2005-02-27-Critical Mass That Universe is Friendly

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Topic: Critical Mass That Universe is Friendly

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Aaron, Daniel

TR: Simeon, Nancy



Opening prayer could not be heard due to recording quality.

Aaron (Bob D.): Greetings to you, my friends. I am Aaron, and it is my pleasure to be with you tonight sharing at the soul level with companions such as you. Let us take a moment and solidify our connection.


Embrace of spiritual realities signifies the evolution of your being, your essence, to a completely new creature not tied to material desire nor weighed down by material problems, but rather a new and expanding being of soul values augmented by your continuous search for higher reality. And though you are not bound by the material world, you are still influenced by the happenings in your life. You recognize that it is not practical to be all spirit and no substance at this stage of your existence, for you do exist in a material world. And it is the spiritualizing mind that can live in the world but not be of the world.

This is the transition phase of your adventure. I preface my following comments this evening with this introduction, for it is your recognition of having one foot in the material world and one foot in the spiritual plane that can help you to better apply certain aspects of your learning in the world around you.

This effort (the Teaching Mission) has been referred to as a mission because there is a mission involved in what we are doing beyond simply teaching a few people a few ideas. The idea behind the 100th Monkey Syndrome is that if energy is placed in certain channels, and others, touched by this energy, equally apply energy in the same direction, at some point a critical mass can occur which allows for some new insight or some event to occur broadly, rather than as an isolated pocket. While this concept is not completely accurate, it is good to recognize that effort applied can produce more efforts, and more efforts can eventually lead to greater awareness by a group, which then influences another group, until it becomes common awareness on a societal level.

This world at this time is poised to receive new understanding, and it is by persons passing on insights that this new understanding can occur on a societal level. You have been taught many things over more than a decade now, but there are common themes which can be shared if done in a thoughtful and reflective manner such that people will be influenced by the idea even if they are not influenced by the process.

One of the primary messages that will allow further evolution on your world is that the universe is friendly rather than sinister in nature. Spiritual beings with dastardly plots do not exist. A large number of people on your world still reside in the dark regarding this concept. Although it will not come about over night, the sharing of this concept will make inroads toward relaxing the fears of many on your world.

The Gospel of Jesus was not that he died for your sins so that you could all be forgiven by a god who requires sacrifice, but rather is it the emphasis of Christ that God is your Parent, Father/Mother. However this insight is shared does not matter as long as people recognize that there is a Personal Loving Being at the Center of All Things.

The message of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man is not missing in Christianity, but it is obscured such that it is not the emphasis but rather just a piece of knowledge. And although Paul was well meaning, the atonement doctrine that evolved has become so overriding that it blinds people to the true message of love and kindness which underlies the universe ascension plan and your relationship to the universe and to each other.

The idea that spirituality goes beyond just the Father/child relationship to an integral family of God working together for the progress of all is a necessary concept to be realized to move into the next age of development on your world. People need to realize that spirituality is an ever present ministry of beings to each other. And although there is a central focus in the Central Personality, the freeing experience of realizing that there is a whole universe of beings working together will allow for a greater expansion and realization of brotherhood, sisterhood, family on your world. And there are other ideas, although tonight I wanted to emphasize these, for they are the basic core of our program.

As you go through your days, as you contemplate things that you can do, look at ways that you can incorporate these ideas into your efforts. You do not need to teach about us necessarily, but you can teach what we teach such that it comes out naturally and without extra baggage added to it.

And so tonight, I ask you to realize your ability to be agents of change without having to do more than being real with your experiences in your daily life and being observant of the opportunities to pass on an idea. Because you exist in both worlds, you can be the transfer of insight from the spiritual to the material plane. On a personal level, you can work to solidify your foothold in the spiritual plane through the steps and reflection of God such that you are not relying too much on the foothold you have in the material plane. As you increasingly feel more sure of your step, you can rest assured that this insight-transfer will occur more readily, more naturally, more frequently.

Opportunities have a way of arising when you are in a place to take advantage of opportunities.

I am finished with my dialogue this evening. I recognize that Simeon will be leaving soon. If there are any questions, I can address them through either Simeon or another.


(Nancy responded but her words were lost due to poor recording equipment. The gist of her comments expressed excitement at the lesson, given her experience of the previous evening in helping to sooth the fears of a young friend who was frightened by a program on aliens and greatly cheered by the concept of "cosmic brothers and sisters" who are children of the same God we love and know.)

Aaron: It is confirming to this TR to have recognition, but for myself, Daniel, Minearisa, and others, obviously this was part of how we developed this lesson this evening. Our desire is to feed off of your experiences to hopefully allow further insight so that you can continue to be bolstered and to minister as the opportunities present themselves.

Nancy: Yes, it is bolstering….(words again lost due to recording quality.)

Aaron: At this time, I will withdraw. I will leave the floor open for another to speak if there is a communicator present. I appreciate our conversation.

Daniel (Nancy): Greetings. I am Daniel your joyous friend and colleague here among you once again. I have delighted in your soul’s response to hearing the simplicity and clarity of the message of Jesus and the message of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

Indeed, as Aaron stated, the Teaching Mission is a mission, a part of the time of correction from the destructive influences of the rebellion. Our mission to you is personal that you may become personally engaged with the spiritual influences that support and minister to you in every moment of every hour of every day. And that, in so doing, your mission to the world at this point in time can be accomplished.

Our desire is that you peal away the layers that obscure the beautiful personality given to you by God, the First Source and Center, that you may know and develop your myriad talents, that you may exult in joyous recognition of the beauty of your being, that you may desire to share your gifts and talents, experience and path, and love with your fellow siblings, sisters and brothers, children of the First Source and Center; that in your natural sharing, your natural being, others may see a reflection of their potential that they, too, may do the hard work of pealing the layers and establishing an ongoing, intimate, moment-by-moment relationship with Spirit; that this process of individual blooming may itself bloom, bringing Urantia into fragrant flower. In this healing of the spirit of the souls, of the hearts,! of Urantians, many other social ills will be corrected.

And so our mission to you is to show you your value, your sparkling beauty, that you may not only feel free, but desire, to share your sparkle with others.


Now, my friends, we know the hour is growing late. We thank you for your commitment and for setting aside time to interact with us on a regular basis, so that we may continue this interaction, not only one-on-one with you, but with you as a group. For it is in the blossoming of group relationships that the bloom of Urantia will spread ever faster.

We, the Teaching Corp, offer our love and our respect, and, yes, our gratitude to you our friends and students. Please stand and hold hands for the closing prayer.

Father, we—these material children and others of us—stand together unified, a mixture of spirit, mind, and material presence. We thank you for your great blessing upon us all in the gift of life, for the adventure of eternity, and for the great gift of Correction in which we all participate. Be with these our students as they take the message of love out into their world. Be with us as we seek your will in best assisting them in their efforts. Amen.