2007-07-12-Process of Supremacy


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Topic: Process of Supremacy

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, 0802-AB-Jack, Andromadeus, Athena, Merium

TR: Gerdean



Gerdean: As is my wont, I will verbalize that I am calling upon the Universal Father to infuse us with His presence, and, through Michael our Master Son who we like to remember as Jesus, to bless and sanctify our gathering so that the spirit of truth might prevail more often than not, that I stay out of the way, except as I am asked to contribute, and that we all derive something of value, even lasting value, from this session. This is a prayer.

TOMAS: Engage, Gerdean. This is Tomas and I would like to embrace the group.

Good evening, my beloved students and friends it is an honor to be here with you this evening, I appreciate the gathering and the time and effort you give your own soul's development when you opt to engage with us is this format of communication between the finite and the infinite such that we may bridge the gap of isolation.


We are engaged upon a process. It is not an instant fix kind of situation. It has far- reaching and long range effects, eternal effects, and we have begun about as basically and fundamentally as we know how. You will probably never be asked -- you who have spawned your soul on Urantia -- to return to any rigorous state for remedial experience, for you have surely begun at the beginning. This I point [out] to you so that you may draw strength from the fact of your existence. Not only you are, but you are in a very fertile field. It is emplowed. It is certainly not depleted. All you need to do is aerate the soil a little bit and the opportunity is in effect.

Having the courage to smile upon your brother is a service. And as you say "Oh, shucks, Tomas, I can certainly smile at people. That's easy," I won't remind you that there are days that you don’t want to smile, but I will remind you that as you get these elemental lessons under your belt, you are made ready for the next stage of learning. And it is sometimes a rugged, uphill struggle. Fledgling souls often lose heart, flounder, flail about looking for something finite to grasp onto that will give them a sense of solidarity since this faith walk is and/or can be so dizzying, so nebulous, so "airy fairy."

And indeed it does feel good to work with the earth, literally as well as figuratively. It does good to walk your path of endeavor, literally and metaphorically. Maintaining this kind of balance will allow you to be integrated within yourself such that the rigors of experiential living do become less bothersome and the spirit becomes even more consuming. Thereby allowing the experiential path to bring you more joy and be more effective. But then again, there are those days when it is an effort just to smile. They are becoming more and more infrequent, however, as the fact of your reality increases, as the actualizing of your immortal soul is ongoing.

I am going to introduce a speaker this evening, perhaps two. I will play host. I believe midwayer Jack would like to say something first, albeit briefly. One moment.

0802-AB Jack here. Hi, cousins. I'm not going to stick around and jabber this evening. I did, however, want to come in and say how much I did enjoy my stay with you last time I was given the opportunity to prevail on the Light Line broadcast. It was fun for me, since I have few opportunities these days to expound in this fashion, whereas I was once quite prolific. Unfortunately, I suspect that in the comfortable familiarity and camaraderie that exists between the T/R and myself, having gone back far in each other's company, it was a little too swift on my part to presume upon the situation such that I sprung Gabriel's visit on you as I did. And so while I will not apologize for it, I do want to acknowledge it. Thanks, Gerdean, for being such a good sport.

Tomas has refused the mike and the next speaker is coming.

ANDROMADEUS: I am Andromadeus. I function on the realm of the Most Highs, from the Constellation level. I come to observe and contribute to the governance of the universes of our jurisdiction. I have been in your presence in this manner before, albeit rarely, because, as has been said, this is a process -- one which cannot be hastily undertaken as you simply will not follow where we lead if you are not yourselves confident of our counsel.

And I will say here that it matters little who the messenger is, who is performing the service of transmitting/receiving. Truth has little to do with personality. You need to listen for truth and discern that within for yourself without undue coloration by your biases and prejudices regarding the sundry teachers or transmitters.

Let me get back to what I came here to discuss with you, that being these dynamic little enclaves of workers. There have been a number of these amidst you, coming together to perform a certain service, a certain function, and then dissolving or disbanding, some to return later, some to never return, having served their purpose for being in the first place. But you will recall the teaching that the Third Source and Center came into existence as a whirling dervish of activity, as the Thought became Word became Deed. Thought, together with Word, became Deed, and so there sprang into action the God of action.

And this same pattern prevails when a fortuitous configuration of mindal energy seeks the spark of life that spirit provides so that it may be activated, uplifted, and engaged in the process of what is called a Co-Creative Working Team, which has also been understood by some as committees, or boards, or colonies (as an aside, I could say political parties, or carry the allegory even further, but I will not). This is in fact how you can assist in the uplifting of your world, by calling upon guidance for your peculiar callings, your innate interests, your cultivated skills, and your natural abilities.

Have faith in yourself, that who you are and what you do on behalf of truth, beauty and goodness, on behalf of love, on behalf of your ideals and your goals of light and life, peace on earth, good will and good cheer for all men and women, have faith that you will be guided in your efforts. You will find it an active elective in the Melchizedek University in which you are enrolled. I have taxed this brain sufficiently for today and yours as well. I will return.

TOMAS: And this is Tomas to anchor you for a moment. Sometimes these soirees into another realm, such as we visit when we engage in such a format as this, it is hard to tell the players without a program. Such is the way of personality. But Athena, celestial Artisan Athena has begged an audience, and so allow me to give her a few moments at the podium and then we will settle down to hear from you for some interaction. One moment.

ATHENA: Greetings, friends and children. I have come to remind you of the creative nature, to remind you that within you is a child, and that while you are making every effort to become conscious and conscientious citizens of the greater universe, assimilating great truths and aspiring to do great deeds, you are at the same time, immature, unformed, tender, malleable and playful. Let's appreciate that for a moment.

How long has it been since you allowed yourself to feel the joys of being a child? Can you remember what it was like? Is it possible for you to return your consciousness to those early days when you were a child in the flesh, and revisit how that felt? Many people feel that when they put away childish things in order to grow up and be responsible adults, they need to leave their memories and their awareness(es) behind as well. This is most unfortunate for it is the child that is most open to the divine voice - the most trusting, the most willing, the most imaginative, speculative and enterprising of all later phases of human development.

There has been something floating around to the effect that 'Everything I ever needed to know, I learned in kindergarten." Well, I guess that depends on where you attended school, but there is much to be said for the childlike state. It is not the same as being childish. Adults are often childish. It is the quality of being childlike that gets my attention for when you are so open is when a creator is more able to work with you, since you are so trusting and so willing to experiment, explore, investigate and invent.

I invite you to discover your childlike nature and inculcate that as a part of your package for you will be a child of God for a long time to come. And in order to work with other individuals in some of these configurations that are being discussed, you will need to learn to laugh and play, as when you take yourself and your work too seriously, it seems to come to an abrupt standstill. It's that same old story about childlike faith in our Father as the panacea for every problem, the cure for every disease, and the answer to every question.

I will take my leave now in profound satisfaction for the opportunity to have spoken with you this evening, and I return you to your host, Teacher Tomas. Thank you.

TOMAS: I applaud you all and each. Shall we engage, then, in some conversation? Or, as they say, "Q&A"? Are you having any problems to address to me or the group, or any bright ideas you would like to share, or of course any questions on the material from this evening, or for that matter from anywhere else? We will see what we can do to be of service to you. The floor is open. [Long silence]

MERIUM: Shall I come in and fluff up the pillows? This is Merium. I feel a certain ponderousness going on here and I cannot fault you for your thoughtfulness, but I understand the nature of the human mind. It gets caught up on something and can't find its way out, and rather than ask for help, will sit there and become stale, and so it's my job -- I've taken it upon myself --to come in and open the windows, let the breeze blow through your mind, and activate the mechanics of your mind and body such that you are not so mesmerized by the nature of our communications. If you need to stretch, please do so. We are all here and look forward to hearing from you.

Marty: Thank you. Merium, this is Marty speaking. I would just like to comment that I read the transcript from Melchizedek - Sondjah, I think his name is - that was transmitted through Daniel Raphael. It just occurred to me on reading that that the Magisterial Mission has begun on this planet.

MERIUM: "The" magisterial mission?

Marty: Yes.

MERIUM: There will be more than one, so you mean the current Magisterial Mission has begun. Yes, it is rather like when a child is birthed, it cannot be put back, and since we are living with this energy already, IT IS. The entity IS. And the fact that Monjoronson represents the Magisterial Son, we are given more to learn more about this Son of God and the nature of his doings on the worlds of time and space. Need we remind you this is a "Teaching Mission"? The entities that we become, we become in order to relate ourselves to you and so you learn about us. And we are not from Urantia. We are from the celestial hierarchy. You may rest assured there will be plenty more to come once certain conditions have been met/ requirements have been made, once you have attained a certain point.

And I refer largely to the angelic orders, for if you will notice, even though this culture we are developing seems to reach higher and higher into the heavens for personality representations of cosmic truth, we are at the same time becoming more and more focused on the world in which you live. The work of the realm is our work as well as yours, and if we are to work together here, we have to be here in the full knowledge of what influences come to bear upon our work, and what effect they have on your work here and the future of your world. I think the phrase is "where the rubber meets the road." And so, you will learn a great deal more about the many seraphim, supernaphim, seconaphim, omniaphim, cherubim, [and] sanobim, who are the real orchestrators of the realms of time and space.

We are getting to know the administrators. And this is a task, because all of you have brought with you ideas of what it means to be an administrator or to be subject to administration. And, of course, you are poignantly conscious of the effect of administration on your lives as you have all had fathers, uncles, elders, political leaders, religious leaders, educators and the like, administrative positions, that have influenced you, conditioned you, programmed you. And some of you have spent a great deal of time unlearning what you were taught because it does not serve in the Kingdom of God, whereas it may have been the modus operandi in the kingdoms of men.

This is one of the reasons why it does not behoove us to try to go too quickly. This is the reason evolution is so essential and why revelation cannot short-cut the actual, literal, physical metamorphosis that attends consciousness raising, and so the better you do your jobs, the more light you bring, the more we must pause lest it get too far ahead of itself, as what we do not want to create is more chaos. Progress, yes, orderly progress. Orderly progress is - what do they call it? An oxymoron? - [for] sometimes you need to make a very big mess before you can put it back together correctly. But I am not talking about those short-term messes / situations, for we are indeed coming to know that there is order in the universe.

There are laws and personalities that uphold the laws of God on every level of the seven superuniverses and beyond. It is necessary that we have an understanding of administration as well as of spirit.

There are many lessons ahead, and there are many who are eager students, tearing down the doors - in summertime! "Teach me! Teach me! I want to do this. I want to do that. Wake up! Hurry up!" Even as there are those who are saying, "Shut up. It's too hot! Go back to sleep. Leave me alone." But the spirit will prevail. It has a way, as was mentioned before, of stirring it up, just as if a fairy godmother were to twirl her magic wand and all the molecules in the air were suddenly whirling about, twinkling with electricity and something magic was coming into being. It won't come into being until divine authority compels it.

It is good to make yourselves ready. Even the scriptures will testify he will come as a thief in the night, and so you want to be ready. But you can wear yourself out with hyper-vigilance and ultra ambition, just as you can slow the works by dragging your feet or not being able. And so all of these things need to be synthesized.

We are talking about an organism here, a living organism: the Supreme - the "planetary supreme" if that makes you feel better - because we're talking -- you're talking -- you have to be, because this is where you live -- about your planet, but it's not just limited to your planet because this planet is part of a system, not just a solar system, but a system that is working its way toward perfection - absolute perfection. Does that help?


Marty: Thank you. I wonder, have you attended, experientially, a Magisterial Mission elsewhere?

MERIUM: I am not the one to ask that, my friend, only because I am still very young in the universe, really. I offered my persona as a teenage baby sitter precisely because I have not had a great deal of experience in the universe.

Marty: You're a really great teacher and I just wanted to tell you that.

MERIUM: Thank you very much. I am known far and wide for my devotion to my children. I am a good babysitter.

Marty: Don't you love Gerdean?

MERIUM: Yes, I enjoy her very much. Yes, I do. She is a stubborn little monkey. But she is very creative and has a lot of integrity. She is energetic and so eager to please.

Marty: I just feel that I want to thank you and Teacher Tomas and [say that] the lessons we get through Gerdean are just fantastic.

MERIUM: Thank you. Gerdean thanks you. I take much of it in stride and perhaps even take it for granted, but this again is part of my youth. I will give this now to Tomas. He can resume his role as host.

TOMAS: Yes, well, all I will do is open the floor to you again, students and flock. Any questions?

Bob: Yes, this is Bob. I have a question. Can you hear me?

TOMAS: Yes, Bob, clearly.

Bob: Do we humans -- for the Magisterial Mission -- do we need to procure housing and property for the headquarters when the whole crew materializes?

TOMAS: One moment. The best thing to do is let Monjoronson answer that question. One moment.

MOJORONSON: No, you don't need to go out of your way to make me comfortable or accommodate me or my staff. We will not be materializing right away, if at all. It is possible for you to find us in a morontia state far more quickly and readily than you will in a material condition. This arrangement allows me and us to step down and encourages you to reach up. And I don't suggest this as a means of pacification or glossing over or sidestepping anything, but to tell you that your next level of consciousness is morontial, and that is where we live.

The majority of us who will be working with you who are not yet full spirit (and frankly you can't work that well with pure spirit on things which reflect upon your reality here for that is just a big reach.) It may be possible for some to glimpse that kind of divinity, but in the main we are content to work within that range that is eminently possible, simply by your realization that we are here and that we exist in many ways to serve you in the uplift of your world and the other worlds which were affected by the quarantine, and that is the extent of my current contract with Michael. But be assured universe administration is also fully engaged in advancing all the worlds on all the universes. Does that respond?

Bob: Yes, thank you very much.

MONJORONSON: I will add this. There are architectural spheres that can be created, and you can contribute to those by helping with the plans, by letting your needs be known, which -- you don't need to write them down; we already know what they are. Just recognizing that certain needs as humans in order to function well in morontia range, an atmosphere needs to be established, one in which we can work effectively. This Light Line connection is an effective means, however there are others.

As you were mentioning before we came on, it is possible to review material and work with that, picking up there where you left off in your consciousness such that you can begin to apply some of these lessons as a group, as co-creative workers, a Co-Creative Working Team, a Community --

[Gerdean: I lost it. I'm sorry. I disconnected in the middle of that and lost it. Where was he? What's going on?

Bob: It was a wonderful idea. Evidently they are going to create their own architectural material when they do finally materialize.

Gerdean: Oh, I'm sure. Oops wait. Let me get out of there.]

MONJORONSON: You are thinking in terms of the Garden of Eden, when the idea of creating the first garden engaged believers for generations, and it was indeed a way of solidifying the people behind a goal, having a united purpose and based on faith. It is fortunate that they were well guided, through Van and Amadon, even overcoming the disappointment of learning that it may not happen within their lifetime.

Building something physical is certainly a way of bringing it down to where the rubber meets the road, but you don't need to do that for me or for my mission. We can create (and to some extent it is already created) an architectural sphere where we function. The only thing you need to do is append yourself morontially to our sphere and we can work from there together.

It is not going to happen within the next couple of weeks so you can relax. You don't need to get vertigo over this. It has not yet been determined whether we will materialize, but we will work in the morontia realms, so focus on that for now, all right?

Bob. Great. Thank you very much.


TOMAS: This is Tomas. I believe I hear the bell, marking the end of class. Before you go running out to greet the challenges and adventures of the day, are there any questions that need to be brought up in this format, before we have a chance to meet again, while you've go the chance? [None]

Let me say, then, how much we have enjoyed your attendance here this evening, your focused attention and your point of light. We all would like to assure you of our presence in your midst and our mutual regard for those who oversee us and administrate the universe as lovingly and judiciously and conscientiously as do our Eternal Parents.

Bless you. Run along and play. Amen and farewell.