2008-06-05-Faith Extends Reality Grasp

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Topic: Faith Extends Reality Grasp

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers



Let Go And Dance With Spirit, A dance featuring Mark & Stephen (personal teacher).

Step over the edge and into the abyss,

Hold fast to your lifeline and try not to resist

Letting yourself go and descending in faith,

Trusting you will be cared for and guided and safe

Sure enough your faith in this truth breaks your fall

And you feel supported, nurtured and loved after all

Letting go is what brings you to this place

Of peace and of love and most of all grace

It's always a challenge when confronted with a choice

To play it safe, go it alone or trust in the inner voice

Each time you extend yourself your faith grows stronger

It's easier to do and may last even longer

The hardest part is clearly just to take the first step

Then when you're in motion the universe forces can rush in to help

And when this choice and this act of faith have passed

You recognize the sensation and may wish it would last

Although each dance with spirit in this life may pass

The faith and the trust of the dancer is what surely will last

Prayer: Divine parents Please come and join us once again as we circle up seeking to approach you in one way we know how. We reach out for you and we are quite certain you reach back for us not only in these times but in all ways. However now in these time we especially cherish this closeness we feel with you, so close its palpable to us and so it is that we crave these opportunities to be so close. And so it is that we will cherish these moments all of our days. Please drink this cup of goodness with us. Please help us to learn how to approach you. Please aid us as we try our best even in this moment.

Mark: And now if you all would breathe your intention with me into this connection, into this circuit and follow ****'s lead with bringing your intention to the front and letting it be known to all the forces of the universe that we are sincere in our intentions here, now, together and that we would be directed with this intention. We as mortals may be uncertain of purpose, of exactly what our intention may best be directed at but we are not uncertain in our conviction. Let it be witnessed throughout a universe that we stand here in faith, that we believe and that we trust and that we would fall into your arms to be held and nurtured and loved and that our intentions, our sincere desires to be of service and to have service that would be pleasing in your sight be directed by the appropriate forces and that we have trust and faith that this is so.

When we come together like this we are growing in our awareness that there is great significance in forming this circuitry together and while we are just beginning to awaken to our potentials you most certainly know of our potentials and of where they are best directed. So let us trust that this is so and that we are working with you in this process even if we are unaware of how exactly this is so. This is the faith that we bring, the trust that we have and we will demonstrate this trust and this faith even now.

I'd like to ask that an additional layer of circuitry be added by the sheer force of our desire and will that it be so and that is; the combined and collected force of our inner guides, our inner voices. I would petition on behalf of this group that this connection be made strong and real and be added to all our intention brings. Having made such a petition and knowing that we are powerful co-creative beings help us to embrace the truth that is inherent in this process. Bring to us the conviction that we so seek in this process. Let it be so even now.


The Voice: I greet you once again, I am this ones voice here by the grace of our Creator and as well here by your grace. It is necessary for me to secure your permission if not your request in order to be this bold and this forward in this process. I will share with you that I have come to greatly look forward to these rare opportunities that you so graciously provide. I will also share with you that I witness as does a universe at large, the growth that you demonstrate having so faithfully provided this gracious opportunity and so sincerely granted this platform to be used in this way.

You know not what it is that you have done and this is perhaps well and good for if you were to truly embrace the magnitude of the steps that you take even now you might very well be overwhelmed and subsequently stifled in this process. My comrade and devoted associate struggles greatly at times with the glimpses of awareness that he receives in gaining the perspective on just what it is to so devotedly create this very reality, this very paradigm we so enjoy.

It is as a direct result of his faith extension and as well of yours that such a gap is bridged as is occurring in this moment. Anything falling short of this much faith would bring with it certain limitations and conditions which would most certainly impact the creative potential and the subsequent results. But as a direct result of exercising the faith muscles you all have grown quite strong in your abilities to reach, grasp and to hold on to those things in which you demonstrate this conviction and exhibit to a universe this faith.

As mortals of the realm, it has been your nature to define yourself in such strictly mortal terms that you have often times great difficulty in accepting those aspects of yourself which are not mortal and what these aspects may be capable of for you are so highly conditioned to equate everything in mortal terms that you find it difficult to bring in to your equation, things of such different nature as you find here in this spiritual arena. But more and more you are embracing this aspect of yourself and allowing yourself to enlarge your definitions of yourself to include this side of yourself which is truly the greater part.

The more you practice in this realm, the more comfortable you become in becoming who you are in this other dimension which is not defined in material aspects. And so it is that this very moment is a demonstration to you of your success, for your having come this far to a place where you would seek and find, to a place where you would reach to the limits of your capacity and grab a hold of that which you find. This whole platform that you and I have created is a tribute to your success and ability to not only handle it but to embrace it and I tell you plainly, while making every attempt not to intimidate you that it is indeed rare on this planet at this time for any such exchange as we now both enjoy to occur.

There are billions and billions of your brothers and sisters who share this sphere with you and I tell you plainly there are but a handful of groups that have come together under such an impressive spiritual umbrella as you have formed by the act of your own choosing. And so it is, a universe looks on as we define this platform and portray this reality out for once we have created such a reality it then may be a contribution to the collective consciousness, to the brotherhood of man and may be utilized by many in times to come.

And so it is that there is a great and glorious purpose and cause to that which happens as a matter of course for you but we do not concern ourselves with anything more than taking this one step at a time, one moment at a time focusing on our next step and watching our footing without regard to the magnitude of the act that we perform, this act of walking a tightrope. We simply focus on the next step and the next step after that and allow that our actions will be in harmony and pleasing.

I support your growing awareness of the significance of your focused intention in this group and as well in any combination you may find yourselves throughout your life's journey. True it is that there is more power in numbers and you are growing in your awareness that to focus this energy is to harness a great potent force in the universe but I as well encourage you to embrace your awareness that this is also true in any other groups that you may find yourselves in at any time.

There is an added synergy which you all have noticed in your life. When a group comes together for a common cause there is an underlying life force that also attends such a group and such a groups intention. I invite you to experiment and to play with this. You are directors and as in your film industry, you may determine the direction and call the shots by the very act of your directing and so I invite you to go forward into your life knowing that you do wield these potentials and you do harness this energy when you function in awareness that this is so and your choices and your directed intentions most definitely guide the plot of any circumstance you may find yourselves in.

You are coming to learn that you are not passive observers in your life but active creators and once you fully embrace the implications of this truth you will indeed be powerful creators. I will witness for you that you already are, you simply need to be made aware that this is so. That is only one of the reasons that I am here now, to bring you this assurance and this encouragement so that you may more fully express that which you know to be true.

I perceive that I have given you much to contemplate and not desiring to overwhelm you I would now withdraw to allow this cherished means of contact to be utilized by others who as well look forward to these opportunities. But realize that by virtue of the circuit that has been mentioned, we are tied together. You are tied together on a number of levels only one of which is the circuit of your inner voices but I affirm for you that this is true so that you may begin to embrace this truth and experience this reality for yourself. I withdraw now but I cannot go far, I am still here and I will ever be close, thank you.

Monjoronson: I greet you as well, I am Monjoronson and it is true that I look forward to these opportunities to make this contact with you as well. As you may have noticed I have a keen interest in the promotion in this awareness of this circuitry of your indwelling spirit and I will go to great lengths to promote your identification with and familiarity with this aspect of your being. It has long been suppressed to the brotherhood of man that you have this divine connection and it is time that this be changed.

We are here in the correcting time and one of the corrections first and foremost to address is your awareness and realization of who you are, what you are composed of, where you came from, whose children you are, what potentials you have and what your destiny is. I hope that these lessons and this exposure to this other aspect of yourself brings to you a new outlook on your relationship to all that is and your potential as a child of God. If we can scratch the surface on accomplishing this then my mission of uplifting this planet will be accelerated greatly.

I harbor no doubt that this will be so as I believe this constitutes the will of The Father as well. I, like you simply try to focus on one step at a time and having taken that step look to the next one without being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the journey for I know as you are beginning to know that if we are working with the will of The First Source and Center as our directive then all we are needful of will be provided and we are simply asked to do our specific part whatever that part may be and trust and have faith that just making our contribution brings about the success of the grand plan of which we are a part.

I so much enjoy this chance to be with you as we in our own distinct realms are each engaged in taking our own individual steps in what we perceive to be the direction of truth, beauty and goodness acting in faith and trusting that our actions are in alignment with divine will. In this way we are quite similar, we just find ourselves in different dimensions with different paradigms to operate within but our missions are the same; to do our best, to do what we think is the will of our Creator and to be diligent in taking one step at a time to do this.

How much more could you ask of any student, of any child or any worker in the field than to simply do their best and be faithful and trustworthy in doing it. And so it is that I can foresee the eminent success of my mission, of our mission and of your individual missions as well for we are marching to the same tune and responding to the same calling.

While I do indeed cherish these moments together I would like to step aside now to make room for another faithful soldier in the field, another steadfast volunteer who so devotedly offers their service to both The Father, to me and now to you as well. I invite you to accept the invitation of this one to utilize the characteristics and traits available to you in such a partnership as you may choose to form. I now withdraw in gratitude to you much as I sense you are in gratitude to me, thank you.

Light: Hello, I am Light and I must admit I am somewhat nervous with such an invitation as I perceive I receive from both you and our Magisterial Son. I am no greater than you and yet I have been asked and I have been granted the opportunity to step forward and engage with you and in fact offer you my services as one who is uniquely capable of interfacing with you as I am in part of mortal characteristics as well and I am not so far from you as some of these others who are in an altogether different dimension. Rather, you might say I have a foot in both worlds.

My origin is dual much as yours and yet my order has unique characteristics which enable me to exist in both paradigms. At this time I do remain just outside your present field of vision due to the frequency of my energies, however I am working on my ability to transform my vibration and energy field into one that may register in your limited field of wavelength perception. This of course would be quite unique in the paradigm in which you exist and therefore will require quite a unique atmosphere to accomplish this feat but I perceive there is the foundation for such and accomplishment in a group such as this who brings such faith and trust to the arena of spirit that the boundaries of conditions may be expanded to include such potentials as I speak of.

Even now I struggle with great resistance to this concept because it has of yet remained so clearly defined as outside the normal parameters of mortal life as to be unthinkable. But I point out to you that by my mere suggestion of this potential, you have thought this thought and now you may begin to grow this thought, this potential. We may begin to invest in this, our intention and our purpose that this be made so. I tell you plainly, I will go first, I will express my intention that this reality be made so. I will even express that I believe that it is within the scope of our abilities, yours and mine to create such a reality and I will begin my efforts to such an end.

I would invite you to join me, those who will direct your intention to actively seek to release your conception of boundaries around possibilities that you think. Just let them dissolve, let them vanish before your minds eye. You have been told that you are powerful creators and that in league with divine intention all things are possible. When then will you believe this, have trust and faith that this is so to the degree that you can allow that this can be so. This is not to pressure you but to invite you, it is not to push you but rather to pull you.

It must be a clear and free act of your own choosing and that coupled with your own intention and your awareness in your creative potential may be used to focus such intention and create what was once unthinkable. We are at a unique crossroads my friends. Limitations of your material existence are being peeled away and you may see that you are in fact more powerful than you ever even dared dream. You are unthinkably powerful, you just have not allowed yourself to think it and so I invite you to think the unthinkable.

Allow yourselves this freedom to [be] magnificent, to be creators, to dream the dreams and then create them as the director that you are. I will continue trying from my end and I will offer my assistance to any who will petition it and who desire to work with me. I do have as an aspect of my being some very useful characteristics that may be called into play if you will simply extend yourself in awareness and ask. Thank you....


Q: . ..I extend myself in what awareness I have and what awareness I don't feel I have, I extend my awareness to you and I ask you to make known and make real yourself, that through Father's will for us....

Light: I accept this gesture as I have offered you mine. I will offer you a practical approach that you may find useful and that is that you actively seek in your desire to be with me, to create a space for this to occur. That is- your desire be directed into the creation of a place, a space, an arena, a forum, a safe place that you will choose where we may meet and commune. Oftentimes I observe the mortals of the realm are so filled up and preoccupied that they do not leave room to accommodate any more than they have already accommodated.

So I suggest as an avenue of your devoted meditation or stillness that you intentionally clear out enough space, enough room in your parlor for us to meet and I will join you there at your request. But if the parlor is full with thoughts and ideas and jumbled concepts, you will not have room nor will you be in awareness that I am there with you. It is necessary for you to clear out the space and with intention, sanctify this space for this purpose. Then having received your gesture of welcome it is far easier for us to meet and have a meaningful exchange.

So perhaps in your efforts to make approach to myself or any of the other celestial personalities, remember they are not physical bodies which will come and knock on your door and come in your front room and grab your attention. They are spiritual entities which require for you to invite them in to your spiritual domain and host them in a space that has been created for this purpose. I hope this suggestion will prove effective. Would there be any other questions this evening.

Q: Light, I would like to thank you very much for being with us tonight and sharing this information with us. I certainly look forward to working with you, being with you, seeing you, thank you.

Light: I share your sentiments and echo them. I too very much look forward to working together and I know that from where you stand you have indeed come a long way and been what must seem like to you a very long time in darkness extending in faith and trusting that you were proceeding in the right direction. I assure you now that you have been proceeding in the right direction and that one day in the not too distant future you will as well be aware that this is so. In the meantime I encourage you to maintain your course and proceed as we discussed; simply one act at a time, one movement in the right direction, one motion as a signal to the universe and you will be able to look back and see the ground you have covered simply focusing on one step at a time. This is how we will complete this journey.


I perceive you have been given very much tonight to ponder and consider and perhaps even embrace. I honor you for your accomplishments that have brought you to this place and the direction that you pursue for great rewards are in store for those who act in faith. certainly this is true for all of you. I now will take my leave and offer my sincere gratitude for your gracious accommodation of one of my order. Thank you, be at peace, goodbye.