2007-12-16-Energy of the Planet

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Topic: Energy of the Planet

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Aurora

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good evening, my sisters! This is Aurora. I am very pleased to rejoin you this evening after our time apart. I hope it has been fruitful and productive for both of you. That you had spent some time practicing the harmonizing exercises that I have shared with you over the last few sessions. Before we begin the exercise experience and discussion, do either of you have any comments to share with me about what you may have experienced over the last few weeks or any questions that I may address for you?


Student: Hi, Aurora, this is J. I want to share that I’m really grateful for the guidance I feel coming from you and the whole group with everything that’s been happening in my life. I look forward to becoming more graceful with your guidance.

A: We appreciate your desires and motivations, and are so delighted ourselves to be able to offer you the assistance you require. As you become more aligned with the higher levels of consciousness in your being, you will, as you have said, experience more gracefulness in your daily living. The path of the heart so much easier and light, and that you have now walked firmly on this path is an indication to the degree you have grown to be able to see the fruits of the spirit in your daily living. As you continue to grow, keep your heart open and watch the wake of love that you leave as you pass by. (Thank you.)

R, do you have anything you wish to share before we continue? (No, thank you.)

Let us begin the experiential portion and then we will continue with a discussion. Relax your body and hold the visualization of your planet in your mind’s eye. Upon the dark starry canvas of space is this beautiful blue-green-white orb. (Pause) As you see this orb, invite it to fill your heart center. (Pause) There is an energy of the planet; you are encircuited in it.

Before we proceed with a discussion of this planetary circuit and its relationship to you, I would ask you to feel its presence within your being. Simply allow it to fill you up. Keep your focus on receiving and feeling in your body. (Pause)

As you allow this energy to course through your being, invite the cells of your body to open and absorb this energy. It is a very healing, harmonizing, and uplifting energy that your beloved sphere wishes to share with you. There is a growing planetary consciousness of love, goodness, righteousness, and peace. It is an energy that you can use to bolster your own field as you go about your day to day activities. It will help keep you more stable in this beautiful new growing planetary energy, shielding you from the chaos and din of the world around you. How is it that some people can remain peaceful and centered when there is much distraction about them? It is because they have aligned themselves in this energy. It is a state of mind, but more than that, it is a state of spirit—that the spiritual energy in your being is larger, is more potent, is more productive than the energy of the planet around you. You have simply outgrown this old model, this old energetic language.

Allow the expansion of your body into this new planetary energy. Let the love resident in the planet speak to your heart and fill you with more reverence and respect and connectivity to your beautiful, fragile, delicate and suffering world. (Pause)

The natural forces of life have a self-correcting, self-stabilizing mechanism. As you allow this energy to infiltrate you, you are also ingesting what your world wishes to share with…the more natural order of life. (Pause) This order allows for the cycle of renewal to be inseminated with the forces of life from our Mother, to grow, to blossom, to flourish and prosper, and then to ebb away and wither, to go back into the ground from which it came, creating the environment for the new seed to be planted. Allow the new energies that are of the Father and the will of love and life to fill you up to help you.

Now envision the word “ONENESS” descending upon the planet in your heart center. The gossamer net covering the world holds your heart in the web of love. As this web of love encircuits you, ask for the divine hands of God to spark the will of Spirit into this energy configuration. (Pause) Notice what the experience of receiving this language of ONENESS speaks in your body. (Pause)

You are carrying an energy form that will grow within you. In time you will discover what this energy impact can make. As you are both involved in healing modalities for individuals and the planet, you will be able to use this in furtherance of your healing objectives that you wish to fulfill.

We are ready to close the circuit. My sisters and I thank you for allowing us to lead you in this experience and exercise today. It is always a time of great rejoicing for us when we can bring those dimensions of Spirit into your being that help you to grow and become more filled with light and love and to be about the will of God on this beautiful world. Take a few moments to shift your awareness from the inner experience to the outer awareness of the room around you. (Pause)

My question to you this event that you may answer when you feel ready to speak is: In this experience of feeling the planet in your heart, how did you feel towards the planet and what it is undergoing now at this time in its evolution? And secondly, when or if you felt the planet’s sorrows, what was your experience? How did that make you feel? I have a few thoughts I wish to share with you, but first I would like to hear your comments when you are ready.

Student: I was focusing on the physical aspect. When you said planet, it could have meant the actual planet or the people on the planet. I was thinking about the physical planet itself and the natural realm that supports us. I was feeling nurtured by the energies of the earth. It made me feel loved and taken care of and made me feel a reciprocating energy of love towards this mother who is taking care of us.

I wonder if could also ask a question in bringing up something I feel is important? (Of course you may.) Thank you. Is the energy of the earth God energy? Is everything God energy? I’m feeling this lovely spirit energy from the earth, yet in Christianity we’re taught spirit and matter are different, good-evil, heaven-hell, spirit-matter. Could you speak to that, please?

A: Yes, I would be happy to. The energy of the earth is of a different quality or, perhaps I might say, vibrational rate than the energy of the individuals on the earth. In feeling the presence of your earth, the natural order of life is a part of your cellular make-up, so oftentimes when you are out in a natural state of beauty you feel a state of peacefulness and connection because you are resonating with this earth energy that is such a part of your make-up. Yes, you could call this the God-energy because this is the natural state that was designed for your planet by the higher spiritual beings that put the plans in place.

However, there is another energy and it is conflicting with this natural order of life. It is the mental and emotional energy output by the planet’s citizenry that is out of alignment with the laws and the ways of the universe. Many times it is challenging to live from your heart because of these mental and emotional energies exuding such a clamorous noise about you. Your body perceives this, and not only perceives this, but it absorbs this and causes a very distressing disconnection in the neurological signals of your body that deflects the love sparks that nurtures them.

As you have mentioned many times in discussion that sometimes it is scary to be in your heart, we are here to help you be more comfortable in your heart by connecting you more closely to those energies of the planet that are safe and harmonious with the natural order of the physical body. When you are out in the clamorous din on a day to day basis, you will not be so affected by it. It will not hurt you or cause you to shut down, and you can be open-hearted with the world and the people around you and be an open conduit of love, exuding love back into the space where mindal and emotional energies are running amok.

In this way, you help create a space for other people to feel some love and peace, because they have not developed themselves in a spiritual way to perceive the love and peace around them on their own. The more you are able to absorb this harmonious energy of nature, you increasingly become more grounded in the earth and be able to live in your heart more consistently on a day to day basis and be a great healing vessel for the world around you. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, yes…thank you.

A: Do you find, R, that it is somewhat easier for you to be out in the world than it has been in the last several months, or do you still find it to be challenging?

Student: It is still challenging, but it has been much easier than before. It’s been really helpful to have the guidance from you…it’s helped me in my day to day life.

A: As you go about your day, drop your focus into your heart and allow the planet to feel you with those energies. It is if you are getting a two-way hug: one from the planet, and one from your inner Divine Source. This is a tremendous upliftment that you can partake of throughout your day, so that as you practice this, the more you practice, you will expand those moments longer and longer until they eventually become one continuous moment of being in that presence. I encourage you to practice this and to use this visualization as much as you can. If you remember, call upon me to help you integrate this more completely into your being. (Thank you.)

It is my pleasure, and I thank you for allowing me to assist you in this way.

Student: Aurora, my experience was that I felt an opening or a shift (…..) myself, which I think ripples in all minds on the planet. I feel that change is coming and that we will soon see what needs to serve this planet in the way that it needs to be. That sense or visual make more hopeful and happy for the change.

A: Were you able to experience any of the energy of the planet—of the humans involved and their disharmonious energies? How did that come across in your body if that was a part of your experience?

Student: I didn’t feel anything that felt negative. My body felt very open and ready for change. I feel that people are hungry and curious too.

A: People are indeed hungry and ready for change. Carrying this expanded natural planetary energy around you will provide them a sense of groundedness as well. It is quite interesting for us to observe the ways in which you, as humans, respond to change. Those who are still clamoring in the din are unsettled…they are rocked and sometimes even swept off their feet by this cacophonous energy. But for those who have awakened and have opened their hearts to Spirit also perceive and can begin to tap into this energy of the natural order that will ground them in more stability as change comes about. This energy is both spiritual and material in terms of helping you stay centered, focused—focused in the natural order of life, and focused in the energies of your Mother and Father of divine order who feed love and creative ideas into your minds to correspond with earth to enliven it and build a new culture, a new planetary culture, that is in alignment with the laws of the universe.

How exciting it is for us to witness this, and how delighted we are to help you open up to the vital resources that you need within. For you are the creators of your planetary culture. You are the ones whose hands labor upon the earth. Yours are the minds that are filled with the creative sparks that will collaborate with other sparked individuals and bring new inventions and ways of living to your world. There is this dual flow of energy from the earth into your hearts and minds, and from the heavens and universe into your hearts and minds holding you together in this unified and harmonious energy.

In the coming weeks we will discuss more on how you can hold the focus as you interact with people and build a matrix of stability around them. It is as if you are giving them a seed of the sacred space to walk upon. But for this evening, I wish to ask if you have any further comments on this.

Student: I do. More so that I just want to stand in for the people right now and ask for help from the other side coming in through the earth energy into our body. I’m sensing that we need guidance through the sensation of feelings (couldn’t hear words), and if you send it up through the earth to everyone on the planet; that is what we need right now—your help to feel in our body in a way we have never felt before so our mind will be corrected. I guess I’m asking if you can support us in that?

A: Of course, we do! There is much that we do to build these streams and lines and circuits of energies to help you in ways that you have yet to discover. The energies of separation have taken a heavy toll—these energies of mental and emotional separation. In the re-framing of these, some is achieved by those of us who are charged with rebuilding the structure. But we can only build the structure insofar as it must be completed by your own choice. The bridges are being built to each individual on this world. There must be something in them that catalyzes their choice. This is where you come in. There is much you can do from both a verbal and non-verbal approach with your brothers and sisters. One of the things we will be discussing at our next meeting will be more of the non-verbal approach.

So rest assured, my dear sister, that there is much being done now. The plans in place will not fail, but you must be patient and be willing to do the work as much as possible to keep yourself in an attitude of acceptance and trust and hope. This is what will attract more light to you that you can use to be a great healer of the planet. (Thank you.) You always have my help anytime you wish to call upon me.

There is a song of the earth that your heart will resonate with when it is fully opened, fully available. The notes and tones that we have discussed have to do with the song of the planet. By keeping your heart open to the planet, it will share with you its beautiful song. I cannot tell you what this song wishes to share with you for that would destroy the surprise. As this is the season of Christmas, where you share gifts with one another, think of this as your planet’s gift to you. Open the package a little more each day to see what beauties your world wishes to share with you.

Welcome, A. We welcome you here. We were wrapping up things for this evening. Tonight our discussion and experience centered around receiving more of the energies of the earth—the natural energies of the earth and how they relate to your physical body and your spiritual awareness. Before I leave you this evening, would you be interested in receiving what the others received.

Student: Sure, if that’s not too inconvenient for everybody.

A; Well, I do not think that your sisters would mind receiving another insurgence of this lovely energy, would you now? (No)

As you focus on your heart center, allow the visualization of your world to be in your heart; to superimpose itself upon your heart. Feel your desire to feel what it wishes to share with you. (Pause)

Now expand the visualization as a fabric of light, translucent and beautifully shimmering, descends upon the planet. Envision the hands of your Divine Parents holding the planet in this gossamer net upon it, beating in your heart. (Pause)

We are closing the circuit now. If you would like to take a few moments to shift your awareness, I would be very interested to hear what you experienced. This exercise was shared with you to help harmonize you with the natural energies of your world. The tendency for humans to be influenced by the culture around them takes you away from this natural rhythm of life. We are here to help you harmonize with that now. I would be most delighted to hear of your experience if you are willing to share with me, my brother.

Student: Right in the beginning I got a sense of patience and delight in the growth. I followed that a little further and followed in the growth of the children. I got a sense of a delight in the growth in the ones that are moving along, and be patient with yourself and others. I got a sense that we weren’t alone in the room. There are some folks over here, but it’s hard to tell.

A: There are many here, so in that respect you are not alone. There are many who are helping you absorb these new energies as well as observing.

Student: Thanks for squeezing me in, Aurora.

A: I am glad that you were able to join us, and to participate in some of the exercise this evening. As I mentioned to your sisters, at our next meeting we will discuss how to imbue an energy that is stabilizing and grounding into your brothers and sisters, if you are interested in serving them this way in this form of non-verbal communication that you can use when you interact with people.


On this note, I will leave you to chew on this idea and whet your curiosity and appetite for more upon our next meeting. I leave you in the peace of Parents who created in the love that we all share with you this evening. Feel your embrace as we hug our brothers and sisters in the flesh—the realm of spirit embracing the human. Good evening, my friends.