2008-03-02-Time Lag Between Lessons and Practice

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Topic: Time Lag Between Lessons and Practice

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Lantarnek, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers, Kathy, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, Elyon here by your invitation to return some of the serves that have been made and to create a volley back and forth. I will use the analogy this morning of your game of volleyball and draw in some references to how the game is played. You mentioned noticing a difference in the amount of time that passes between your exposure to a concept or a lesson and subsequently your opportunity to react based upon your new skill and awareness. This is much like in your game of volleyball where, when you are just beginning to absorb the skills to play, it is oftentimes the approach to make the serve or to return the volley high and easy so that extra time is granted for the participants on the other side to ready themselves in order to return the volley.


You have noticed that in the earlier stages of your development there seems to be a time lag, some time afforded you to prepare yourselves and be ready to accept the volley and then return it using your intention and skills acquired. But as you get better and better at the game you observe that less and less time transpires between plays on either side of the net and faster and faster the ball travels back and forth as you become more skilled and require less time to position yourselves and be ready to return the serve.

So it is you see you have practiced this game for some time. You are becoming comfortable with your position and your methods of play. So it is that you see the serve, and it quickly arrives at your position, and just as quickly you are able to put the ball back into play. It does not go past you as in earlier times in your experience. It does not get by you without your notice and attention. Rather you step up to the oncoming serve with conviction and authority that you have gained in this process of practice. And you observe that the game tends to get faster and faster with more and more plays in between times when the ball is hit out of reach, goes out of bounds, and you have time to regroup and reposition yourselves in eagerness of the next round of play. So it is with life, that this element of time, that is so necessary for you to be positioned and practiced at returning the serves in life, becomes less and less, and you are more able to respond to these serves in life as they happen with more conviction leading to more attempts on your part to step in in front of the moving serve and with certainty return it to be put back into play.

As new concepts are introduced you may once again have to make the volley high and easy so that it may be sufficiently returned, but soon you are back to your confidence level of having mastered each new skill and desiring to get in front of the next serve, to be the one to return the next volley. Only in this game the object is to keep the ball in play, not to thwart the others team's effort but rather to engage in play. I offer this analogy to serve as a useful means whereby you may understand this correlation between your achieved skill levels and the apparent shortening of time you observe between your lessons and your opportunities to practice these lessons. I would close my remarks to allow this forum's use by others. Thank you.

Unidentified (Kathy): In the activity of your mind there is an opportunity to reach new levels of being. The mind will try to attach meaning to all activity, but if you refrain from analyzing the activities you are presently involved in, you are creating an opening for being in the moment, and this is effective in the interaction with other personalities as you encounter them. Be assured that you have the perfect components provided to enable your interaction with others. This need not be a mental activity, but a readiness to participate as opportunity arises. There is help available to you.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Lantarnek. I have been expressing in past contacts the meanings and insights that may be gleaned from a better understanding of personality. I have expressed that it is a pattern that does not change. It is the integrating network of all about you that does go through transformation.

You have spoken of detachment and learning to accept experiences in your life, be they apparently for the better or for the worse. Imagine if you will a container which holds a candle. When the candle is lit that container, which has a pattern, allows light through, and as the light flickers, on the walls of the room appear change and movement. The shadows from the pattern flicker with the light.

This is how you, a changeless personality, cause action in the world. This is also how the world say, in the form of wind, enters into you and causes the inner light to flicker, be it the energy of love from another or be it other energies, a gusting force of anger, perhaps. But you do not change; you are unmoved and still. Confidence in this reality will assist you in removing fear, will also bolster your faith and deepen your trust. You will come to realize your eternal safety, for your own personality pattern is a projected replica of the personality of God, and therein is your divine safeguarding.

The divine light within you is the power and energy from which you conduct your life, and your personality is far more complex than any candle holder. You can let this light emanate from you in differing patterns upon your life stage, and there is where your volition enters. You may rotate yourself and reveal a different texture, an alternate complexity of design, and let the light project that into action upon the episodes of your life and in the form of ministry of to your fellows. It is, after all, the spirit within that moves.

You are all that you need to be. All that's left is the manifestation and the development of the ability to manifest what has been bestowed as you by God. Yes, you are a young creature in this universe, but you have the ancient One also within you. You are quite capable. Be strong and certain of your standing as a child of God. Know that you are flawless intrinsically, and it is only a matter of experiential exposure that you will come to realize the beautiful pattern that you are. When your daily events seem to have a chaotic quality and you feel you have no control, remember to just rotate yourself and let the light take on new projections and let the shadow of your being dance across the events and stimulate new potentials for action, for behavior, and for relationship. Thank you, good children.

Monjoronson (Mark): Hello, again, I am Monjoronson drawn as the moth to your beautiful flames. I flutter around, and perhaps my energy might make your flame flicker slightly as I bring my influence via my energy signature into the equation. I am drawn to such a gathering to share in the projection of such light, and I witness with you that you are so lovingly guided as you become brighter and brighter in your luminescence and your subsequent projection out from your inner self.

You are so lovingly tended to and guided, and it warms my heart to see how tenderly you are ministered to and how you have so greatly benefitted from this ministry. I simply wished to once again commingle our energy signatures so that we could feel each other's presence once again. But you have been more than amply provided with lessons enough to compensate. I simply join with you in the observation of magnificence in progress and would share with you this cup that is filled to the brim for us to drink. It is my great joy to join you in this opportunity together, and I would simply be with you in this moment to bask in the glow of the environment that you create. Thank you.

Jada: Elyon, I'd like to embellish your volleyball analogy. It's a team sport and our teammates help us to catch and play the serves, slow them down, so to speak, to be able to handle them better. So we help each other on our team.

Elyon: My friend, in fact, my fellow teammate, you are quite correct in your observation that we are able to work together to assist each other, to give each other the added moments of time for preparation, the added encouragement to step up to the ball. The support of each other is what brings such great richness to the sport. We are truly working together to the benefit of the team. In the idealistic game where we support all players we are working together for the benefit of all; we want all players to succeed, to participate, to become skilled and exhibit these skills, for when one steps forward and shines their light brightly we all receive the benefit of this illumination. Thank you for your contribution, my friend.


Elyon (Jonathan): And in crossing the net to another TR, I also will express that this teamwork is manifested in giving and receiving. It also indicates the truth of the phrase, "whatsoever you do for the least among you", you do for Jesus. Passing the power which is symbolized by the ball is offering the opportunity for that individual to express and excel. It is a perspective of not keeping tally but rather an engagement in the thrill of dynamic exchange. We are a team, and we have wonderful coaches, our Mother Spirit and Michael, and it is a great pleasure to be volleying back and forth with you.