2006-09-02-Your Cosmic Citizenship

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Topic: Your Cosmic Citizenship

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Elaine



Aaron: The date, a simple number in your journal, yet it stands for so much more. It represents a time in your life, one that was lived from moment to moment, one after another, and when the day is over, and you re-evaluate that which has come to pass, there is no reliving, or changing that which has occurred.

"Did you live that day to the fullest? Did you love yourself along with your imagined idiosyncrasies, and did you love those around you? When those whose paths you crossed look back at what transpired on that day, will something you said or did still brighten the memory of their day?

"Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years, and years turn into a lifetime, a lifetime of new experiences, both good and bad, and opportunities to share that which you are increasingly becoming more aware of; your cosmic citizenship.

"As this new day dawns, go out into the world with a renewed desire to make the most of each moment. Make someone’s day, and make it memorable.

"This is your Teacher, Aaron, looking over your shoulder as you muse. Yes it is a group effort yours and mine. I am with you. Please stay the course. All is well."