2007-08-24-Question About Polytheism


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Topic: Questions About Polytheism

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Teacher Samuel: “It is important not to shy away from the messages that are so easily forthcoming. It is important to retain that overall ability to care, without getting caught up in specific world problems at these times, but retain that ‘flair,’ which is almost nonchalant, for once fully established, the lines of communication cannot so easily be damaged. So I am asking you to bear this in mind. Yes?

“For me, having lived my human life on a near-normal planet, it is an extraordinary learning experience to teach in your world. Specifically now, I want to discuss the natural tendency for your world’s populations to consistently develop beliefs in numerous Deities when in fact, like Melchizedeks and Angels, Midwayers and former human Teachers, we are really no more than helpers, brothers and sisters, kin.

“Yours was a world cut off from many circuits for a prolonged period of time where physical illnesses, mental illnesses, and countless human difficulties were always so rampant . . . on worlds like yours, where individuals needed to ever reach out to the many helpers that are and were available, that are and were put in place to overcome the difficulties you so constantly dealt with.

“It was to a large degree because of your dependency on so many celestial beings that you tended to time-and-again over the decades, the centuries and millennia invent new gods and goddesses, which, after a period of time, became of foremost importance to your minds.

“It is because of such needs and beliefs that you tend to overlook the one Almighty, Great Creator, who indwells you, who guides you, who pilots you through a difficult human life.

“In your studies of the religions of this world -- those that you were not brought up in -- you will find many examples of gods and goddesses that at times play major parts in certain population’s cosmologies, but truly, from Michael to Nebadonia, from the Life Carriers to the Melchizedeks, from Midwayers to Seraphim, they are your brothers and sisters placed at a slightly higher level than you are. It is important to respect them, and to also see them as friends. It is important not to venerate them. It is important to call on them. It is profitable to use their help.

“And yet, in your prayers and your communications of love, always direct this at the Creator Father of All. This is Samuel of Panoptia. It is good to be in contact with you once again. I say goodbye for now.”

George: “Thank you Samuel.”