. It is a living with the highest intent possible after releasing everything into the hands of the Creator and leaving it there, fully trusting that you have finally found that peace which was missing in your daily life. It is an ongoing contact with the All That Is, which is so seldom experienced in the human lives on this planet. When it is, these mortals then live in a greater balance with themselves and greater harmony with others. They are the peacemakers on the planet and there are many honorable intents and efforts to bring this planet into a greater state of balance and these efforts are recognized on high. But it is not always recognized, and or accepted, by mortals that in the invisible realm many are also working to establish a more stable equilibrium on the planet.

“Such recognition would make the efforts on the part of the humans even more valuable and they would re-double their efforts at divine intent to help make possible the reality for greater peace to come about. The materialistic tendency of life would fade out of existence faster when divine intent was to be practiced more widely. Divine intent is nothing more or less than the seeking of the will of God in all manner of things. It is a wholehearted living and surrendering each moment to the goodness of God. The most well know person and example to light your steps by is Jesus the Christ, who came to show you how one can live in the presence of the Almighty while yet in the flesh. His words have rarely been taken seriously, or put into practice. Study His sayings and establish your personal connection with your Spark within to the point where you can say, ‘Nevertheless, Father, not my will, but your will be done through me.’ This is the divine intent you are capable of arriving at.”