2005-04-06-An Overall Balance


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Topic: An Overall Balance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: "I’ve come in for a gentle two-point landing to here discretely clarify some matters of import. And these are not so much directed at you personally, my dear friend, but they may be of interest to a small number of individuals that are lost for explanations about the disagreements that recently occurred, and that will continue to plague those who are observing past wars of words, and might I add, a form of non-religious proselytizing, indeed.

"Not even the super-minded angels of Progress and those of the armies of the Churches will always agree on matters of necessary advancement versus a need for stability. Would that you suddenly acquired their deep insight in how this local universe, I say, yes, this unusual planet, must be administered, you would still be of two minds about which way to proceed in any matter of significance dealing with the welfare of individuals, your races, your mother earth.

"Always will Churches criticize Progress at the human level for reaching for the sky, pushing boundaries and making seeming mistakes, which you certainly will make from time to time. And ever will Progress be left with the feeling that Churches is getting nowhere fast and missing opportunities for urgent, pressing, and important questions to be answered.

"These are personal feelings. They may even be the opinions of small groups that will be in total agreement on a specific matter. They cannot, and never will be a consensual thoughts of large parties, certainly not at this early, early stage of the Correcting Time, unlikely so in the foreseeable future, and possibly not even when the era of Light and Life is well on the way. Do not hold your breath, dear student, waiting for that day of consensus. It will not come.

"Your innate drives are known to us, as my innate drive and heart-felt wishes are know to those above me, and it would have been foolish for us to involve you with religious matters, or with politics, as were so many of your kinfolks for instance, or with anything other than the Emergency Venture, for which you had a feel. Had it been otherwise, you would have met up with others of my extended tribe, and not with me, or with our Andréa, or with Simone.

"Likewise, other 11:11 time-prompt recipients must find their personal way to take part in, to evolve, to grow, and reach back up to the Light and Love from which they emanated in their way, in their own good time, and as and when the pull of Paradise awakens them, and makes them productive in that to which they are most suited.

"They themselves, must for themselves, determine for what function they were prepared in their lives.

"We, on our part, will do what we can to assist in creating an overall balance at the human level, where there is little or none. We, the foot soldiers in the battalions of planetary supervision will not place a scientist in politics, a math teacher in human health, an innately shy and fearful one in an emergency unit. No. We use our god-given minds and all the advisors we can muster around us to do it right. We also ask you and your friends to not see black or white where the overall picture that is presented to you at this time is still a murky gray.

"Do have patience with those who are basically still fearful of what is happening to them, and at their ever increasing rate of enrolment in the Reserve Corps, and who have built their ideas around portals, numbers and dates, birthdays and calamities. One by one they will acquire the peace of mind that will allow their hearts and souls and minds to reach for the Midway Realm, where we live, where we work and play, and where we can be of use to them in teaching them to understand, respect, and admire their diversely talented fellow men.


"Be relaxed, be open minded, and be at peace. I say, Adieu. This is ABC-22."