2008-02-16-Further to the Ego

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Topic: Further to the Ego

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Teacher Samuel: “This is your Teacher, Samuel. Together with your counterpart’s Teacher (Aaron), I have prepared for you a lesson for this evening. However, since it is so important, and has been subject of your discussions on this day, I come back to you about the subject of ego.

“Even those who teach psychology on your world will often look upon the ego as something that can be inherently bad. I say to you, the ego is part of the personality and it does, and must, persist in life beyond the terrestrial. It is initially a very important survival mechanism to a mortal, largely for her or him to take up an appropriate place in the community, to through charm, or insistence, and myriad other ways, reserve one’s position within the herd.

“As I previously explained; during any future lifetime, as you are traveling on your journey through the universes, it is essential that you learn from those who are ahead of you, and it is equally important for you to understand and teach those who follow behind you, for their egos will still be progressing, purifying, improving. Should the human ego, such an important part of the personality, be missing in you, if such were possible, you would lack understanding of those who follow you. Therefore, you would truly be an inadequate teacher to them.

“It is essential for ego to remain as part of the personality, and to be honed till it is sharp, tuned till it rings true, shined till it glows in God’s light. It is always important to go out from the point of view that those who are ‘below you’ in their journey -- their ascension -- those who will be your students, and perhaps still without a balanced ego -- must be totally understood by you. Without an ego, you would no longer comprehend the difficulties that your life brought you in the past, and consequently you would not comprehend the difficulties, which those who follow you would need to overcome.

“As we have noted already, it is vital that your ego will shine like it is new, be polished like a gem, be in harmony and be well balanced. The widespread teaching that explains the ego to be something bad, something that must be gotten rid of, is gravely in error. The Father-endowed Gift of a personality includes the ego, and ego cannot be vanquished. It is there to be perfected.

“I thank you for taking in my lesson, dear students. I say adieu for now. Do find the time to discuss, to talk, to question, and to call on us more often. Enjoy each other’s company and know that I will be at your service at any time you call on me. Good bye.”

George: “Thank you, Samuel.”