2008-03-02-Angels of the Nations

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Topic: Angels of the Nations

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Andromadeus, Michael

TR: Gerdean, Tiahuan



ANDROMADEUS: You are watching the elections and the caucuses and the discussions as to the demographics of race and gender and so on. You can see the shuffling of the deck that is involved in the process. This process is an illustration of what happens on a far greater scale as the Most Highs rule. They observe humanity in its current configuration and factor in what happens when influences come into play, such as natural disasters or inherent hostilities on a tribal level, and how the effects of these causes stimulate actions on the part of others.


Often we have heard you complain that the Most Highs are not doing a very good job, since the planet is still very warlike, as if the Most Highs were supposed to make it all better. I will draw an analogy that this mind can understand that being the putting together of Sunday Dinner. It is one thing to go down to a caterer and order Sunday Dinner, invite your guests, set the table and at a certain time have the caterer arrive with everything all cooked. It is quite another to put the meal together from scratch in your own kitchen.

This is what is happening on Urantia. Someone needs to peel the potatoes while someone else is, shall we say, stuffing the bird, or testing the bread. There are different phases that need to be gone through preliminary to the serving up of the dinner, "food prep" being the major part of putting on the meal. The slicing and dicing and adding the spices at just the right time, having the temperature set at just the right heat, and the baking going on for just the right amount of time. To do it any sooner or later may be preliminary to disaster.

And so, even though someone may come along and taste something and say "Yuck!" it is because it isn't finished yet. When everything is set out upon the table, it will be done, and it will be delicious. And this is how it is that the Most Highs are working in your kitchen to bring about light and life. You see one uncooked dish and you throw up your hands and say we are failing in the job, when in fact it is an ongoing process.

Much of what goes on in the angelic corps is completely beyond your comprehension, but another point to consider is that the angels take many of their instructions from their superiors, which in this context are from the Most Highs, which have their job and many of those instructions are derived from Gabriel, the Chief Executive of the local universe, who operates under Michael himself, and so there is indeed a hierarchy.

Let us say you say your prayers; you send your prayers up into the stratosphere and they fall upon God's ears. He then considers your prayer and puts the answer to your prayer into effect by instructing Gabriel who instructs the Most Highs who instruct the angels who instruct the midwayers who instruct the molecules in your environment to answer your prayer. That, of course, is a gross over-simplification, but it indicates that there is a huge orchestration involved in bringing about God's will here on your world. And when you multiply that by how many individuals there are on this world, your circumstances are further complicated. When you get into nation life, you are dealing with governments.

Many of these governments are little more than the caveman with his club raised, as you have seen depicted in the Urantia Papers, and some are sophisticated machines, and they rise and fall, they go through epochs, ages and phases, and when they no longer serve, they fade out of existence; they make way for improved governments, which may or may not change its borders and its configuration based on many, many factors: how well they get along with their neighbors, how well the natural boundaries are able to sustain the natural dividing lines. It is not a hard science. It's a living reality. All of this is alive but it's in a bigger fishbowl than you are accustomed to seeing.

I have no more to add at this time. I would simply ask that you elevate your perspectives and when you look at nation life, step out of your own identification with your own nation and its current fix on the atlas. Think more in terms of advancing government of people on the way to self-government, and think in terms of ways to bring order into chaos.

Thank you for your ears. Thank you, Merium, for the platform. I hope to see you again next month for another mini-lesson in how it is that the Most Highs rule and how the angels work with you and how you can assist your angels in the advancement of humanity.

MERIUM: This is Merium, back again, coming in to quickly add that it would be my thought, then, that if you want to help the division of seraphic planetary government that deals with the angels of the nations, that you might want to get involved in local politics. That will quickly give you an idea of how slowly the mechanism of political thought works, except when and as certain ideas whose time has come fall into line rather like --

I want to say a pinball machine or one-armed bandit at the casino when all the cherries line up and the money starts falling out. When everything is lined up and the money starts falling out, somebody did something right. The statistics were such that, "Bingo!" Change was made.

Well, let's see what we can salvage from this technologically tormented afternoon for the sake of our peace of mind and the transcript itself. How about some questions? [Pause] Anybody have any commentary? Any discussion or questions they would like to bring forth? [Pause] I should also say, is there anyone out there who would like to argue with me, because I do know that that is a part of the human mind set that is a part of your heritage here on this world. The mind that likes to argue with everything it hears, in particular, before it embraces a new truth as reality, this is a good thing. [Pause] And last but not least, is there someone else that would like to transmit?

MICHAEL: My friends, my children. You know the seat of power is within each of you. You advance the governments of God acting in and through many, many agencies, offices and channels, including, of course, Constellation Fathers, these, my Sons, whose focus is upon advancing the rule of love in the nations of mortal planets such as yours.

But at the heart of all decision making is the choice to cooperate or not with what you know to be true, to be good and beautiful, activated by this love we share. And as you do, as you struggle in your own campaigns, if you will, advancing your own peace, the world of your own mind, you make an opening in this world or the many worlds to come in your experience to enter this world now. And so in such a time as you share with so many others your decision-making regarding who or what represents your thoughts in the public sphere, as pertains to the business of any country or town, remember that these parties, so called, these candidates aspiring to represent the best in you, can do no more than that.

And it is the incumbent, the incumbency of your own spirit choice, where your will is sovereign seated by our Father, that is the primary mover, shaker, if you will, in all of creation. Never lose sight of this source within you. Contribute your own peace to the peace you have all been struggling, working to manifest as it is. This choice is made in the secret chambers of the heart, as secure a ballot box as you will ever know, and yet your choice made in the context human situations, wrestling with human feelings, is known so well by the One who knows us all. And yet His power would never usurp your will. Indeed, it is His desire that you exercise this prerogative, and as you do, He gladly assists you. Do not hesitate to make known, to share, to invite the participation of this most potent Source, this most brilliant Light to uplift your own lives, to illumine your own minds, to enlighten your thoughts. In that moment of decision when you perhaps think you are alone, call upon all Heaven, for you are a part of Heaven, and it is through these very personal endeavors that the opportunities exist to unfold for those who work with and represent His will.

I bid you my peace in which all worlds are held securely, and as you proceed in your choices, know that nothing can take you away from my love. It is the knowledge of the Son, but you I depend upon to make known so that the sovereignty of spirit will manifest in a state of love that represents what we have achieved together. Thank you for your efforts, your faith, your hope that never dies, your sincerity. It is the lever that the angels of every division pull upon to move the mountains in this world. Be confident we walk together.


MERIUM: Thank you, Michael. Thank you, Tiahuan and Gerdean and Andromadeus and thank you each for being part of our soiree this afternoon, our pool of energy and light on this day early in the new season. Is there anything else now before we cut loose for the next energetic impulse entering your arena? [Pause] Then let us be on our way. Bye-bye!

Thoroah: So it sounds like Andromadeus' message is: "Ask not what your angels can do for you, ask what you can do for your angels."