2007-10-22-Infinity of Frequencies

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Topic: Infinity of Frequencies

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Aurora

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good evening, my sisters. This is Aurora. I am very happy to rejoin you this evening, and to continue to impart these new harmonic frequencies to you and to help you harmonize with one another. Think of the energy that pervades the universe as having a broad spectrum of vibrational frequencies that can be translated into tones and notes. These frequencies are all designed to perform functions.


As you gain awareness of the great wide beyond that exists beyond the confines of your small planet, you will be truly, truly awestruck at the almost incomprehensible infinitude of frequencies and what they do throughout the universe. But we are narrowing these frequencies down the scale to accommodate where you are, and to help you expand your own internal frequencies so that you are able to perceive the song of the universe more easily and more readily. This will assist you tremendously in perceiving those higher thoughts, new information, cosmic meanings that will truly inspire and thrill you. This is a process that unfolds new realities within your being. Your central nervous system and other related body functions are all being recalibrated. It is if you are being expanded or stretched so that you are able to perceive theses higher notes and tones of the universal song.

What we have begun recently in this group is just the beginning to help you begin to perceive these higher emanations. Over time you will notice that your body seems to be operating at a slightly higher frequency. It is entirely normal that your body would grow through some energetic adjustments as these new frequencies are integrated into the fabric of your being. We have been using the note of F as a starting point in the harmonizing of your body to these energies and to one another. We will continue with this tonight.

We will also be imparting some information to you in this note that will gradually emerge in your consciousness. It will be unique to each of you, but it will also be helpful to you in that it will bring you into closer vibratory symmetry with other beings. There is information contained in this note that will help you be with other people in a way that is more loving, compassionate and understanding. It is our most sincere desire that more people in time will learn to carry this note around them and to also have information imparted to them that they will in their actions with others maintain that attitude of compassion and understanding as well. You may surmise that this would be quite a boon to humanity: that people would begin to react with more love instead of defensiveness or guardedness when you are engaged with others. There would be less competition, more cooperation; less judgment, more tolerance.

As you carry this note around you, know that it will help you also that others may attune themselves to you because your resonance will be so seductively beautiful that others will pick up the signal and want to vibrate at the frequency of your more spiritized harmonics.

You are all being calibrated now as tuning forks. Relax, breathe deeply. Focus on your heart center. R, would you please ring your bell. (F is struck) Breathe into the vibration. Allow the vibrations to settle within your heart center, let it go deep, deep into your energy systems and allow it to ripple out from your heart center as it moves through your torso down and up, side to side, top to bottom—rippling out through your energy system…expanding you to this lovely harmonic resonance. (Pause)

My sisters are making adjustments in you, subtle adjustments that you will perceive in time. (Pause) These adjustments are most necessary to correct some of the cellular patterns that have been constructed around thought forms that have been misaligned with the divine will and the laws of the universe. Your body responds to these frequencies when you increasingly give your body the permission or instruction. Use the power of your thoughts and encourage your body to allow these vibrations to soften any of the damage or distortion within your cellular mechanism. (Pause)

Now, we will expand the exercise. Imagine that your energy field is approximately 12 to 18 inches beyond your body. Visualize this, and as you do, notice if you feel this cocoon of energy around yourself. Please let me know when each one of you feels this field around yourself by simply saying, “I feel it.” Take your time. (Pause) Give yourself a few minutes to perceive it. Envision that you are encased in this beautiful vibrational field. It is loving and filled with light and vibrations. (Students take their time and say they feel it)

Now, here is where we get to play with one another! You are in this bubble of light and vibration. In your mind’s eye, spend a few moments as you stand in very close proximity to the others in the room. So for example, R you would be bumping up against, A’s energy field, J’s and D’s. J you would be bumping up against the other three, and A the same. As you do this, simply feel the other person’s energy field to the best of your ability. Simply allow that resonance to be more available to your energetic field. Take your time. This is a new experience. As you do this, I will ring the bell and we will harmonize you. Take a few moments and just relax and feel. (Pause)

Let us expand this visualization one more time. All of you are now in a circle formation, your energy fields are somewhat overlapping, you all are holding hands with one another in your mind’s eye. I will ring the bell once again. Simply feel and breathe and relax. (Pause)

There is one more visualization: You are all in this circle formation, energy fields somewhat overlapping; you are holding hands with one another. Now a beautiful brilliant shaft of light is containing your formation. The light shaft is bigger than your formation. There is a word that is contained within the light. The word is “ONENESS”. I will ring the bell again as you visualize this energy formation with the word ONENESS contained within the light holding your circle with conjoined hands and energy fields. Simply breathe and observe what you perceive in your body as you hold this visualization in your heart’s center. (Pause)

We will move into the discussion portion of this evening’s activities. Take a few moments to disconnect from one another by simply bringing your presence back into your heart center and then into the presence of the room where you are seated.

Tonight, I would like to center our discussion around your perceptions of what it felt like when you were unified in the ONENESS state; if you felt any distinction when you were sitting in your own field at the beginning and when you were conjoined. I am most interested to hear what it feels like within your body. When you are willing to share with me, please do so.


Student: The anticipation of opening my energy field was scary, then actually doing it was comforting and not frightening at all. When I keep my energy field closed and too close and contracted that’s where the fear is; not in the actual action of opening itself. That was humorous and educational to feel the difference.

Aurora: But you did, and you were courageous enough to let yourself experience that moment of vulnerability, did you not? You were quite pleasantly surprised when you let your guard down. Do you feel that you would be courageous enough to try this in a less safe environment such as this was tonight when you are perhaps in a more public setting or at your work setting when you are engaged with your children whom you care for?

Student: Yeah, I will try that. I’ll do that!

Aurora: Remember to call on us and we will help you recreate this experience so that it is conducted in a safe environment for you. I appreciate your comments tonight and I will have more to share with you in a few moments after I hear from the others. (Thank you) Thank you!

Student: I felt nervous at first and saw myself almost in a fetal position. But then, with opening up I felt really warm, supported, taken care of with a nurturing like quality to it…like I was being fed.

Aurora: Do you feel you would be courageous enough to try this in your external experiences with others if you were to be in a place where you trusted the other individuals to a greater degree? (Yes) Thank you. Again, I will offer some more commentary in a few moments.

Student: I had some visualization-type of experience. I visualized everyone’s glowing husks and they moved closer together. When you rang the bell, I felt like we were all in this big bowl and that was the ONENESS. At first we were all trying to get our own individual selves vibrating in our own space, and then when the bell rang, it vibrated around a bit, and then everybody disappeared and mingled…like swirling. I didn’t know who I was anyone, or who J was or any of you. We all became ONE, and she rang it again and it got deeper and then it all went apart like a solar system and we became more individualized chunks of the stuff. It was kind of cool. I don’t know if I felt it…I kind of felt it. I felt like I fell apart, but I was OK. That’s all!

Student commenting to reiterate earlier statement: The expanded state was a really wonderful experience. I didn’t say this before, but I would love to live like that. To be like that without contracting in fear…that would be so great. I love people like that.

Aurora: This is the whole point of the instruction for this group. It is to help you realize that this indeed is your natural state of being. We are here to help you feel this; not only to know this in your mind, but to feel this in your body. You are so accustomed to being guarded with one another, or to feel threatened by one another. But how unusual is it for you to feel this ONENESS energy. This is cornerstone, the foundation of the universe.

Yes, you are all individuals, but you are all part of the greater whole of creation. It is this ONENESS that forms the bond that you all have with one another and our Creator-Source. It is entirely safe to open yourself to this vibration and this language, and to increasingly to allow your body to let down its guard and to feel this language and sense of being as one harmonized—individualized-yes, but harmonized with one another. In this harmonization you begin to absorb or blend or meld with one another.

What it is that you are blending with? You are blending with the God-substance of the other individuals around you. These vibrations are here to calibrate you with one another. But in a way that you only resonate with that which is of love. Would it not then be safe to let your guard down so that you could absorb more love from another person? Is that not what this state of being in love is all about? When you are in love with an individual, you are vulnerable…you are exposed…you are open. But yet you are full of joy and wonder. You want to sing at the top your lungs, “I AM IN LOVE…I AM IN LOVE.” This is where we wish to take you.

Student: Off this planet?

Aurora: On this planet.

Student: Love here is a little different than that. We might sing and rejoice for a couple weeks or a month, and then it changes. Love is accompanied with anguish. The old saying is, “It’s better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.”

Aurora: We are here to help you achieve a more expansive dimension of love. The love that you perceive when you are in love with a romantic partner is the same quality of love that you can experience at this conscious level of being in love with your brothers and sisters, but it is much more elongated. And yes, in time you will start to see some of the frailties and foibles of others. But it will be a different way of perceiving them, for the sense of being in this love vibration will be elongated and you will have more time to be in this resonance of love.

This is one of the reasons that we are spending so much time in these sessions tuning you to this particular frequency. It’s to help you stretch and expand the time you are in love. Now, I know you wish to stay in this state and be in this state and live in this state at all times. And you will at some point, but it grows. That you have opened yourselves up and made yourselves vulnerable in this situation, even though it is in a safe contained environment, it forms the foundation upon which you will take this out into the world and be less guarded and more open-hearted so that you will allow this vibration of love to echo out from you and touch the vibratory fields of other individuals and help them feel the love that you are now emitting. Your signal will get stronger. It will get so strong over time should you continue to wish to develop yourself in this manner that you will have a very profound impact on many other individuals within whose circle of influence you rub up against. I will pause here and ask you to allow these words to settle, and then ask for your commentary when you feel ready to speak upon this idea.

Student: I feel like I need a cue for when my heart is closed. I don’t know if I’m aware of when it’s closed.

Aurora: I understand. This is entirely a normal consideration. I would recommend that at the beginning of the day that you set an intention to be open-hearted, and to remember to spend some time in focusing your awareness at your heart center, even though you are engaged in your normal daily activities. As you do this, invite us to come into your and to help you open and harmonize with this note of F that we have been attuning you to. It will be something to practice, first becoming mindful attention to your heart center. Then to simply feel what you are experiencing in your heart. It is safe though to invite your heart to open.

It is entirely safe to want to be open-hearted now, even though there are others around you who are not. Here again, in being open-hearted, we are able to impart that signal of love out of you so that you are expending that love energy out into the world as you walk during your daily activities. In time you will be naturally open hearted.

Start with these small steps now and most of all, remember your intention is the foundation that will allow your heart to expand evermore each time you call on us and ask us to send that signal of love out through you. Does this help, my sister?

Student: Thank you, yes.

Student: I’d like to ask a follow-up question on this. Are there any body language sort of things…like to hold your shoulders up a bit…maybe in holding my arms down…is there any kind of help like that? Not so heavy on the spiritual side, but some general things?

Aurora: Much of what you perceive in your body is a stiffening or a constraining feeling. By breathing into your heart center and holding the intention of letting your guard down, as you say, it will help your body language to become more relaxed, open, and ready to impart this signal of love through it. There is much tension your bodies hold because you all tend to keep your hearts closed because there is so much adversity and pain in your environment. But by allowing us to recalibrate you and by simply allowing your body to relax by breathing deeply and mindfully, it will help retrain your body language so that you are indeed more relaxed in both body and mind, and the spirit is able to move through you more easily. Does this answer your question?

Student: Sort of, I think. I think that was fine. There is so much stuff that comes with the questions we ask that I just have to process it. That helped me and gave me something to think about.

Aurora: At this point, I wish to keep the answers as simple as possible, but yet give you enough to chew on and digest for a time. What we are helping you achieve is no small matter. You know how out of tune with the frequencies of love your planet is. Just how do you think your planet will be realigned in love if it is not through your individual efforts?

Student: I was hoping auto-pilot would do it!

Aurora: (laughter) Well, there is this auto-pilot that is coming into you through the language of ONENESS, but you must allow yourselves to let to into this language. We are helping you do this by softening your resistance and building your confidence that this is a safe place to be. (Thanks) You are welcome.

Student: I’m wondering if you could talk about the physical mechanisms relations to the closing of the heart. I know that I’ve been having thyroid issues for many years. I know that I can feel my throat clamp up. It seems pretty obvious that this is one example of the many physical ailments that happen with our human bodies. It seems that it makes very much sense that due to the contracting nature; I think of fear in contractions being the opposite of love and expansion. If there were love and expansion then the body wouldn’t clamp up like that. Is that correct?

Aurora: That is very correct. You have hit the nail on the head. I would encourage you to explore this fluctuation between contraction and expansion, especially when you notice how it is affecting your throat center. It may be helpful to keep a daily journal of what it is that you experience when you are in a more contractive or expansive state. Give yourself some time to feel what your body is perceiving. There are cues your body gives to you, but you must learn to listen to what it is saying.

I would encourage you to allow the vibrations of expansion to be perceived throughout your system. Spend some time in feeling it as it moves through your different chakras; as it resonates downward to the third to the first and up through the fifth to the seventh and up the crown and down the root.

If you also wish, experiment with it when it is contracted. How does that feel in your body? Where do you notice any pain or restriction?. Write down what you are experiencing. This will help you develop that awareness and see some patterns emerge. As you become more comfortable in letting yourself be in this more expansive state, you will even find more information that you body wishes to share with you and you can capture some of that through the breathing and feeling and simply observing. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, that’s very helpful.

Aurora: The energies of love are all around you. You are now merely being re-keyed to pick up a deeper and broader signal, and to help your energy bodies to carry this note of love more consistently throughout the day, and to help your energy systems to expand into it.


There is much to impart to you, my dear, dear brother and sisters. Tonight, we have explored much in the exercise. Even though your attention has moved elsewhere, this will continue to grow as we continue to make adjustments. Tonight, if you are willing for more, simply ask us to move in you as you sleep. Awake tomorrow to try this as much as you can remember, as much as you feel willing and courageous. I would be most eager to hear your comments when we again reconvene next Monday. My sisters and I leave you in the love we share with you…the love particles and the vibrations that we are all a part of, all made of. Let yourself be re-formed in this love. Let yourself be enlivened in this love, and remember to share it with others as often and as generously as you can. Good evening