2005-11-17-Let Us Be One In His Love

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Topic: Let Us Be One In His Love

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



George: "I hear you loud and clear. I greet you my dear friend. It is such a pleasure to converse with you once again."

Samuel: "My dear brother in Christ, they are the great uncertainties of life that, at times, will trouble the Urantia human, the Agondonter, as to whether he is proceeding according to God’s Will, or simply acting on flights of fancy.


"It requires trust and hope and faith and experience, also, to know that God’s work will be done—to know that in the end analysis these things that eventuate from free will decisions do perfectly work in with the universal plans of the Creator of All.

"It is you who determine with every right of your God-given free will prerogatives in which direction you will go. It is you, with your free will abilities, who determine to make a change to the direction in which your life will go. And we, your teachers, way out, time-distant in the celestial realm, applaud you for your decisiveness, and might I even say stubbornness, to stick to a path, circumnavigate the challenges and barriers placed in your way, and alter your visions of the total to be achieved.

"Neither path can be classed as better, or worse. And yet, in the overall, you are following those guiding touches of your Thought Adjuster. From our perspective we pray you will be given the energy, you will be given the courage, you will be given the trust and the hope to stick to this path and be granted the opportunity to look back and see that the changes were for the good of all.

"From our perspective, we see it as only right that your love for all is repaid by the love of each of us, human and Celestial. Carry on, on this path, do carry on. And for the many years ahead of you that you may please the Creator of All as we so wish to do, also.


"This is your teacher, Samuel of Panoptia, saying to you ‘goodbye for now.’ Let us get together on a daily basis. Let us be one in His Love. Adieu."