2006-02-17-Difference Between Hypnosis & Meditation


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Topic: Difference Between Hypnosis & Meditation

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: George Barnard

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The AC Participant writes: Just wondering if you can answer a question that I have. I had a session of hypnosis some 5 weeks ago to give up smoking, which, by the way, has been very successful. It seemed to me that the hypnotic session was merely the same as the guided meditation of the Akashic Construct


Question: What then, is the difference between a guided meditation and hypnosis? I hope you don’t mind me asking.

George: I don’t mind at all. In a way there’s much sameness, and also "a mile of difference"

between the two. Both produce an altered state of consciousness, but so do lots of other happenings, shock, surprise, sleep.

With hypnosis you do not know what your therapist is going to input. He/she is fully in charge. You are cooperating by allowing the therapist’s suggestions of relaxation, visualization, and then concentration at the Alpha level or deeper, but you do not know the next word you are going to hear.

With guided meditation you already know exactly what is coming, and it is you who produces the altered state. If fact, you are directing the procedure, entirely. And after some time, you will know the routine so well, you will only need to occasionally use the CD if you so desire.

They are similar, but far from the same. Over the years I learned to trigger hypnosis in a few seconds, but then I need to make a definite switch to "remote view" someone who needs healing, or to make ready to receive a message.

Guided Meditation or Hypnosis – exploring alone or being taken by the hand – nothing wrong with either, except great fear by some.

These are some "years-ago" dissertations on "The Trance State".