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Topic: Angels of Enlightenment

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Andromadeus, Abraham

TR: Gerdean



MERIUM: This is Merium. Good afternoon, my friends. Group: (Greetings)

MERIUM: I've got to confess this T/R is a bit rusty, and so it may take some practice to get her up to speed, and yet I have every confidence that her desire to be of service will overcome what reluctance may be within her.

Andromadeus will come by today and visit again, as well as possibly others, in the wings. But before they come along, I would like to take a moment to just be with you for old time sake and for the fact of my affection for you.

The universe is your cradle, and we all rock you in this cradle of love, providing comfort and delight, as you become aware of our guiding hand. When you feel the winds of change blow, when you fear the bough will break, remember that the Universal Father has you and all his creation in the palm of His hand. You are upheld. You will not fall. We will not lose you. And you will not lose your way if you stay close to that which you know is eternal and enduring.

Sometimes it's difficult for you to know what that is because you put your stock in lesser gods and material things, even in prophets and teachers, religions and movements, faiths and foundations that may not endure. But that which is eternal will prevail, and that which is eternal is being fostered within you right now as we sit here together, that confidence of your reality and your place in the universe as a child of divinity. You have a right to be here.

Little children, as you now rock comfortably in this cradle that I have provided, this cradle of civilization that surrounds us now in peace and repose, let us see who is in the wings wishing to spend time with you and tell you age-old wisdom(s) and enchanting stories for your amusement, edification and enlightenment. One moment please.

ANDROMADEUS: Greetings. I am Andromadeus, Most High, come to join with you again and bring to you another lesson on Seraphic Planetary Government of a spiritual nature. Today I will speak to you about the angels of enlightenment. Reneau, would you be so kind as to read the reference from the text?

Reneau: Page 1256. 7. The angels of enlightenment. Urantia is now receiving the help of the third corps of seraphim dedicated to the fostering of planetary education. These angels are occupied with mental and moral training as it concerns individuals, families, groups, schools, communities, nations, and whole races.


ANDROMADEUS: A long time ago Teacher Ham spoke to you about the living water and advising that living water is real. It is more real than the water you drink and in which you bathe. Similarly, enlightenment is real. It is light. And it is more light than you find in light bulbs. Indeed, it is more light than you find in the sun.

Light, in our terms, is infinite and it comes from the ultimate power source. It is and represents the illumination of God itself. Thus, each aspect of this illumination is seen in you as you become enlightened, as you become more aware of / responsive to / imbued with and part of this divine light.

Even now you have resident within you the "pilot light" -- the pilot light of God-consciousness. And it will stay with you and endure with you throughout your life regardless of your efforts or lack of efforts to get to know it better. But those of you who set out to allow this light to expand within you, indeed are becoming enlightened as that inner light extends into your mind and being, just as the dawn of a new day extends itself into the next 24 hours or the light of a light bulb illuminates the dark room.

We have been focusing on the fact that these various orders of angels are organized as service oriented sectors / divisions of labor, but they do not just work outside of you, they work with you and in you as well. They have the cooperation of your indwelling Adjuster to lead you in ways that will enhance your ability to perceive.

You have the symbol of a light bulb for the idea, an idea. This light is real. And when you get ideas, they may be mental constructs, but then again they may be the effect of enlightenment, and they may come from within your own mind and your own experience as well as from the stimulation you receive from others, through conversations with like-minded individuals or through reading, research, literature and the like.

In this way the angels of enlightenment work with those who effectively seek to convey their understanding in terms that can be understood by others. The schools of your nation and your world are examples, or should be examples, of what the angels of enlightenment seek to bring into being. Like a chalk board standing empty in front of a class can fill up over time with notations and mota of many ideas from all the students and all the teachers until ultimately a new realization dawns. And from that realization then new lessons can be drawn. This is part of the work of the angels of enlightenment.

Furthermore, experientially, the light enters into you through your choices. As you observe your choices, at first self-oriented and self-centered (as appropriate for those of you just starting out, just beginning, finding your way, finding your limitations, finding your capacities will do), you make mistakes. And looking back, or looking around at the effects of your mistakes, your imperfections, your incompleteness of wisdom, you see ways in which you might improve and thus you acknowledge enlightenment.

There are those who say that sitting in meditation will bring you enlightenment. Mistake not however that you have or can attain a state of complete enlightenment at this stage of your development. Enlightenment is an on-going process. Just as you may have an idea, it is not the answer to life, it is an answer to a situation, or an instance, but new ideas will need to be forthcoming, and they will be forthcoming day after day as you advance in the light. Such is enlightenment.

You are not able at this point to testify to having attained enlightenment, only relative enlightenment. As you stand in the presence of Deity you can accept that you are enlightened, but you are enlightened because of the Original Source of all light. You depend upon and will depend upon the First Source for your Light. But as you grow in this light, you are more effective, more harmonious with that original First Cause, more compatible with the nature of God.

And as this occurs, you will be drawn to and recognize others -- those others of you who recognize the degrees of relative enlightenment that you have already mastered and [those degrees] that have yet to come.

There is a saying to the effect that "the more you know, the more you realize how little you know" and this is Truth. This should not discourage you from expressing your light, from shining your light. You are encouraged to shine your light, and thus lead others out of the darkness. But until such time as we all stand in that pure light of Paradise, there will be distractions and diffusions of the light such that we never see it completely or in perfection, only enough to lure us forward to the next yearning for greater enlightenment.

This is something that is on-going and has been on-going for a long time. The more you seek to be enlightened, the more light you are able to receive and the more effective the angels of enlightenment can be in setting up circumstances within you and around you that will enable you to be enlightened. There are many nuances to this enlightenment business, and such things as morality … and ethics.

But it is all part of the planetary administration's attempt to lead you forward into light and life and then beyond into the universe eras ahead so that eventually you may be able to give off such a steady light that you can be a beacon to those who are alert to the light and they will find you; they will be drawn to the light as moths to the flame.

Enlightenment is a result of intelligent effort.

I will take questions this afternoon, if there are any about the topic.


Reneau: [Inaudible question]

ANDROMADEUS: I can only speak in symbols because you are finite and you think in finite terms. But I can speak to the spirit in you, which can go beyond the finite aspects to seek true enlightenment. I said just as the living waters are real, so is enlightenment. The light of God is a reality, and while you can understand light as something you see with your eyes, true light is something you see within you.

And yes, enlightenment does well up from within you, because the indwelling God Fragment wants you to be enlightened, wants you to embrace its Light. And so the indwelling Adjuster conspires with the angels of enlightenment to foster your ability to grasp these concepts that will render you enlightened as to that which you are able to grasp, comprehend, adopt and become.

It is a coordinated effort. All growth that occurs to your soul occurs with the full cooperation and support of the indwelling God Fragment. It is the pilot light -- the steady, constant light that shines within you. And as you seek to become more godlike yourself, that pilot light grows and becomes more powerful as a result of your conscious contribution to its desires to shine its light and to be all that it can be.

And while that may be different for each individual, it is still the truth that as you work with that divine Indweller, you move into the light and out of the darkness. You are no longer ignorant; you are no longer lost; you no longer flounder, for you have learned through your own experience the better way. You have learned the difference between your bright ideas and the illumination of Deity. Does that clarify?

Reneau: [Inaudible assent]

ANDROMADEUS: You can hear the voice of God speaking through others as well as from deep within yourself, if you are open to hearing the divine Voice, even though it may not be and cannot be as clear for you as it is filtered through the voice of others. It can and does plant seeds within your deep mind for you to ponder and consider, just as a fertile woman can receive the injection of the male seed that grows without their knowledge until there are signals that new life is coming into existence. And even then time must pass and a number of developments must occur before the idea is fully born, before the light is truly revealed. In this way, religionists inspire one another and accompany each other on the sojourn into enlightenment.

Thoroah: "Enlightenment".... what good is it unless you do something with it?

ANDROMADEUS: Yes, indeed. "Faith without works is dead," it is said. And you are also admonished not to hide your light under a bushel but to set it upon a hill where it can be seen and serve as a beacon for those who would be drawn to the light. It is not necessary to promote the light, simply to live in the light, and avail yourself.

Thoroah: It's not a matter of becoming so aware that you become a magnet, as much as it is that you become enlightened in the process of living. If it wasn't for the relationships that we have with each other, that teach us each us these enlightening things, we could sit in a cave and become that Enlightened One and not do a thing with it.

ANDROMADEUS: I beg to differ. Sitting in a cave, not interacting with anyone, will not bring you enlightenment.

Thoroah: Yes...but I think some people think that's possible.

ANDROMADEUS: Just as joy is not to be had alone, neither is enlightenment. It is interactive. For one person to be enlightened by himself or herself is a very elementary accomplishment in the big picture. But being aware of your relationship with the divine light is, at the same time, a huge accomplishment and will possibly serve you for eternity.

You can have a million people sitting in a million separate caves in the dark, having relative personal enlightenment, but what possible good does that serve? It is when these lights conjoin, come out of the cave and stand on the hill, that the world can see you and rejoice in your being.

If you are going to have enlightenment only for yourself, you might as well stay in a cave. But you cannot grow and you cannot help others. Eventually you will crystallize and extinguish.

Reneau: The angels work through art and music, literature, that nations and businesses and corporate meetings and schools … to help spread enlightenment. [Inaudible]

ANDROMADEUS: Yes. Read the last sentence again.

Reneau: These angels are occupied with mental and moral training as it concerns individuals, families, groups, schools, communities, nations, and whole races.

ANDROMADEUS: Yes, it like the orchestra, the symphony orchestra. Each one of you has your own instrument and it is something you learned to play as a result of your own efforts - just as your enlightenment comes as a result of your efforts. And rather than playing harmonica solos as does the fellow in the cave enjoy his own enlightenment, there comes a time when, for progress, you emerge from the cave and mingle with those others who would also make music, see and be seen, hear and be heard. And thus groups and organizations and projects commence by those who are compatible with the efforts at hand, like the stings and the horns in the orchestra, gaining momentum and power because of each other's support, and bringing greater and more profound degrees of music to those who would listen.

Certainly the angels of enlightenment are going to affect all those workers in the seraphic planetary government who will work with them as do others in this overlapping process, this huge organization On High designed to advance the mortal races of time and space, each with its own and original set of circumstances, as are yours here on planet 606.

The needs of this world call for special attention just as the needs of each world requires personal attention. And while these attentions may be similar, they are always original, just as you may be similar but you are always original, and thus as the ages come to pass and new worlds come into existence and new races of people come into being and advance and ascend, it is never a dull process, never the same thing, even though as you may have noticed, this group of angels / seraphim has changed since the inception of this paradigm.

And this is part of the organization of Deity also, that those who work to enhance the universes of time and space toward the culmination of the Supreme, continue to experience and serve in their sundry capacities as well. The celestial artisans, for example, who would be working with the angels of enlightenment on sundry projects will be working then with different personalities and different energies as time goes by, such that there is always a murmuring and a humming going on, stimulating and enlivening these living, breathing organism of our universe and the other universes.

I will cease my discussion for now. There are other things that may engage your mind. It has been my pleasure. Farewell.

Group: Thank you!

MERIUM: Merium here. We have a brief visit in store from Abraham. One moment.

ABRAHAM: Good afternoon, my extended family members. I am glad to meet with you again and commend your fortitude and steadfastness in gathering together to foster the light of truth within your own mind and in the minds of others that the end result may shine light on your world, a light such as Andromadeus discussed, the spirit light that is so necessary on a world that has been in spiritual darkness for so long, and even now struggles greatly with forces of darkness.

It is difficult for you, I realize. As you look out upon the world from your perspective, you see the sun shining, you see the rites of springtime all coming into bloom, the colors of mother nature radiating, the divine perfection of Edentia, even Paradise. You feel the peace that prevails in your heart and between you and those with whom you are near and dear and perceive that enlightenment, even take it for granted. But I tell you, again, this light is not "out there" - it is inside you.

It is like another dimension, a dimension that exists beyond this one, but because you live in that other dimension, the spiritual dimension, this human existence can be seen as a positive reflection of the divine. As Jesus said many times, "My kingdom is not of this world." And so I come again today to point out again the truth of this saying. The spirit kingdom is not finite, is not bread and meat, is not schools and fellowship; it is spiritual in nature and these other things are reflections of that greater reality, just as the sun that hangs in your heaven is a reflection of the Creator Son that shines over all.

My little family, I embrace you and encourage you to continue in your pursuit of that which is eternal, for then you will be more effective in your care of that which is temporary and temporal, as I care deeply for you. Not just your bodies, no, but for that of you which will again sit with me on occasion after you have gone from here and reminisce about our days long gone and shoulder our responsibilities together in the new realms On High and approach the challenges and opportunities ahead for us as mortals do here today imperfectly. Shalom.

MERIUM: And this is Merium coming in to open the windows and fluff up the pillows. Are there any stories to tell or challenges to relate? Is there anything I can do to help? Is there anything anyone can do to draw you forth from your cave of personal enlightenment?

Paula: Well, we could tell you about a very good friend of ours. She was our former choir director but she had all the qualifications to become a minister and she accepted a post in North Dakota. This would have been her first Sunday in her new church. She drove out there! And it's a group of Indian tribes and they have just made her very welcome and she has a 2-bedroom house. [Inaudible} and it's quite an experience for her, so I'm dying to hear from her. I told her I'd write her and she'll hopefully write me back.

MERIUM: That is very exciting news indeed. I know the lady. You introduced me to her. {Yes} And so I am very happy for her. This is what might be termed a magisterial mission. She is going on a mission, certainly, to bring spiritual enlightenment to those who would hear her and share with her the good news.

Paula: I still don't know how in the world they ever heard about her! They had to get the information from somewhere, but they wanted [inaudible]

Men-O-Pah: [Explains about church organization]

MERIUM: It's a network. Just as the angels are a network.

Paula: Can you imagine having to move all your furniture to get out there, get in, settle a little bit, and then have to get right up and preach!

Reneau: That's okay. That'll be the adventure.

Paula: Oh, yeah! She liked it! And it's a reservation, for Indian tribes.

MERIUM: All the more exciting for her. I am sure she will do well there and they will benefit by her companionship and enthusiasm. Let us rejoice in her triumph. She is certainly going to be a great help to the angels of the churches.

Paula: She'll do a good job, I know she will. She's that kind of person.

MERIUM: Indeed. What else is going on? Anyone have anything?

Reneau: I'm happily ensconced back in my new job … my old job. And I also put in a day at the wound clinic. So I'll be working again. Whether that's fortunate or unfortunate.

MERIUM: Work as if for God.

Reneau: Yeah. My patients are glad to see me.

MERIUM: Those who are in poor health always enjoy the ministrations of those who are patient and kind. Even if you hurt them, they are still glad to see you because they know your heart is in the right place if you can be kind and patient with them. The older people get, it seems, and the more ill they are, the more they need your compassion and patience.

Paula: They are complainers sometimes. They have to tell you all the things that are wrong with them and what the doctor said and why he is wrong and all that kind of stuff. I've been through that myself.

[After a lull, the conversation commences about torn meniscuses, knee replacements, and physical therapy.]


MERIUM: It sounds as though we are sliding into sociability, in which case there is no need for a teacher to detain you. If there is nothing to teach, then we will be in recess. See you next time. Bye-bye!

Group: Bye Merium!