2007-11-11-Good Karma and Bad Karma


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Topic: Good Karma and Bad Karma

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “Only momentarily did I think of having arrived in the wrong place upon seeing a mortal without his long beard. We understand your pillow might have needed extra stuffing, and, waste not, want not, was always the catch cry around here. Am I right? I jest, of course! However, it’s good to see a smile and hear a chuckle! There are others far from here, who wish for me to facilitate, so I remain by your side to do my duty. We are connected, so you may begin, my friends.”

Unknown Teachers: “We are an association of ascending former mortals that each had an earthly interest in receiving, transcribing, and distributing -- in some way publishing, or making known by word of mouth -- messages from ‘ascended masters’ and Celestial Authorities. Put the former in inverted commas on our behalf, if you so please. We wish to converse with you about karma; good and bad as it applies to such involvements.

“I am the spokesperson for this group, in this instance, yet we all speak with you with a common voice, for we also now use a common new language, about our discoveries on the Mansion Worlds about the results of our work on our individual planets. I resided on your earth, and was a proud receiver when it would have paid me to remain more humble about the relative truth of my ‘utterings’ and writings of long ago.

“We are aware of your lighthearted banter about ‘earning Universe Credits,’ and more, and about your eminent Teachers having mistakenly ‘left their credit cards in higher realms,’ and it is this cheerful attitude that leaves you in good stead with the necessary mind-melding that must take place to receive with optimum clarity.

“We now make a comparison with earlier lessons about karma – collective or individual – as our ‘credits,’ too, are mixed with aspects that need to be abreacted¹ by most of us as individuals. As it is for the highly placed world leaders, so it is for us. As it is for those who move your world, and for those who support them wholeheartedly in peace or war, there is good karma and bad, respectively, with intent ever being the key to spiritual gains or losses.

“Likewise, our human friend and student, where we humbly received a message, and passed it on, it has been much to our eternal credit, whereas what we erroneously reported is not. Where we introduced personal belief systems as messages from God, there is also a debt to erase for us where these ideas and concepts found themselves becoming new dogma in yet another religious system.

“For every ‘position we took,’ which was shared with others, and which in any way distorted the ‘Truth of our Time’ through willfulness or carelessness, we must here and now abreact. That is to say, we must forgive ourselves; come to terms with it entirely, purge it for good, as we move ever closer to our goal of attaining the Father. There, all that was good remains, and all that was not will have fallen away.

“Call on us, dear friend, at any time. We will always speak as one.”

Bzutu: “We’re done, and all is well if you should be wondering when you transcribe. I say Adieu for now.”


1. Abreacted - To release (repressed emotions) by acting out, as in words, behavior, or the imagination, the situation causing the conflict.