2005-04-17-Stillness & Transmitting

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Topic: Stillness & Transmitting

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Nancy



UNKNOWN (Nancy): Blessings upon you. Allow the peace of Michael to be received. Remove the barriers to love: fear, judgment, anxiety. Be present with love that you may have open ears to hear the words of those personalities in service to you. And now let us pray.

Lord of lights: light up our hearts and our beings that we may be speedy in our walk to you. We pray to have ears of discernment and an open heart. Amen.

DANIEL (Nancy): Greetings, friends. I am Daniel your teacher, guide and friend. (Pause.) I was allowing Pam-Ella time to relax and deepen into the embrace of love, and peace, and rest. My friends we perceive the need for you as a group to partake of the rest that can be found in stillness. We invite you tonight to each establish your connection. Find that position that is most conducive to attunement. Request Michael’s assistance in opening your heart center that love may flow in, that fear, anxiety, tension may evaporate. Focus only on the pre! sent, the sound of the recorder, the sound of Pam-Ella’s voice, the feel of calm. Allow the calm to deepen. Let it spread from your heart and mind throughout your being. Tonight we encourage (phone rings).

Do not stress, my dear. This is not an insurmountable task by any means. Rather it is an opportunity for all involved to remain with their center, in their center, despite the unexpected curve ball that may be thrown.


We have chosen a mixture of stillness and TR practice for this evening’s format. Pam-Ella is weary, and large benefits can be achieved through stillness and the connection that is made in preparation [for TRing], that is made in receiving communication. There is one difference, however. When you settle in for stillness, and are not anticipating being put on the spot, so to speak, to TR, there is no immediate cause for fear. Any fear experienced is because the mind is not present in the moment. When you are anticipating the possibility of being asked to TR, fear can become very much alive. This fear serves a purpose. It allows the ego to dodge a potentially beneficial experience.

And now Pam-Ella has fear and is urging me to explain further my meaning. Some of you are familiar with the concept that seemingly negative emotions serve a purpose, have a pay-off, or one would not continue to engage that emotional response. (Pause.) I was suggesting that fear can be a reason to not do something, but when one ignores the tricks of the ego, and acts anyway, then there is growth.

You see, the ego is often like a small child. When its manipulations succeed, it continues to employ them. When you act in a manner consistent with your true desire, rather than with the urging of the ego, then the ego loses power.

That diversion was for Pam-Ella’s sake. I now return to my previous line of thought.

The difference between the peace found strictly in stillness and the peace that can be had as you receive the connection [for TRing] differ only, that, in the latter, there may be fear. To the extent that you can, set fear aside.

And now allow yourselves to again be enfolded in the embrace of peace. If you experience words forming, and are willing to share those words, we would consider this an achievement. And now I take my leave from Pam-Ella for at least the time being. I, as well as others, may attempt connection through another.

KLARIXISKA (Virginia): This is Klarixiska, and I have asked the thought be given that fear censors your further growth. Low expectations limit future growth. Conformity censors future growth. The opposite, of course, is love, [and it] provides one with the impetus to serve. Expecting great things of yourself will push you. Yes, that’s the word, push you to do more than you think you are able. Service, giving, is always a result of the love that you experience from the Father. Stillness, meditation, quiet time can fill you with that love that you know not. If you ask God for bread, He will not give you a serpent. If you ask God to be of service, be open to His guidance. That is all.


DANIEL (Nancy): I am Daniel. Please stand and hold hands once again.

Father, we, your children, are in awe of You, [and] Your plan of perfection. We ask that these, our students, grow to know the rest that can be found in Your embrace. May they find Your peace this week. So be it. Amen. [[Category: Stillness]