2006-08-12-Prayers & Spiritual Progress


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Topic: Prayers & Spiritual Progress

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Scribe

TR: George Barnard



The Scribe: "I greet you my beloved children; my treasured children and co-workers in the awesome human task of slowly, one by one, producing a better world for yourselves, for those of your generation, and those of the many generations yet to come. This is the Damascus Scribe. This is Sananda.


"You, my dear friends, together with your attending Destiny Guardians, are now on hallowed ground, and although many do, it is for you to know that your short and concise prayer to the Creator Father of All did instantly arrive at its destination.

"It is for you to realize that all your prayers must ever be directed at the Creator Father of All, and yet it is for those who are unaware of this that their prayers to Christ Jesus, to Michael, yes, to the virgin Mary, and even to Myself, are always still directed at the Creator Father.

"The mere fact that worshipers are unaware of their prayers having to be directed at the One and Only Prime Source of Creation does not take away from their sincere efforts, their good intent, nor does this mean that their worshipping goes to waste, or is lesser than, or diminished in some way.

"You are human beings in a beginners’ school of learning, and many of your misapprehensions are not seen as mistakes, no. You are brand new pupils in the very first classes of universe education. You have much to learn, and although it may not always seem like it, you are truly starting from the ground up. It is your environment that teaches you with thought, appreciation, logic and reasoning, and all these must be soul-felt indeed.

"It is only when you close your eyes, ears and mind that your world becomes the proverbial ‘school of hard knocks’, where only in the end you will find that both love and hatred can and will teach you how to love, depending on your choices, and where it is by both honesty and deceit -- your thought and appreciation, your logic and reasoning about these -- that you may learn to live an honest life. Always will these myriad choices be yours alone.


"I will now leave it to this receiver to finish this lesson at a future date. And yes, I will be there to guide him, always, for this is the Damascus Scribe, your friend for all eternity. My love goes with you wherever you shall travel."

George: "We thank you our dear Friend."