2008-05-07-Feeling Divine Within


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Topic: Feeling Divine Within

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Michael, Mother, Machiventa, Monjoronson, and staff, please gather with us, join with us and recognize the spiritual grace and bounty before us. We recognize as mortals of the realm that we have "heard the call". We are responding with our choices and our lives. Even as mortals of the realm we can perceive divine influence in what is before us and so we have assembled this transition team to come together in service. Help us to feel your presence closer and closer as we truly work together to create this reality before us. We have arrived here and would now accept the responsibility to carry forth this new torch, this new light which we will ignite even now. Let us be pleasing in your sight, let us be one with you in intention and purpose; let us rally together for this purpose.

Monjoronson: Greetings, it is my pleasure to join you at this time, I am Monjoronson and I rise with you to toast with you the success of assembling this transition team with such willing and devoted volunteers who have stepped forward to respond to the call. There is a deep feeling of resonance that bonds the participants in any such project and I recognize this running through each of you and I feel it as well. I join you in savoring this sense of belonging to a cause. I am here responding to a cause as well and together we will unite to provide services that may be currently unavailable. I applaud your current thinking processes that have dreamed up the possibilities and filled in the missing pieces to string together the many ideas and ideals into a working system and I am thrilled to inaugurate and help you to launch this new field of energy.

We will form this arena together and meet here to share our observations, our insights, our creative suggestions, our successes and our missteps so that we may bring each one into the light of spirit so that it may be interpreted and examined under the influence of the light. This light of truth enables you to clearly discern what it is you are trying to interpret. I understand we will be attempting a new process tonight and I offer my support to any efforts offered and am most willing to participate in any experiment.

Mark: Very good Monjoronson, this is Mark. Thank you for working with us to create this arena. I trust you will bring your assistance to this process and help me to push the boundaries as I am aware of them. I would offer to present my interpretation of questions solicited at this new repository of questions -Monjoronson.com - built in your honor.


Q#1: How can we mortals more effectively determine the divine presence within our minds and hearts? Thank you.

Monjoronson: I will gladly field any sincere question brought to this forum as the only inappropriate ones are the ones that are asked only to "test" the system. This question is perhaps one of the most highly relevant question ever to be asked. The answer my friends, you all know. It is within your awareness what needs to be done. If you desire to learn a new language, pick up a new skill, participate in any endeavor it is a matter of investing yourselves, investing your effort. If you keep investing your energies and directing your intention and you try, try again, then most surely practice makes perfect. The more times you present yourselves with the opportunity, the greater your success at sensing that connection that you refer to.

It is imperative that you provide yourselves with enough chances in life to allow for this probability to occur; therefore the more you try, the more you practice, the better you get. The more opportunities you have to have experiences the more comfortable you get with the entire process. If you were to invest your energies consistently in applying yourself then you will most certainly see the results or the rewards of your efforts. But it is a matter of application and a certain degree of discipline to keep trying again and keep coming back. As the parable goes, "what master of the house could ignore such repeated attempts to be received"; so it is with your approach to developing this connection with spirit. Your repeated attempts, your repeated approaches will be successful overall.

Mark: Thank you Monjoronson,

Q#2: What happens with our continent or our country at the end of the world? Many don't believe, how do we stimulate the unfolding of these times when so many don't believe.

Monjoronson: I'm back to field these questions. It is very natural to be concerned about transformations that occur to your environment. You are creatures of habit and are quite accustomed to things maintaining their position and being familiar to you in your lives because you have your bearings set by these islands of stability. You see your country or your continent as your island of stability and it is easy for you to fear change to this island; but I invite you to see your environment from another perspective. If you were to see your environment as a gigantic school, a series of classrooms and designed for the purpose of growing you in awareness as a mortal of the realm and even more so as a spiritual being. If you were to shift your perspective to matters of the things that survive, it would be the students not the classroom that would be expected to survive to endure the transformations from time space realities into universal spiritual realities.

You all are the students for whom the classroom has been designed. Any school ages and needs to be modified and upgraded; likewise your environment will change and require you to modify and adapt to your new surroundings but it is just the classroom, it just the place you are while you are learning the spiritual basics and principles. Once you have learned these principles you become aware that you are not bound to these object to be used as islands of stability for you are a free spiritual being able to traverse time and space. And so while it is understandable that you are concerned about the status of the classroom, I tell you that the classroom is there for the greater purpose of rearing the student and so that is where your efforts may be best spent on growing the best students available.

This is how we may contribute to the unfolding of this greater awareness; to see ourselves as students in this grand classroom of spirit and to become that which we learn in these classrooms. In this way the others are drawn to our manifestation of our awareness.

Mark: Thank you Monjoronson,

Q#3: How will we know you, by what signs or are we to know you by faith only?

Monjoronson: To the question how will you get to know me, it is as if I have so recently said, you must try; you must extend yourself, you must invest your efforts, you must direct your intent. It must be part of your desire in your consciousness, it must be present in your intention and if it is then there is no force in the universe which could keep us apart, which could keep you from knowing me or me from knowing you. It is that simple as for us to decide we will have this relationship. Think of me perhaps as someone you have met only over the phone. I still possess personality and energy signature just as you do. These characteristics are how we will recognize each other, now, today, and forever. These do not change. Our energy signatures will always represent us, our personalities will endure throughout time.

I am as real as you are and together we may decide to choose to get to know each other and develop a relationship. I extend my welcome to all who will meet me in this way and who will take me up on my offer to develop a real relationship. I assure you I take my commitments quite seriously as I will demonstrate to you in time. This and only this is the way you will get to know me. You will register my energy signature and you will perceive the tones of my personality in recorded messages and written transcripts but these will only give you a glimpse about me. If you truly want to know me it is as simple as making your requests known and providing a space "within you" for us to meet.

You see there is no "within me"- you are the spirit bound up in the material vehicle. You can decide to create space for me there as well and we may meet. The question extends to say, will you know me by signs or by faith? And I would ask, what greater sign would you like than you receive in this hour? I would point out to you that this sign occurs not to bring you faith but because you have brought faith to this process. And so yes, it is by faith, it is with faith and the signs are all around you. From my perspective, the signs are quite plentiful but I respect that they may not be as obvious to you.

Mark: Thank you Monjoronson,

Q#4: The question arises; there were some astronomical events which occurred on Jupiter at a precise time coinciding with the birthday of Michael, Jesus of Urantia and the questioners asked if these events were so timed by celestial personalities to be significant? If you could comment.

Monjoronson: I am back. It is a real challenge and difficult at time for one observing you as I do to put myself in your shoes and see things from your perspective. I can accept that from your perspective, the timely occasion of an astronomical event would present itself as an easy mark to be seen as a sign or attached in some significant way to events of one kind or another. There in fact are incredible numbers of events happening all throughout the universe constantly and it is quite literally true that there could be an astronomical event tied to every earthly event if there were the inclination to see it that way. The questioner seeks to know the influence of celestial personalities in relationship to events of this magnitude and I will say that such events of material consequence are clearly not the realm in which spiritual personalities choose to function.

This very event transpiring in this moment is an example of how challenging it can be to interface between the spiritual realm and the material plane. It seems difficult enough from this perspective to traverse between these two dimensions and have much affect from one to the other. Therefore predominantly physical events are limited to the physical realm and are controlled by physical forces. Spiritual events are transcendent of these material components and therefore their influence is of an entirely different nature and oftentimes the two are not entirely compatible and while you do have great latitude and creative influence over all that you choose to manifest in this life, you are keenly aware that there is a great deal over which you have no control and this is because it is out of your realm, out of your dimension.

You must adhere to your dimension but you as developing mortals of the realm are embryos unto the next dimension. You are not confined forever to a strictly mortal status. You have other components as well. You have divine grace and influence as well and these are your guides through the transformation of your limited material experience into the freedom of spiritual expression.


I would take this opportunity to offer a most sincere gratitude to the members of this team who have rallied together to create- they know not what- and still they so willingly volunteer. I honor your contributions, each one and every one. A new branch of the Magisterial Mission has just been christened and is now ready to feed the masses great spiritual nourishment and I so look forward to the role I can play in the unfolding of this ideal that is being created. I am in your service and in your debt for without you none of this would be transpiring. Thank you my friends, until next time, farewell.