2005-06-26-You Are An Energy Transmitter


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Topic: You Are An Energy Transmitter

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): This is Elyon, greetings to you all. I am pleased once again to make this arrangement and to be in conscious association. We are a fine team who has spent many years together. It has been rewarding to us all as we have covered many subjects and explored many experiences. To date I have nothing but good reports about you.


Energy, Circuit

We have discussed circuitry and I would like to return to this topic today from the standpoint of your own center from which energy emanates. You are aware that when gathered among many people that certain personalities, strong in character, cause an energy shift in the congregation even as quickly as when they enter a room.

While often this form of energy is more driven, powered, by strong personality, it illustrates the reality that each one of you is an energy transmitter. The more you have made an effort to connect with spirit circuits, to engage in stillness, to be sensitive to the vibrations in your surroundings, the more you are capable of projecting a spiritual luminosity, a power presence of the divine. You may in your heart feel you have little ability to project such power, but I assure you that each one of you has the ability, given the presence of the Father's Fragment. When you have come together in celebration among your brothers and sisters you are reminded of how energizing such a gathering can be.

Each one of you an electrode of spirit charges another, and you give back and forth this energy current, the oscillations from which you are each uplifted and as a whole elevated. In settings where you are less supported by similarly oriented individuals, ones who are spiritually sensitive, you become a dominant pole from which energy may emanate. You can consciously adjust your frequency to a divine frequency, a subtle, soothing, illuminating frequency. Others will receive that outpouring. It may be received weakly until the mind recognizes the benefits derived.

Receptivity will increase and upliftment will occur, and over time that individual will begin to oscillate and resonate in harmony with you. On the level of circuits and energy it is much like taking up your mat and walking, allowing another to put away their ailment, to set aside their sense of isolation, to join the spirit family in that circuit of love and light. One who misuses their energy pole attempting to dominate others will be alerted to the power that you project when centered in spirit.

You need not confront or resist this other energy; you merely can sit in peace and in the strength and assuredness of your grounding in spirit. This is the "resist not evil". This is the "turning the other cheek", for you as a child of God need only be present and let spirit, the master's circuit, flow through you. Healing will occur, relationship will improve, and the surroundings will be uplifted. This form of ministry is difficult to trust at first, for personality inherently desires to act, to solve problems. Remind yourself to be patient and to trust the subtle energy work as spirit projects through you and makes contact. Here in the realms of morontia there are artisans who have developed this form of energy projection and choreographed themselves into a spectacular matrix of light, zapping back and forth, weaving among each other, beautiful displays of orientation, of energy projection and reception.

You likewise undertake in your denser material forms a similar pattern, less noticeable, unless of course you practice stillness. It is your sensitivity to this connectivity that draws us together, that we engage as we do today. I remind you that Jesus was aware that energy, power, had flowed through him when one merely touched the hem of his garment. You too are able to be so sensitive to the requests of a hungry soul for spiritual nourishment.

Your social act of hugging is an awareness that energy is a field within which you may enjoy the love of one another. The greater your participation consciously in this flow of energy through you as one electrode among a universe of energy points, the more it may be said of you, "Behold the man", "Behold the woman". The strength of spirit is recognizable. I will turn this into a discussion at this point if you wish to contribute.



Evelyn: I was a little confused when you talked about someone using that spiritual presence as a dominating influence. I understand your response to that was to be patient, let spirit flow. Is that from the position of the person doing the dominating or is that more for the person detecting someone being dominating? I would answer that myself by saying probably both.

Elyon: As I presented my thoughts to you, your second perspective was my intention, that when another is dominating and somewhat -- or even more so -- disruptive that your best approach is as I expressed. However, you have brought up another angle for consideration, and that is when you detect in yourself the projection of disruptive energy you can still use the same technique to readjust, to tune your frequency back to spirit and away from ego driven energy projection. Both conditions or situations require effort on your part, the first to not go head to head against another energy which is disruptive but to center in spirit. The temptation is to stand your ground, which only magnifies the disturbance. This is also difficult when working within yourself, for the ego does resist even being told what to do either from the outside or from within. So, the more you naturally are able to stop, to be still, even momentarily recognizing spirit presence, the more quickly you adjust your frequency and align your energy to project spirit.

Jada: It doesn't seem like projecting our spirit is always an electrifying moment for people in the room. It can be done quietly.

Elyon: Yes, you have expressed a valuable point, for spiritual upliftment from one to another, while occasionally can be as a jolting passage of light or energy, much of the time it is a background vibration, a subtle harmonic upliftment, one wherein you yourself may not be even fully aware. So, your ability to initiate an awareness of the principles involved and allow yourself to be situated as a conduit for this flow; the more you assist spirit, even if you do not discern what ministry is being conducted at that time. Few are capable of an overt and deliberate energy projection. All of you are capable of a subtle expression of energy. All of you are encircuited that this energy may flow. Your willing allowance makes it possible, even if it is to you undetectable.

Jada: We have seen this process at work lately here in counseling our fourteen year old in his life's journey. Being a calm presence helps him a lot.

Elyon: This ministry assignment you have undertaken has and will continue to bring great benefit to this individual. Love and light are energies, more precisely, one energy manifesting differentially. You have demonstrated its manifestations through your acceptance and your patience and your requirements that guide this young soul that he may develop his values, his ideals and goals, as well as behavior patterns. I applaud you in your effort.

Jada: We were successful because he was so willing to learn.

Elyon: I will return to our point of a disruptive energy force of which you may stand as a vibrational contrast. You are far more successful in energy adjustment when the other individual is receptive, as you have indicated. Confrontation is no longer a potential interference. You may proceed direct ahead to establishing a mutual harmonic oscillation rather than a distortive vibration. The work is sped up; progress is hastened, and the relationship is beautified, is deepened, and love flourishes.

Evelyn: You talked about being a spiritual pole, as in one taller tree in the woods. We often feel that we are all about the same height. It still holds that we can share energy and benefit each other even if we don't stand head and shoulders above the crowd. It might be better that we assumed that we are the lower tree that could benefit from the higher poles among us.

Elyon: Yes, and I will remind you of my sharing of the morontia artisans, for it illustrates that differing frequencies and energy intensities create a network of expression, that it is just as well to be one who receives from one who stands in stature spiritually taller as it is to be one who can touch another who needs upliftment. The array is itself a spectacular thing to observe. When you are in a crowd you experience the clamor of noise, the shuffling, the interactions of a physical level. But on the spiritual, morontia, realm there is a whole other range of interactions that when you are beyond your physical life station and endowed with morontia abilities you will see and hear and more greatly feel this higher level of interaction.


It is my lesson today and my hope that you will in this life begin to develop better sensitivity and be more greatly able to apply yourself in this transaction. My friends, I will release you from our classroom today. I encourage you to be that lightning rod, to take in that universe energy that is so freely given as love and light, and to be a point wherein others may recharge when they connect with you. And to be equally receptive to their charging energies for you, for we are the family of children of God. It is our mutual contribution to one another that creates a spiritual ecology wherein we all thrive, wherein we all grow, all under the great care of the Almighty. I will return. Take care.