2005-10-30-Walking Amid The Trees


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Topic: Walking Amid the Trees

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium

TR: Gerdean



Elena: Well, I’m really concerned about my friend Shelley, who just found out that she has breast cancer so… Shelley has been my best friend since fourth grade, and so …

Esmeralda: They have met her. Paula and Men-O-Pah.

Elena: Oh, yeah, that’s right!

Esmeralda: And Gerdean and Reneau!

Elena: That's right. At the retreat. So I’m concerned about her, and if there is any guidance about that, then I’m all ears. Well, I am anyway, but …

MERIUM: There is nothing I can do to "fix" her, but I can certainly counsel you on how to fix your worries, and that is to allow the soul of your friend to be that breast that seeks to nurture. The soul of a woman is nurturance, as it comes from the Mother Spirit. My remark is not intended to be sexist, but to be expressive of the nature of the nurturer and to limit its fruit to the symbol of nurturing (the breast) is to limit the effectiveness of the whole being, which yearns to give love.

Allow this woman to love, freely and fully. Be tolerant of her love. Encourage her expressions of love. Allow her to love in ways she has not allowed herself to love before – freely, openly, without constraint, without restriction, disallowing the mores to interfere or the restraints of convention to enter in. Allow the woman to be all that she was meant to be. I am not saying that a woman is a breast, but I am saying that both are born to nurture. It is the way of the woman. Allow her to be everything she has ever hoped to be.

And I know that in this culture, this society "such a life on such a planet," it is very hard for people to be all that they can be, for it is hard to find the time, the energy and the avenues in which to operate that garner you that soul satisfaction that would feed your own need to nurture your own soul. This is the twist of fate that the woman is undergoing in the cancer that invades her. If she can see to learn to love and nurture others [at the same time] as she loves and nurtures herself, she may be able to get control of the situation. That is to say, her cells may be able to get control of the situation. But regardless, do not mourn for her, but celebrate her, for she is love.

Elena: Thank you.