2006-06-26-Let Play Your Mind


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Topic: Let Play Your Mind

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard

Session 1


George: "This is George using the recorder now. I have been getting information at great speed for about ten minutes so far, enough to write another book. I’ll try and pick up where we just left off."

Andréa: "This is Andréa. I have been given permission to inform you of a time prior to the birth of our Secondary Midwayer Brothers and Sisters, a time prior to the advent of the Adamites, a time when the Lucifer Rebellion was ‘in full flight’, so to speak. And for you to picture this situation more clearly, I will give you ‘a feel’ of our circumstances as it may one day occur in your own physical reality on this world we share.


"Imagine that your governments were to swiftly alternate between two strongly opposing parties -- one which would be all for the private ownership of land -- another which would make it all publicly owned. Imagine the handover of government, and imagine yourself as owning some land, wanting to, and having to, physically defend your title to that property. In those changed circumstances you would be seen to be a rebel.

"For the greater part of my existence (500,000 years), I was such a rebel, going against ‘the stream of modern thought’, the new Caligastia teachings that were fully in line with the Lucifer Declarations. Only in the end analysis, only in relatively recent days, we the less than 1000 -- we the less than 10,000, George -- would be classed as loyal citizens. For a much longer period of time, however, were we the outright rebels among our very own kind.

"It was, after the birth of the Secondary Midwayers -- yes, even prior to this, as the eldest of Adam and Eve made his way northwards -- that many of us associated ourselves with this small group that would eventually settle at Lake Van.

"And yet, you must see us as those who departed from the new teachings, who took the risk of being the rebels, and who consistently feared for our careers to come to an end. Eventually we would find that we were justified in our decision-making for us to stay with the original teachings of Dalamatia. We, in fact, a relative handful of the Primary Midwayers, were those who made it possible for the larger portion of Secondary Midwayers to remain loyal.

"I want you to let play your mind over the potential state of your planet today, should by far the larger portion of the Secondary Midwayers have gone the way of the misguided rebel group. We, Primary and Secondary Midwayers combined, hold within our minds the long ago forgotten history of this planet, and as time goes by, more and more will be revealed to be documented. What we spoke of this morning is but a tiny, tiny fraction of the mixed and troubled history of our beloved Urantia.


"I thank you for your attention, my dear friends. I thank you for your time. We, our group of associated Midwayers, so tightly interwoven and cooperative, all send you our love. This is Andréa."

George: "Thank you Andréa. We love you all."

Session 2

Andrea072406ProgressGroup_EveryBrickThatisBaked Illawarra District, Australia, July 24, 2006 Subject: "Every Brick That Is Baked" (shortened transmission)


George: "Spoken and recorded, or unspoken, each of my transmissions begins with a prayer. Creator Father, we are asking for a clear channel so that we shall hear, and not miss a word of our dear friend of old. Amen."


Andréa: "She is aware of every brick that is baked. She is aware of every building that is built. It is the outer surface of the planet--her skin--that is decorated to mankind’s needs. She bemoans the unnecessary destruction that takes place. She is Urantia.

"My dear little brother and sister, it is good to be with you in these busy times. So many of us are presently occupied in a place where one might say, ‘all hell has broken loose.’ Where you are, there is little that you can do but pray. Together with us, pray for those who have lost their children in this conflagration. Together with your Midwayer Friends, and all the Angels, pray for the little ones that have lost their parents.

"Pray, too, for the Supreme who sees her body scarred; her bridges ruined, her beautiful buildings destroyed in these wanton acts of destruction.

"My visit to you is short, my time with you is short. It is human free will that reins out of control, and yet, without your free will prerogatives you would simply be marionettes, and no credits would be earned by those who do what is right. And yes, no doubtful karma would be accumulated by those who cause the devastation.

"Free will prerogatives are not negotiable, and yet, together with you, we are sad, and watching the destruction, as the war efforts escalate, as more and more become hurt, emotionally damaged, and desperate in this so troubled part of the world. We have long awaited an end to these wearisome times, and we now pray that Celestial intervention may be possible at some early stage.


"This is Andréa. My love goes to you all. That is all."

George: Thank you Andréa. We love you."