2006-05-18-Properties of Time


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Topic: Properties of Time

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “It was great, even useful to exchange information with Midwayer Chief Brusque, and a number of his group’s members. Perhaps some future alliance between you and their human students will eventuate. From our viewpoints it was profitable to exchange ideas and stories, yes, meant for our mutual benefit, always. Take note: The 11:11 Progress Group is well ahead of other like Midwayer-administered groupings, but then you are the oldest of such troupes since the advent of the Correcting Time.

“To the matter at hand now, since you are suitably relaxed and attuned. First of all let me explain that it will be extraordinarily difficult for you to understand what there is to know about time. However, we can come up with a number of explanations that will allow you to comprehend the different aspects of time. Also, I assure you that during this transmission I will suggest a break, because it is important for me not to overload you. So do not be perturbed when I ask you to again relax and let yourself drift so we may carry on.

“There are many on your world pretending that this planet, and the entire universe, is a mere accident of time -- that everything there is today came about spontaneously. Those who feel this way simply believe that they live in linear time; that the things they can touch and taste, hear and see is all there is. However, fortunately, the majority of you do believe in a Creator, or a Creative Force, at least, who put the universe and all it contains together for us to live in.

“And indeed, you and I live in different coinciding bands of time. The universe we live in exists in pervaded space. Outside this pervaded space there is neither material nor is there time. Within the pervaded space there is material which is constantly being added to in the form of automatons. It is constantly nourished by an energy which is raw time. Throughout the universes and the galaxies there are countless minded machines, capable of directing the automatons, and the raw-time energy, from nether (lower) Paradise, capable also of splitting time into various bands.

Note: At this point there is a break, as he said there would be. I’m now seeing a ‘machine’ that looks like a huge shredder. A wide, pure white flow of energy goes into this machine, and comes out the other end like ten or twelve narrow, nourishing time bands that have a slight dark space between them. Presumably, the narrow band on the far right is linear time, and it moves directly towards me. Next up I’m seeing a prism that turns white light into rainbow colors. I guess I’m being told there is a similarity.

Bzutu: “We carry on. The time band you live in is often called linear time. This is where every single second that ticks away is added to history, and drawing your next birthday just one second closer. Your linear time is at the very margin of all times that are being produced by these minded machines. The Morontia Cherubim, Morontia Companions, the Secondary Midwayers, and the Primary Midwayers -- as well as some to-you-unknown (unrevealed) other Celestials -- exist in the very same space you occupy, but they have for themselves two bands of non-linear, more flexible, time, sometimes called the Midway Realm, sometimes called the fourth dimension.

“A large number of your Angelic forces live in yet the next few bands of time. Those living in these bands are, like us, capable of traversing into adjoining bands of time. You will find that your linear time is least flexible. The flexible time of the Midway realm allows us to ‘dart into your presence,’ as well as meet up with our Primary Midwayer Cousins. And so it is with the Angelic Forces. There appears to be even less of a barrier for them to converse with us, and for them to converse with their seniors, in yet higher levels, or bands, of time.

“You do not have specific words for the varied time levels, but one step towards it is for you to discuss things, individuals like ourselves, as existing in the fourth dimension, or the fifth, or the sixth. And so it will be with you in your future lives to live, that you will progress not only from one mansion world to the next, but also from one level (band) of time, into a further more complex level, where, together with your ability to perceive, you will be able to bridge more of these time bands.

“Until such times as you are capable of coming up with better explanations, better words, better concepts, of these alternative times, you will continue to discuss these matters, and your Celestial Friends, as ‘being far away in time,’ or ‘distant in time.’ I trust with this I have given you an acceptable explanation of the fact that we can, do, and must, share your space, and be mostly invisible to you, because we occupy an adjoining band in time. This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. I thank you for staying the distance on this somewhat complex lecture.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”