2006-11-20-Finding Your Center, Nature & Nurture

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Topic: Finding Your Center, Nature & Nurture

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: Helen Whitworth

Session 1

North Yorkshire, UK, March 20, 2006.


Samuel: "Being ready to receive instruction is a quick process today as you swiftly fill the energetic body with blue light, and shortly a deep connection will be fully complete. Allow yourself to drift and be infused with my energy -- that of Teacher Samuel.


"It has been a while since I have spoken with you, but I come today with gladness of heart and tidings of joy. You are learning how to bring yourself back quickly to a point of balance, a point of openness and a point of centeredness when yourself (has gone) adrift.

"Yes, you see it as slow, as at times this imbalance may go on for a day or two before your recognition of it, but think back to years gone, when you were entirely unaware for months, or even years at a time. And think, too, to the struggles you had in more recent years bringing within this center took perhaps hours, rather than a few minutes that you are able to achieve now.

"One of your principle lessons at this point in time is learning to achieve that centeredness and that balance when you are in company with others, for if you walk into such a situation then you retain a centeredness for a while, but slowly it starts to drift as you lose your sense of being, and old processes take over once more. In truth all it takes is a thought to the Divine, (to) the silence within yourself, to bring you back.

"But it is not always so simple, for still this takes a few moments of concentration, and you are aware that this may make others stop and ponder at you when you suddenly go quiet. It is acceptable in many situations to say that you are purely taking a moment in order to re-ground yourself, and most people will understand without concern. But in situations where you feel this may lead to conflict, if you have fear and doubt, then excuse yourself. Make that trip to the bathroom and spend a few moments there instead. There is always space available to you if you choose to take it.

"The healing of the world is accelerated through the healing of each and every one of you, and the healing of an individual is mainly accelerated within the calm presence of their own Self. Nothing will have a greater effect upon your life.

"Let yourself Be. Do not move to change things, only move to be fully aware, and fully within your Self. And these are muscles like all else. The more they are used, and the more they are trained, the easier this becomes.

"Let us take a moment now together. Breathe deeply. And as you exhale, let all things that are not of perfection within your body drain from you. Let all thoughts that are not of perfection drain from you. Let all emotions come to rest, and Be . . . with your Self.

"This is the state of altered awareness, of stillness. And in time it may become normal awareness.

"I am glad to sit by your side once more, and share with your company. Breathe in the light of your own essence. And allow the joy of that being to radiate, filling the reaches of space with your unique print, and joining with the celestial, cosmic dance of all Being. We are not so different us teachers from you humans. We too, have our own song, and we, too, seek to ever grow and to learn.

"We may be on different stages upon our evolutionary history, but no stage is better than another, for each are needed at their own specific time, in their own specific place. And with you, I sing praise to the Creator, for the miracle of this Universe, this Totality, of this Life, and this Be-ing.


"You see that we are old friends. I may not speak often, but I often come to visit. You feel better within yourself now. That is good. I conclude my discussion for this moment, and leave you to sit a while longer, in the still quiet calm, and I will sit with you."

Session 2

Illawarra District, Australia, April 2, 2006.


Samuel: "Like many others who have been so authorized, I have access to the records of the Progress Platoon of old; the grouping as it was then. And I now take you back to a time in your year 2000 when the Teacher of us all Machiventa Melchizedek told you that ‘the soup was still in spin’. Indeed, the times of Light and Life are still many years into the distant future, and likely, almost certainly, happily, I will be involved in this welcome toil well beyond your time on Urantia.

"Even then, perhaps a thousand years from now as I vacate my post for another, the ‘soup’, which is all of humanity, will still be in spin. I smile as I only half-heartedly apologize for this choice of analogy, but since it turned up in recent conversations . . . (on the 11:11 message board). I want to use the analogy of a tasty broth because of its having varied ingredients and spices, so much like this world’s diverse populations.

"Much, as spiritual progress does, and will come about one person at a time, it is the overall picture of the light on your world that gives us an indication of the general progress you are making as a total population. There are places of light and there are dark areas, but on each consecutive day we see that success is being achieved, and you and your human friends are a part of this ‘enlightening’.

"We watch the ‘soup’, we taste the ‘soup’, we identify its ingredients, and we find it so often overlooked by you that this increasingly better tasting ‘brew’ contains both large and small particles.

"Your Midwayer friends and Cherubim, Angels and others alike that will prompt you from time to time to live a more spiritual life do not simply consider only the here and now, the he or she that is being prompted. Take note, my dear friend, we gauge humanity as a whole, and it is often the specific carer – the father, but more often the mother – nurturing a child with the promising nature of becoming a contributor towards better days in the Correcting Time.

"I should be made clear to those who seek your group’s advice that it is (can’t get this word – sounds like ‘imperative’) to keep a record of the events, the happenings, the experiences of a spiritual nature of even the smallest particles in the ‘soup’ – the children. Indeed, my treasured friend, there are many who are being prompted on behalf of a younger one, their offspring, student, the one they give care to, the one they teach, and as Athena so aptly put it, ‘Teach your children about God.’ The children are your future.

"The greatest credits accumulated during terrestrial life are often found to have rightly been awarded to those who most positively impacted on the lives of others. Yes, do your part to keep the ‘soup’ in spin. It remains for me to say that documentation of a child’s early experiences is vital, for so much can be lost from the conscious mind through a child’s forgetfulness (Childhood Amnesia).


"This is Samuel of Panoptia, aware of the pressing times that are upon you, biding my time to a large degree until your beloved helper arrives. My love goes out to you all. Adieu."