2006-09-25-Simultaneous Communication

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Topic: Simultaneous Communication

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: George Barnard



Christ Michael: “This is Michael, My dear students. Together with My Betrothed for all time, Mother Nebadonia, we are the Creator Parents of all creatures having their origin in the local universe of Nebadon. I am your Brother/Father by virtue of the fact that the Creator Father of All will not put one of His subjects before another. We are siblings, equally loved by Him.

“In comparison to a human family where a child generally leaves the parental home, between us in a spiritual sense there is retained a powerful connection at all times. And so it will astound some that it is possible for Me to communicate with many, many thousands all at the same time and allover the worlds; the planets of My creation.

“Multiplied again by a factor of many thousands, one needs to consider My communication with those, who have translated from the evolutionary worlds to the mansion worlds.

“It is there that I hear so many times, ‘Oh, had I more diligently communicated with the Creator Father of All. Oh, had I more thoroughly engagedmyself with the raising of my family. Oh, had I more purposefully aimed at a career where I would have learned so much more.’ And most of all,‘Oh, had I more joyfully lived my life in the Creator Father’s realm, in the Creator Mother’s womb.’

“And so, My message to you is to hear these words, and consider where it is you might profitably improve on your present way of life. This is Michael. I give My love to all, for indeed, we are each other at the Paradise Root Source, which is Our Father.”

George: “Amen!”