2005-11-21-Moments of Illumination

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Topic: Moments of Illumination

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: "Certainly, we are well aware of these moments—these moments of illumination—when all conditions are "go ahead" and clear, for us to receive input at a level of intelligence that we, individually, cannot sustain.

"Although we are truly one within His Being, we are separate from Him and each other in our return journeys to Him. Although we may claim our latent divinity with some small degree of justification, we do not as yet live our lives in perfection. Although we may look forward to supporting and nourishing ever-greater mind endowments, we may not yet claim these moments of true illumination to have emanated from any other quarter but from the all-giving God Fragments; the Thought Adjusters.

"Be aware then, my dear friend, that my presence at any given moment does not equate with my always having provided the enlightening input at such same times, and that those (your) thoughts which so often and so swiftly dart over the horizon of your human forgetfulness cannot always be retrieved by me, for they may not have been mine in the very first place.

"Live in the present, and always remember that we must have our consciousness in the now, for everything happens only in the ‘now’. Whilst all of your past is of experience investment, all of your future of development potential, it is largely in the present where you effect changes to your physical world, and also convert these precious moments of illuminated input from your deep mind dream-state to your conscious awareness. I say to you, be aware in the now."


George: "The ease by which the moment of true illumination is forgotten must be directly related to the amount of revelationary content in the total input."


Bzutu: "Yes. I hand you to your personal teacher now."


I waited, but Samuel did not come through—a rare occurrence, but it happens that I lose the connection.