2007-07-16-Abraham & Mary

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Topic: Focusing on the Presence

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Mary

TR: Nina



I am MARY. Abraham is elsewhere this evening. It will be just us tonight. I am overjoyed to have more personal experience with you each. I see a great deal of kindheartedness, a great deal of compassion. You each can see your flaws always out in front of your face. It seems we can focus a lot of attention on what needs to be fixed and overlook the simple joy of being.


I am grateful for my experience on earth. It taught me how to climb to new and better horizons. I many times wish that I can tell you what it is like from where I am now. Things that were priorities to me on earth were simply fading realities. Here in the spirit, I see no skin color, no gender, no status. There is no hate, no jealousy, nothing that is insurmountable to learn. I believe that mortals really struggle with being able to connect and really feel the Father’s presence. Here, without the flesh, I am with a feeling of love that is so real I can see it, touch it and taste it.

You each know those things you can do to connect to spirit. It is important to feel the Adjuster’s presence because it connects you to the cosmic mind. That is where I am. In that reality there is the feeling of a Fatherly love. There is a security that is not found anywhere else. In that loving security we can rise above the spirit poisons, anger, jealousy, insecurity. With the closeness of the Adjuster, we receive a new vision that shows us eternal life. You can rise above the flesh and feel hope and strength when you open yourself to that Godly presence.

Many times in my earthly career, I would feel I had reached a certain spirit advancement and that I was possibly beyond some of those immature spirit poisons. There were always some challenges to experience. There was always some obstacle to challenge me to move from my stagnating thoughts. I remember my thoughts of the Master having first appeared to me after His death. I was struck by the feeling of who He was. There was such a light of security and comfort when I had recognized the Master, I wanted to reach out and hold Him so that He may not leave. What a beautiful experience.

I have to admit, upon running back to my sisters with the message of the resurrection; I wanted to believe somehow that I was chosen for this appearance because I was so dutiful in my ministry. I really wanted to take this experience and put myself in a higher place. As I was running, I again caught that vision of the Master and His beautiful light and felt that security that comes with faith. I felt loved and accepted. I had not need to make this task about myself. I felt His love and acceptance. I knew not of another place I could receive such a wonderful feeling. Why would I need to feed the ego, when the spirit and cosmic citizenry was right at hand?

I was not chosen for this task to give the message of the resurrection, no. I was in the right place at the right time. The Master could have been seen by anybody. It took me a few minutes to recognize Him, for I was in such an emotional upset. It took a moment of stilling my mind to actually recognize the Master. When our eyes are on Him, we feel that security of spirit, of Kingdom family.

This week I am suggesting that we concentrate on our own relationship with the Master and internal Adjuster. This is our key to controlling the spirit poisons. Take a moment to stop and recognize the presence. In our closeness to Father, we are more likely to become better Kingdom workers. Let us sit in the spirit from time to time and remember that budding seed of faith. Remember the Master who goes before you. Remember that fragment of Father is your wellspring and guide through our eternal careers.


Let us take this week to slow down and be close to our spirit caretakers. That is all. Abraham will be back next week. I am honored to share this evening with you. I am growing more in love with you as time passes. You are each a joy and wonderful teachers. You do well. Until next time, shalom.