2006-05-11-Many Will Profit

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Topic: Many Will Profit

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sananda

TR: George Barnard



George: "Creator Father, while we are allowing ourselves to drift into a more relaxed state of mind, a purer stillness, we request a message be given to us. Amen. (Pause) It is becoming a habit of mine to take in the lessons and to plain forget to record the message."

The Scribe: "My dear brother in Christ, my friend and colleague, it is I, the Damascus Scribe. You may address me whenever you wish, because I shall always be within hearing range. You may come to me whenever this pleases you. You may come to me in friendship. You may address me with the urgent questions you need to have answered.


"Compared to most of your friends you find yourselves in advantageous, and yet at times difficult situations. It is a rare thing for responsibility regarding any project to be handed over to another in the short term, yet such followed indeed the decision by Michael to appoint Machiventa Melchizedek as the Planetary Prince in his very own right.

"For you however, in a world where great corrective steps need to be taken, it was the decision from on High to initiate Progress -- and Outreach to follow it -- prior to the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion; well prior to the worldwide commencement of the Correcting Time. And so it can be said that you are directed from on High as previously made clear to you.

"It is up to you to select the one who may lead you. It is as one might say, ‘six of one, and half a dozen of another." Should you wish your Teacher Samuel to take charge indirectly, so be it. Should you wish to appoint me in person, I will accept in all humility, but we shall leave that decision to you for now.

"In all humility, whichever way you decide, we shall happily accept. For my part, it is the suggestion that any or all of us from your dear friends "I’ll be Frank" and Alice, to Myself, Michael or Monjoronson, shall be more than pleased to assist you in pointing out the right directions. Bear in mind, however, that on all the planets of the Creator’s Universes things will always be as they are meant to be.


"Fear not in any way, but be assured that the future stands bright, that the tasks will be completed, and that many will profit by the program in place.

"This is your friend, The Scribe. This is Sananda. I embrace you both and all who will learn from my short teaching of today. My blessings are upon you, and I thank you for your time and dedication. May you fair well on this day."

George: "Thank you Chief."