2006-08-27-Compensate, Meditate

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Topic: Compensate, Meditate, Meditate...

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “You have once more stilled your mind and now we can begin. This is your Teacher, Samuel. I would like for you to imagine, to conceive of, a human population of which the individuals will easily reach the age of some two-hundred-and-eighty to three-hundred of your years. I would like for you to conceive of the rate at which this population would mature; be considered an adult at some forty years of age, reach the ultimate of growth and progress at eighty to ninety years of age and beyond.

“But before all else, I would like you to see these people as making their living; as being able to acquire whatever they need on a daily basis, within a few hours work each day as you measure your time.

“Consider with this the amount of free time used in a sincere way to acquire further knowledge and also see these individuals, each of them, as teachers of the next generation and so on. Consider a classroom of perhaps ten students with as many as three or four parents present as their teachers. This is hardly the lives you lead on this earth.

“You may have thirty to forty students per class, a single teacher, a tough curriculum, and a lot of pressure to achieve what you need in a short space of time. It follows, as you have so often witnessed, that the metabolism of the brain and mind on your planet is, at an early stage, ‘hunted up’ to a great height.

“So, I trust that you will understand that, as today -- with so much noisy air traffic overhead -- it is essential for you, born on this planet Urantia, where the pressure of living is so often so great, you learn to quickly allow yourself to drift back to a slower mind/brain metabolic rate, and for you to do this consciously, for you to do this with forethought, for you to do it in the awareness that a high brain mind/level is a common, but not a natural thing.

“Compensate. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate.

“It is on peaceful planets like my home planet, where the young generation retains the ability to constantly function at a low brain/mind level, where stillness practice and meditation comes natural. It is the known and recommended everyday thing for physical, mental and spiritual health that brings great rewards.


“This is Samuel, like many of your Celestial friends and Teachers, an opportunist. I send my love to all. Au revoir.”