2006-10-23-You Are Like The Seedpod


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Topic: You Are Like the Seedpod

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Scribe

TR: George Barnard



George: "Someone just rocked my chair! A Midwayer."

Midwayer: "It is time to begin."

The Scribe: "I am a Particle of the Creator Himself. I am a Fragment of the Father Creator of All. It is in that sense that I always was, and without a beginning. And yet, I do have a beginning. I have a beginning, as you understand it, because I long ago entered the time/space realms as a Virgin Adjuster.

"I entered with an overview of the existence I would have as the Thought Adjuster, as the Spiritual Helper, as the Pilot Light, of one of whom it was already known (that he/she) would not carry on to complete the Paradise journey, but find a useful existence in an intermediate heaven.

"Like all Sacred Monitors, We are of service and We are placed where We fit in. Indeed even the Fragments of the Father Creator of All will follow His orders, perfectly, to perfection, and to the satisfaction of all. I am The Scribe. I am Sananda.

"And it is in these days, your days, that I am simply at My eternal task. There are no more promotions for me to earn. I am a Personalized Adjuster who served with your dear Friend, Machiventa, and with your Master, Jesus the Christ, your Michael Son. I begin in perfection, I remain so, and I am perfect now.

"This is not the case with you mortals. You are perfecting individuals. Some of you will learn the easy way. Some of you will learn the hard way, but the coaching will continue to come your way until such time as you understand your lessons. All is as it is meant to be. All is worked out to perfection, and yet from your level, your view, you cannot be certain. You must have enduring faith.

"It is the young driver who may push his car too far, too fast, and take too many risks. We all ‘hold our breath’ that he may learn to be more careful in his mature days, by getting some scrapes, and scratches, and dents in his vehicle, but no more. It is the maturing individual that overindulges in alcohol that must learn how she, affects her siblings and parents and children and relatives all around. The pain will continue to come her way until the lesson is learned.

"You are human. You are like the redwood and banksias seedpods that need the fire to rage over them before they it can germinate. You are human. You are born imperfect and through hardship you are on a soul-growth path to perfection.


"Great credits are allowed you to see the tasks of living and learning through, all the way to Paradise, where I shall meet you, and embrace you once again. This is your friend of many years. This is one who has overseen your past from the time you were but little. This is your Friend. I am the Scribe."

George: "I thank you my dear Friend."

The Scribe: "Adieu."