2006-07-19-Independence, Co-dependence, Interdependence


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Topic: Independence, Co-Dependence, Interdependence

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Frank & Alice

TR: George Barnard



George: "Creator Father, should this stillness exercise include a transmission, we ask for a clear connection for such communication. Amen."

Cherubim Frank: "This is Cherubim Frank and his consort, Alice. We have been tuning and tuning this human radio station. We are all ears, and finally we do hear a muffled sound coming from this receiver.

"We are Cherubim, and this means that we are a Cherub and a Sanobim. We are appointed to serve all those of the 11:11 Progress Group. In time, and when invited to do so, we will appear with others of this far-flung group of receivers. We will make our presence felt whenever we are invited.

"Our expertise lies in the arena of psychology, and psychiatry -- human behavior, one might say, in all its interesting varieties. We, ourselves, Cherub and Sanobim, are interdependent. We are created so that we can only function as a pair. My dear consort and I are a pair. We are so created that if we were to be apart for any great duration of time, we would become severely distressed.


"This need not be so with human beings. Although interdependence of two or more is recommended, we often hear of human beings needing to stand entirely on their own two feet, and yes, this is important. This is often required, and can in some instances even be seen as admirable. And yet you, if I may use the term, are a herd animal, and you are not meant to be entirely independent in the sense that you must be alone, and that you must take care of all aspects of your daily survival and needs by yourself, endlessly. A measure of interdependence is healthy.

"And yet, the terms co-dependence and interdependence should not be used together, should not be used as meaning the very same thing. We, in our day-to-day travels, have our minds attuned to all kinds of circumstances that arise, and that need to be understood, that, at times, need to be explained. The human species often projects an unhealthy dependence as was earlier discussed by you in this home.

"Such dependence may not be greatly noticed, as long as it is not put to the test, does not come under stress, as in the case of a permanent departure. You, yourself, should be aware of such dependence. It is unhealthy.


"I will have more to say about this particular subject at a later time. Be aware of the fact that in an interdependent situation one can often, over a period of time, build up an unhealthy co-dependence. Often, also, in a situation of interdependence, one can learn to overcome an unhealthy co-dependence. It is furthermore important that, with an open mind, you can assess your own situation of dependence upon another.

"This is Frank, always Frank, forever Frank. I thank you for listening to me, and I once again remind you that we travel far and wide, and that others in the 11:11 Progress Group can call on us for such specific information, and or lessons, they may feel could be important to them. I greet you, and we will leave you now."

George: "Thank you both."