2008-07-12-Pray for Others, Wars No More

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Topic: Pray for Others, Wars No More

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “We are an example of how your future lives will be lived. With the exception of short breaks for reversion and prayer we long ago dedicated our lives to the welfare of others, mostly our human kin, and for almost twenty-four/seven you might say. We are the Urantia Midwayers. I am Midwayer Chief Bzutu, ABC-22.

“We ask that for at least some part of your day, some small share of your time, you think of others. We realize that unlike us, your Midway workers, you have a more complex task in living. You need to eat, sleep, and provide. But we know from experience that when you do think of others, when you do things for others, when you pray for others, first and foremost, rather than for yourselves, this universe and all its workers, this universe and its law of action and reaction, of give and take, will look after you. I step aside now for another, who wishes to talk with you.”

Urantia: “It is said of me that I know of each individual brick that is baked. I know of each new baby that is born, each person that makes their way to a new life. I know intimately all your thoughts and desires, your wishes, and hopes. I am Urantia.

“It is not a secret at all that by far the majority of individuals on this planet wish for peace and well being, a fair share of my bounties for all alive. And yet, you do not have a voice, very little of a voice, in fact. I will give you the alternative to not being heard; the alternative to being ignored. I give you prayer and meditation, that this world will see wars no more, that my planet will see peace, and that brother will help brother rebuild, educate, provide for, and love.

“This is Urantia. And indeed it was I who reached out to you, my child. I thank you for your time. May you spend your days in health and happiness.”

George: “Thank you both.”