2008-02-03-Seraphic Planetary Government

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Topic: Seraphic Planetary Government

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Andromadeus

TR: Gerdean



[We received mail from Michael G. in California, referencing last month's lesson and submitting an artist's rendering in response to the discussion about "How Do They See Us" and Andromadeus's comments about how it is "often the case, as we spend time with each other, our energies are able to harmonize as I reach down and the instrument reaches up." The group studied the rendering, some of their discussion is herewith included.]


Student: It is very flowing. It looks also a little bit haunted. There's, in fact, from one angle you can see there is like this little Halloween face here that looks a little bit scary and I think that has some bearing on why it is that people are reluctant to engage in such a practice as talking to the supernals because there is a scary element to it.

Student: And yet I think that this is the process that evolving beings like us go through to get out of the ghost cults and into a real engagement with our supernal helpers. So when there are days that I wonder what the heck am I even doing this for … when I stand back and look at it from an artist's perspective, I can see it more rationally that this is a process that we're going through. It may not make sense today, but in terms of the evolution of our world, there's rhyme and reason to it. Another reason not to take ourselves too seriously and not worry about dotting every eye and crossing every tee because it's not perfected yet. It's a process.

Student: Anyway, last month we were visited by Andromadeus who talked to us about the Seraphic Planetary Government -- Andromadeus being a Most High Observer -- and the reading from the Urantia Papers indicated that there were twelve divisions of seraphim - angels - who oversee our growth and development … twelve distinct divisions of labor, as it were, and that we work with as soon as we are competent to do so they will induct us into their efforts, so we are working with the angels as we allow ourselves to be open to divine providence.

Student: We talked last time about the angels of health, and were asked to think about that throughout this month and Reneau offered some things to think about in terms of the medical field that she has been engaged in throughout her life. It is fairly apparent that she is assigned to the angels of health -- at least in this time frame.

Reneau: And the twelve are: The epochal angels, the progress angels, the religious guardians, the angels of nation life, the angels of the races, the angels of the future, angels of enlightenment, angels of health, the home seraphim, angels of industry, angels of diversion and the angels of superhuman ministry.

Gerdean: So, do we have preference as to which one you want to learn more about? Or we can ask them to ask more in detail, or embellish somehow?

Men-O-Pah: The last one.

Gerdean: You like the last one.

Men-O-Pah: The angels of super enlightenment.

Reneau: "The angels of superhuman ministry. These are the angels of the angels, those seraphim who are assigned to the ministry of all other superhuman life on the planet, temporary or permanent. This corps has served since the beginning of the current dispensation." I guess that would include midwayers. They are superhuman life.

Gerdean: All right. Are we up to date? Is that a recap? Let's see who is here.

MERIUM: What? No music? No prayer? What a slave driver! [Laughter] This is Merium, of course, coming in as a familiar "face" in your midst. Let's stop a minute and bring some of that homely quality into your midst, for I know you do not come here simply to feed your brain and study theological facts, but rather to feed upon the living spirit which infuses the environment when we allow it, when we give it an opening.

Just for an exercise, why don't you all go off-line and find yourselves a rousing tune to sing together, so that you can come together in the spirit of harmony. We'll come back in a minute. I know you who comprise the choir can handle this assignment.

Men-O-Pah: There is a song that we've been enjoying lately. We sang it last time we met, over at me and Paula's house, and also the last time we were here. It's called "Lord, Listen to Your Children Playing" and it goes like this.

MUSIC: "Listen to Your Children Praying"

MERIUM: Bravo. Now we're talkin'. I can feel it. Spirit of God, lift us up. Spirit of God, lift us up. Soaring now, we are, in the ethers. Since we're here, would anyone like to salute Our Father and enjoin him to commingle with us in this gathering?

Reneau: Thank you, Lord. Come and be with us. Thank you for your blessings. Bring us together. Be with us. Walk with us, as we know you do, every day. Thank you, Lord.

MERIUM: We praise Your holy name. Amen.

Thank you, children, this is very decent of you to accommodate me. I know it accommodates your soul, as well, and so now we can pick up where we left off, as it were [poor recording.] With [reference to the attention we are paying to elections and human planetary government], let's give God equal time here today. And perhaps the seraphic planetary government can inspire us and you to lift up your perspectives and perceive how it is that while [poor recording], otherwise, the Most Highs truly are ruling in the kingdoms of men. Yes, Andromadeus is here with us today and will resume the topic, and there will be others. Let's get the show on the road. Andromadeus, we are all ears. Come in, please.


ANDROMADEUS: Andromadeus here. Thank you, Merium, and all of you who have acquiesced to hear me. I am pleased to function with you as a visiting teacher. You have asked about the angels of superhuman ministry, and the text says … let me hear the vernacular you are working with.

Reneau: "The angels of superhuman ministry. These are the angels of the angels, those seraphim who are assigned to the ministry of all other superhuman life on the planet, temporary or permanent. This corps has served since the beginning of the current dispensation."

ANDROMADEUS: Yes, thank you. The seraphic planetary government is a relatively new configuration on Urantia. It came together 2,000 years ago, after Michael (Jesus) left here to assume his rightful place as Master Son of his universe, Nebadon. The seraphic planetary government is indeed a part of the restructuring that has been going on since he took power. Prior to his actions that brought about the Council of 24 there was little organization at all on your world. Even the midwayers were uncorraled.

The Master's presence on this planet has already instituted far more works and wonders than you would know of because of your limited mortal perspective, but this perspective is expanding as you become familiar with the precepts set forth in the Urantia Papers, one of which is designed to introduce you to the likes of which we are discussing. And you run right to the biggest, the most nebulous of all, which is so typical of humans. You want to know what is just beyond your reach. What are they doing? What are they doing among themselves? How do they minister to each other On High?

And without knowing your individual motivations, I am responding to the inner call for that mortal yearning that is so appropriate for children. All children want to know more about their parentage and their cultural inheritance. Every child wants to know who its mother and father are, and who its siblings are. It wants to hear stories of what happened when mother was a girl and when grandfather was a boy, for these provide the scenarios in which their lives take shape and take on meaning, for one alone in the universe, without a frame of reference, or sense connection, is akin to cosmic orphanhood, and orphans you are not. You do indeed have elders, cosmic aunts and uncles, if you will, and myriad cousins, well beyond the midwayer level, who are part of your greater family.

And so it is no wonder you are curious to know about them and how they help and serve one another. Even as you ask the question and I attempt to respond, you surely must appreciate the difficulty I might have conveying to you the response without drawing upon your own existence as a parallel, so that you might be apprised of the similarities, for that is the concern you have for not only who you are and how you fit within the framework of your cosmic neighborhood and how you are a citizen of the universe but how you relate to the planetary government and what they can do for this world, and what you can do as a citizen of world.

It is very difficult, however because [lesson lost due to faulty recording] of burnout in any server. The body tires, the mind grows weary, the emotions drain, and the spirit itself requires renewal. As such, the divisions of seraphic ministry have undergone change periodically, since its inception. Once the leaders -- those in charge -- those who rule -- begin to show wear and tear, they are replaced. There is a point of wisdom that comes from experience, certainly, and this wisdom is what we strive for and depend upon. The seraphim of superhuman ministry are those who minister to those who help, or more specifically those in the realms of health, family life, nation life and so forth.

Perhaps I could equate this to how it is that sometimes a psychiatrist needs to see a psychiatrist, because they are dealing all the time with perversions of thought processes which disrupt harmony in the minds of those who come to seek healing. And sometimes the psychiatrist needs to have a reality check, or a holiday from his or her efforts, in order to maintain that quality of excellence that is necessary, and without becoming weary to the point of being frayed.

These seraphim of superhuman ministry are not administrators, if you think that. They do not fire seraphim who are not doing the job. They are merciful and are assisted by myriad types of celestial agents. Such as those which are beyond your ability at this point to recognize. Even so, those entities are actively engaged in the process of evolving and cultivating your spirit reality here indirectly if not directly. And the same is true for the seraphim of superhuman ministry. You may not work with them directly, but you may be sure they and their work impact you. And you may also be assured that to the extent you are growing into yourself and into cosmic consciousness, you will be assimilated, along with those values and ethics which are the heart and soul of these mighty helpers.

There are many mortals who fall under the shadow of this division of seraphic labor. You may or may not perceive of yourself as one of them. And I am not here to designate which ones of you are within the jurisdiction of the division of seraphic planetary government that covers superhuman ministry, but I assure you that I see your lights and recognize your efforts, even when and as you yourselves are unaware of your contributions and even when your fellows are unaware of your contributions to the Evolving Supreme and to the government On High.

Reneau: Maybe we should ask you then about the angels of nations life. These are the angels of--

ANDROMADEUS: No. Not today. [Okay] Today we will take the angels of superhuman ministry and focus on them so as not to confuse the issue. This month, in your meditation time, consider and ponder the love of the Creator who would go to such an extent to develop such a plan that involves itself in the cultivation of your reality, even yours personally, by and through the auspices of these beings and through the orchestration of their organization.

It is beyond my ability to convey to you how impressed I am with their efforts and their accomplishments on your behalf. But it will only mean something to you if and as you perceive it within your own consciousness as a reality, not as a piece of information. And so I invite you to open yourself up to your Adjuster's leading you into a glimpse or two or three of how it is that you are being led along the path of spiritual awakening. And let me further suggest that having glimpsed the degree of … your growing reality, that you bow your head and humble yourself before that love as would nurture you so painstakingly, even out here on the outer rim of space. We have a God worthy of worship for our very existence. It is with joy that we consecrate our will to doing that which He has in store for us.

I release you now for your normal studies. I will see you again next month. Thank you.

Group: Thank you.

MERIUM: This is Merium again. I'm glad we had the platform available for Andromadeus in this group to address these topics of interest. I look forward to the effects of such causes and I look forward to them manifesting in a greater appreciation for each other, a greater acknowledgement of what we each endure and what we each provide.

In the meanwhile, what else is going on in your life that we might engage you in since we have the opportunity. Anybody have anything they want to discuss or bring to our attention?

Reneau: I've been attempting to work on my morning meditations more regularly. I hope that helps. Since I don't have to jump up and get dressed and go out to a job here lately, why I figured it was a good time to spend doing that.

MERIUM: Ah, yes. The benefits of leisure time! Not only leisure time, but time you can call your own. The demands of such a life on such a planet often command more of you than there is to go around, and so just as when in the school, art and music are often the first to go, in order to cover the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, in the higher life, worship prayer and meditation are often the first to go in the demands of paying rent, buying groceries, and other obligations.

The interesting thing is, once you have developed a taste for prayer and worship, it becomes not a luxury but a necessity since, from that perspective, everything else falls in place more readily and nothing satisfies as fully. Indeed there will come a time in your career when all you will want to do is worship, and you will have to be sent out to get involved in life as if to say, "Go out and play!" but we have not yet reached that point. So yes, of course, your efforts will make a difference.

And I invite all of you to reinforce yourselves through the superhuman ministry of those angels who will strengthen you in your path and in your resolve and in your efforts, as Andromadeus said, so that you do not become weary and burn out and have to be transferred to another field of service before you feel you have done all you can do where you are.


I am going to cut it short today, kids. I know it is Super Bowl Sunday and other interests prevail. But it is a joy for me to engage with you to the extent we had available today and I look forward to our next gathering. Bye-bye!

Group: Bye, Merium! Thank you!