2005-09-11-Man At Arms & Humility


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Topic: Man At Arms & Humility

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh

TR: Helen Whitworth

Session 1

Massif Central, France, September 11, 2005.


Armesh: "All that you are has been placed into question during the past months. This has allowed you time to comb through your psyche, and to identify some of the deep held fears and doubts held within your mind, your emotional being and your cellular structure. In doing so, you have felt very alone, since the investigation of these places of darkness cannot help but resonate in your ever-changing world of daily living.

"The world is becoming clearer though, and there are times such as now when you feel the warmth of the sun as the light dissolves the clouds. Remember however dark the day, however much rain falls upon you, that the sun never stops its burning, never lessens its radiant glow, and also like an early morning mist, the heat of the sun gains foothold and soon disperses the cloud to become once more a sunny day.

"Finding the calm within your center is most important for you, for when you have found such a place, then it is possible to separate that which is you, and is of you from the belief forms and structures of others. There were many times when you have lost this center from becoming overly involved with the structures of perception of these with whom you work. This is a danger inherent within the work that you do, often translating universal concepts into whichever paradigm those around are most comfortable with.

"However, it is time now to reassess such things as mere dictionaries, and to discover once more your own native tongue, for it is time once more for you to learn and grow, having assimilated previous lessons and comprehended them more deeply through your interpretations, assistance and guidance of others.

"Such is the nature of your world that as one adventure ends another begins, and I feel certain you will find the journeying within to be of great excitement and joy for you, since it is an exploration without end in space or time.

"Your tasks are many, and it is beyond my jurisdiction to give you details of such at this time, for to do so may bring you doubt and fear once more, just as you are beginning to fully understand your own worth as woman and Child of God. The signposts will be clear however, and in the fullness of time you will come to the understanding on the nature of your purpose within this manifest lifetime.

"Do not concern yourself with ponderings of Monjoronson or the missions. These are words, which mean many things to many people, and I say once again to remember the analogy of translation dictionary. Do not give names to such things where no name is needed, or worry unduly on communication with others on such things. Remember, too, to translate that which is shared by others into your own soul’s language. It is the lack of this procedure that leaves you most open to losing your own truth.

"My functions are many both to you and to others. You recognise me within the trees, within the birds, the mountains, the gentle touch of spirit, the depths of your dreamings, and certainly within your heart. I am your brother and you are my dearest child. I am your friend of all times and your protector on all occasions. We have known each other for all time and will know each other for all eternity through all space. Do not be in awe of me, but come to me as before, as your teacher, comrade and friend. I am known by many names, in many cultures, and on many worlds, but to you I like the simplicity of Armesh; your ‘Man at Arms’.


"I hold you deep in my arms, wrapped in my love, and blow my gentle breath in and through you to clear away more of those cobwebs and clouds. Rest awhile and awake anew with a bounce in your step, and a song of celebration in your heart. "

Session 2

Calais, France, September 28, 2005.


Armesh: "Find your own strength, Helen. Humility does not lie in abasing oneself to the elements, to be whipped each and every way, but having the grace to bend gently in all winds, great or small, as the birch does; solid in its roots, flexible in its trunk and free in its leaves, to bend entirely to God’s will.

"You are attempting to keep your roots as free as your leaves, but then the tree can’t grow tall and straight. To have true humility you must claim that which you are. You must strand straight and tall and claim your ground, and in that manner you may humbly accept all that God wills, neither heralding yourself as supreme, nor debasing yourself in false pride that so often masquerades as humility.

"Remember, you seek to know yourself as God. Consider how that affects your understanding of humility."