2005-09-05-Monjoronson's Presence

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Topic: Monjoronson's Presence

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: "The exciting news about Monjoronson’s presence, and those who are accompanying him, is rocking your immediate world, your co-workers and acquaintances, as much as it is exciting all of us in the nearby time-space realm. Even now we are discussing another time when we will be removing ourselves from this world as we, surprisingly, in our human way, and also in our typical Midwayer way, experience tinges of sadness at the thought that we will one day merely be visitors to the planet of our birth, whilst we presently look ahead and see that so much more must still be done."

George questioning the "tinges of sadness".

Bzutu: "Only the Primary Midwayers have been here for ages and ages longer than have we of the Secondary Families, and still, we have admired all the nooks and crannies of our Mother Earth, seen civilizations rise and fall, experienced periods of darkness and enlightenment, whilst at the same time we have felt ourselves to be part of every fiber of Urantia’s Physiology, Her loving Mind and Her great Soul.

"And, still, my mortal friend, do not let the glorious news of Paradise-ordered assistance, long-awaited spiritual rescue, and loving embrace of your mortal races uproot your work and determination to carry on with the task which the Creator of All has ordered you to give your hearts, and souls, and energies to. Delight, rejoice, and celebrate with us, but carry on without being side-tracked, keeping your mind on the journey ahead, for whilst everything is changing, all will stay the same in spiritual attainment possibilities and responsibilities of each of you.

"Much is left to be done, as countless are to be gathered into the fold, and many of our midway scouts roam far and wide to add more of you, our precious children, and brothers and sisters ascenders to contribute to the common purpose of driving, pushing and pulling Progress forward.

"Progress lives, progress will thrive, continue to grow and expand as so very many with health, science, ecology and so much more on their contributing minds find a home within your groups, until essential mass is reached, and mankind gets to function with a common mind like that of a flock of birds in flight, a school of fish in formation, in unity, and to the delight of the Father Eternal, His Mandates that you will see yourselves to be each other’s immediate kin.


"Do carry on, as I know you will. This is Midwayer Chief, Bzutu, bringing to you all the love and devotion we Midwayers have for you, our siblings, students and helpers, in this crucial ‘turning of the tide’ in the Correcting Time that will one day flood our planet in Light and Life.

"Au revoir."