2007-11-21-Covering the Potentials


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Topic: Covering the Potentials

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Dante

TR: George Barnard



Dante: “Oh, you have taken so long! Oh, you are so cautious! We are a billion miles apart, and yet we have been close for a long, long time. This is Dante! This is Dante Alighieri. I have a large window through which I can observe your work, observe your doings, and in real time as you know it.

“I say to you, we are close. We are a billion miles apart, and yet we are close by virtue of the fact that you have many times explained the work that I did, the association between (ABC-3, Midwayer Chief) Beatrice and myself, and the possibility of mankind of my days going astray even more than what they did.

“We are close, and through this conversation, this first up contact, we will be closer still. Such is the time now that we can converse freely -- although I do admit we have quite some translators between us – because the circuits are open, and you can find me at any time you prefer. You are fortunate.

“It was different in my days. There was no real organization. To any great degree, there was no decisive, permanent hierarchy in place as yet, but indeed there was an opportunity for individuals like Beatrice, or for small groups to, as one would say, take the bull by the horns and wrestle him down, as she truly did.

“It is different now, and the purpose of this contact is to speak with you about covering the Potentials. So brilliantly minded are your Secondary Midwayer friends, and so brilliantly minded are the Primary Midwayers, they can see, and sense, and one might even say smell a trend of mankind, as man so often dares to drift into a behavioral mode that is an affront to the eyes of the Creator Father.

And so they were the Potentials of the time to come that prompted them, and also me, to, almost entirely without Paradise input, look at the political, the commercial, the religious and social environment of the time, and project the likely era to come. And such were the Potentials that in an era of otherwise worthy progress that civilization would have been put at dire risk.

“As you read our (Divine) Comedy these days, understand that it was what was needed at the time, as many who had just passed on, or were still alive, were portrayed as suffering the heat of Inferno, the doubts of ever being able to leave Pergatorio, yes, the bliss of Paradiso for some few. And some of these places that only ever existed in man’s mind and religious dogma, represented the stick behind the door. Generously, let us call it a club behind the door to eternity.

“It is only after these centuries that I can now view my work of many years as having kept countless on the straight and narrow with the truth as it was understood by the masses of that time, although a comedy, as I noted it to be.

“Revelation to our beloved world must always come at a slow pace, indeed, although you have made great strides in that the Father is now an unconditionally loving Head of Household in the eyes of evermore of His children.

“All here who hail from our planet, and from all former rebel planets, pray daily, as do I, for you to reach your goal of Light and Life, more swiftly, more easily, less painfully than some of you might imagine your Potentials to be.

“I am Dante. I treasure this communion with you. You may call on me at any time, as do all close friends.”