2006-11-12-Objective is Co-creation


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Topic: Objective is Co-creation

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Frank and Alice

TR: George Barnard



Sanobim Alice: “This is Sanobim Alice, dear students. As a rule it is my counterpart, my consort, Frank, who does the honors. He is the outgoing, ‘male-ish’ part of what you call a Cherubim pair. Frank will be with us directly. We were elsewhere observing a situation and learning yet more about human psychology and therewith, in this instance, a new language, also. We intend to take over where your earlier personal conversation left off.

“Well, I’ll say, this is as much as you have heard from me, ever. I thank you for listening. Here’s Frank.”


‘I’ll be Frank’: “This is Frank, always frank. Alice and I make up a Cherubim pair, for many, many decades involved in the study of the human mind. There would be a few places in the Universe of Nebadon that would offer a wider range of personality quirks, and interesting people-behavior studies than does Urantia. Not only do personalities vary all over the Universes, so that not one single one of His myriad subjects resembles another, but on this planet is added the factor that there are many races that have not blended in the past. And so there is felt the impact of the physical and brain development on the gift of personality the Creator Father of All provides.

“This, in turn, does impact to a greater or lesser degree on the amount of contact that one can achieve with us, your Planetary Helpers, who are appointed to be intermediaries between the Melchizedek Teachers and the humans on this earth.

“We can compare this inter-species contact -- and the writings and channelings that are documented there-from -- in many ways. One can have an idea ‘intuited,’ which is then further developed in its entirety by the human being. One can produce what is called Alpha channeling, when only a very light trance is involved. One can make use of the deeper Theta and Delta channeling, when the Midwayer is almost entirely taking control of the human mind, and of the words that are uttered. One can go deeper still and have the mind-to-mind transference of one’s Thought Adjuster made known, as so often happens in critical or traumatic circumstances, or after a lengthy meditation regimen.

“Most frequently, neither the receiver (channeler), nor the reader of the transmissions will quite know at what level this contact communication was produced. At any mind level the objective is co-creation, however, but as always there is the criterion that is most important to the individual.

“How does the message come over to you? How do your ‘truth bells’ ring when you read the transcript? How does it apply to your situation? How does it touch your soul? What have you learned that you did not know before?


“The latter might well be the one and only criteria. Consider. This is Frank, always Frank. And I thank you both for being my good audience today. I say Adieu.”

George: “Thank you Frank. Thank you Alice.”