2006-01-03-Andrea's Notes on Abuse


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Topic: Andrea's Notes on Abuse

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Andrea

TR: George Barnard



Chief Bzutu: “I am here with you. Andréa is here with you, and with your Destiny Guardians, all, are their associated Cherubim. As well, there are a number of students here in their Morontia selves (former humans), who are visiting this earth and learning about our ways. These students are destined to spend time on the Mansion Worlds as Teachers, and they are meant to be specifically useful to those pilgrims originating from our world. This is ABC-22.


“We will talk about the abuses -- by individuals, corporations and governments -- that are rampant on this world, and to be sure, this is Andréa’s lesson of which I speak. It is not within human nature to easily forgive a wrong that has been done. Serious long-term abuses exact a mighty toll. The toll is of an emotional nature, and the intellect does not necessarily cope with emotional hurt.

“Despite this, forgiveness is the only answer to the healing of those wrongs. Once this is understood, the individual that may have been hurt for a prolonged space of time is very likely to become a contributor, a more sensitive, a more productive, and a more spiritual individual. When the ability to forgive self is discovered, likewise for the perpetrator of the crimes, it is a maturing, it is a growing, and it is a soul-felt realizing that he, or she, will then understand what wrong has been done to others.

“Forgiveness is a gift from the Creator of All, so pray for it; ask for it. It is at that point also such forgiveness of self needs to be ‘internalized’. Not one of us, Midwayer or human, can look back over an entire earthly career and determine that all was right. No! But I say to you that all is well.

“In the difficult world we live in, experience must be gathered for growth. And as your dear friend, Joan of Arc, pointed out just some weeks ago, it is the state in which one departs from this Earth that truly matters in the age long career that is to come. The ability to forgive is an ‘outreaching’ ability to love by victims, as well as those who may be seen as perpetrators of crimes, and for these perpetrators even to learn to love, forgive, and come to respect themselves.


“I thank you for your time. We class this lesson as a most important one at this time. On behalf of Andréa and all assembled here, I say Adieu.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”


We questioned why ABC-22 would deliver Andréa’s message. It was made clear to us that Andréa was escorting (and focusing on) the students that were present at this session. There were five or six of them, pure white, and they were quite hard to see as they appeared to her left and somewhat behind her