2006-08-25-Turn To Us


Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Turn To Us

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: George Barnard



Unknown Midwayer: "The human has taken his time to do the planning for the day. He has now finally stilled his mind, and we can begin.

"I am a Midwayer Communicator. I am a Progress Individual. I am a Translator, also, and I shall convey to you a message from those who are ever with you, yet so time-distant they cannot always directly communicate with you."


Destiny Guardians: "We are the creation of Mother Spirit. By Her thoughts, Her wishes, and Her effort, we are created in large numbers. We are created in pairs, and although human beings will oftentimes portray us as decidedly feminine, that is not really the way we are. Nor are we a typical masculine/feminine pair.

"It would be more correct to label us enterprising, outgoing, and outspoken for one of us; reticent, reflective and nurturing for the other. We are complementary to each other. We are destined to remain together for all eternity, to work together, to exchange opinions with each other, and to, on the one hand, temper the brusqueness, and on the other hand bring the individual out of self.

"We are Destiny Guardians belonging with this receiver, or one might rather say that this receiver is the one who for all time belongs with us. We are greatly experienced since we have, during our long ages of involvement, been twice disappointed through our human charges, our students having decided not to progress to a satisfactory level in the earthly life."In our day-to-day, night-to-night unceasing function, we are happy to be of service, and to care for our human students to the very best of our ability.

"There are many things Guardian Angels and Destiny Guardians can do, or organize, on your behaves. Turn to us when there are difficult or important decisions to be made. Turn to us when there are physical illnesses to be cured. Turn to us, when our minds need to meld with yours for your dreams to show you the way. We are those who can bring you your nightly dreams, and within these the advice that will allow you to fare well. We invite you. Turn to us.


"We are Destiny Guardians, delighted to have this opportunity to converse with you. We say Adieu."