2006-06-01-Energy, Treasure, and Sharing

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Topic: Energy, Treasure, and Sharing

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Urantia, Planetary Supreme

TR: George Barnard



Urantia: “All things dealing with the physical world are of My interest, and of My concern. Nothing within My realm goes unnoticed by Me, for this is the way I long ago ‘eventuated’. Every happening on this planet is a part of My total experience. I Am the ever-evolving and personalizing Child of the Child of the Child, and so forth, of the Evolutionary Supreme God of space/time. I Am Urantia, the Spirit and Soul and the All of your world.

“It is good for Me to converse with you, who may rightly be called My material children, and even underlings. The things of My interest deal with the extraordinary, as well as with the mundane, for you are a part of Me, yet at the same time, I Am a part of you. We are a part of each other. You have been well primed during your sleep to comprehend the each-way connections. All is connected in this world to a greater or lesser degree, but all is connected from ever-loving Paradise on down to you, and out again to the evolving time/space Deities, Who likewise dote on you.

“As with Me, you are connected with the Ultimate and the Infinite, and in reverse order to the timeless Trinity on Paradise, for these are evolving in a ‘time-reverse order’, and yes, your lives do have meaning to the Infinite, and to the Ultimate, as they do to the Supreme.

“You mentioned My Name and you reached up to Me, but even without your calling on Me, I Am aware of every move you make, of everything you do, your words, your thoughts, your actions, for all you do, and all you think and say, is close to My heart. It is My task, and of great importance at this time, to warn you of your extreme use of energy, your excessive hording of treasure, your inability to share with others in a material sense. You are, indeed if these matters proceed as they do now, aiming for a self-made calamity. Be sparing in what you use. Be sharing in what you own. Be accommodating to all.


“This is your Friend of old. This is the One Who embraces you. This is the Planetary Supreme. I enjoy the attention that I receive from you, and I treasure the contact with your tranquil mind. Stay like this for a time, and remain with Me in sacred communion.”