2005-11-13-Be Islands of Stability

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Topic: Be Islands of Stability

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Elyon, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan




Machiventa (Mark TR): Greetings, I am Machiventa and I welcome the opportunity to join this forum with you this morning and would offer validation to a number of the thought concepts put into play here this morning. First I would offer support to the notion that many times in life individuals are restrained from expressing their highest ideals and loftiest principles by the perception that it will not be well received by others. You are correct in your assessment that this inhibits your individual growth by stifling what creative energies might be utilized to promote concepts of truth, beauty, and goodness. It is one of the basic lessons to be learned in this sojourn that you have a certain disregard for how you think your creative offering might play in another's mind. Rather grow to trust more and more that the creative forces within you are that part of you that the Father desires be represented and avail yourselves of the opportunity, really the grace from on high, to be that expression that you feel and become secure enough with your own person to let the chips fall where they may as regards to the response of others. If you stifle the promotion of an ideal or a principle this creative offering on your part is never given a chance to be examined in the real world to be either adopted or disregarded. It is far better to assume the risk that you will be thought of as idealistic than to not give life to that which you are here to do. Be bold in your response to your inner urges to speak that which is in your heart and portray that which your soul desires.


Another concept I will validate contained in your discussions is the realization that all of this growth and ascension we are undergoing does in fact require the passage of significant amounts of time, that is, significant only to you, as the Father has no regard for this elapse of time in His projection of that which will be. You on the far end of the time and space spectrum see this as a hindrance or obstacle to overcome, but it is, in fact, quite a necessary aspect of all that must transpire; even you yourselves recognize the necessary passage of time required for you to adopt that which you now have and realize as well that that which you strive for may not be granted you without your earning this through your application and the necessary passage of time. All things grow at their own rate, and a flower does not go to full maturity before proper time has elapsed for it to fulfill its purpose in unfolding its petals.


The last concept contained in your discussion I would seize upon and expand upon is that of the increased spiritual awareness and subsequent potential contained in these times we are currently involved in. You who have awareness of this condition are in a proper position to utilize the currents and make the most out of the tidal flows from on high both individually internally and externally in service orientation. You are growing in awareness that you must have found your personal vessel so that you might provide some aid and comfort to those who have not yet secured their personal vessels as the tide rises. I appreciate the efforts I witness in each of you at preparing yourselves not only to personally sail these waters but as well to participate individually in the collective endeavor of sailing these waters together. I thank you for this chance to interact with you. I cherish these opportunities. I now withdraw and allow space for others who cherish these moments as well. Thank you.

Potential, Faith

Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon speaking. You have all applied your strength in spirit by effectively transforming your convictions into actions. You have learned that what you believe and perceive will constantly change as you continue to gain a greater discernment of reality. In your walk down the path of truth you have encountered changes in the composition of the path. Each segment of that journey has provided direction while it has, as well, interjected condition, as a path made of concrete and a path made of grass have different effects upon your travel. But through your progress there has emerged what was a flicker of faith, a faith that has grown to be a primary driving force. You have learned to encounter God in multiple ways under many circumstances and situations, and you have continually found Him. Your faith in the eternal and the absolute, in truth and in goodness is strong because you have come to know that these qualities and these realities are forever unshakable and immovable.

Difficult as it is for many to conceive, truly it is easy to place your faith in the transcendent, for all that which you perceive and experience in your temporal lives passes away, and faith in those things is temporary, must end when that which you place your faith in ends. But today I bring to you a thought, and it involves having faith in one another, for you who have reckoned with the view and philosophy -- and I add the truth -- of God within time and space, the emergence of God through action and evolution, will understand that faith in one another is faith in the creation by God of this imperfect, finite realm. God, it may be said, has faith in you, for within you is the potential bestowed by Him for your ultimate unfoldment for maximum growth and realization.

All that you will become He knows is resident within you now, be it seedling or sprout. So may you look upon your fellows with this same faith. Resident within another is that seedling, and some may sprout a small sapling of that great potential bestowed by the very same Father God. Faith in one another is the building of brotherhood. It is the coalescing of supremacy. The emergence of God as the Supreme, while thought of as an entity that stands apart, must also be viewed as an integral connectivity of all beings. This connectivity is achieved through your love for one another and your love comes about by your faith in one another. Father knows in your growth you will stumble many times. He will be there to lift you up, to offer correction, to encourage you in the direction of goodness. So may you do likewise for each other. Faith in one another recognizes that another may stumble, may betray you, may go against truth and the real.

But you will nonetheless in love stand by your fellow to be counsel, to be encouragement, to be light that another will discern the adjustments of personality and continue their progress to the full realization of their potential of being. As you develop this brotherly faith it will spread, and the acceptance and trust of one another will broaden from friends to community, from community to countries, and eventually the planet will realize its community. Faith is all that you have that you can give. It causes your growth that propels you through your ascension to Paradise.

With that faith God has provided all things else to effect that unfoldment, be it guidance, be it conflict, be it open doors, be it obstacles. While many upon the world have learned to have faith in God, the other side of the coin is faith in your fellows, and this will be a greater challenge, for you are placing your faith in imperfection and in multiple character traits, many of which you may not value. But this is the building of brotherhood. Truly would you desire that others have faith in you, that they honor the core of your being, the goodness of spirit, and your motivation of love and your desire to do good. Likewise place that faith upon another. Then, as does Father for you, allow time for that unfoldment, for the element within them that you have placed your faith upon to emerge and for that goodness and that light to be revealed. I open the floor to comments and questions.


Mark T: Did you say faith is all we have and all that we give?

Elyon: Indeed, I did say so, for all else, upon reflection, comes from God; your circumstances, your talents, your skills, your physical vehicle, your mind, even your personality. But God gives not faith; that is for you to willingly give to Him.


Evelyn: If we could only remember to regard our conflicts as coming from God, that is really valuable.

Elyon: I remind you of the advisement given by your medical community that your skeletal framework is strengthened by impact -- I might use the word "abuse," but that is far too great -- but it is that conflict, that collision, that strengthens your bones. To merely go through life without such impact weakens that structure, and this is true in the development of your faith and in the spiritual progress of your life.



Monjoronson (Mark): This is Monjoronson, and if there are no further contributions then I would take the opportunity to bring this meeting to conclusion with the opportunity to commingle energies with you and provide you with yet one more point for your consideration. As your teacher has well spoken to you of the importance of faith in your ascension process, I would ask you to ponder what would be your response when, as a result of the illumination of the light of truth from on high, we will soon encounter the bringing into the light of many aspects of your temporal condition which serve as contrasts for you in the light of what you have come to adopt as basic universe principles. I speak to you of the rather wholesale swing that will come about as result of the light of truth shining into the dark arenas of many of your current political leaders. This light of truth will expose motivations and objectives which contrast greatly with your higher ideals and principles. At that point it will be up to you to formulate your response to such contrasts and relativities. I would encourage you to maintain your faith and develop a posture of love and forgiveness for those who have betrayed your trust, as this course is the only one that will see this potentially tumultuous situation through. There will be a great many who will naturally assume attitudes of anger and frustration at having been misled and betrayed and will allow these responses to dominate.

You as lightworkers must practice tolerance, forgiveness, love, and exhibit great faith in all that transpires working out to the good. You must be islands of stability as those around you become unsettled in uncertainty. You must provide them the perspective that those who have fallen short of their duties and obligations are but small children on this playground of life and as such deserve compassion and forgiveness, as hatred and anger are never the solutions to a challenge of this sort. Therefore I leave you with the consideration as to how you will personally respond when this illumination of light shines into the places on this world that need it the most and provide the most opportunity for forgiveness, tolerance, service, and faith.

I know you will rise to this challenge as you have repeatedly risen to past opportunities and seek only to offer you avenues of consideration. Thank you for allowing this commingling of energies, as I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and I sense you do as well. I will take my leave as I know you have had much to consider. Farewell for now.