2008-07-30-Monjoronson Q & A Session 13


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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 13

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan



Mary: So here we are, old friends gathered in the name of service. Our desire is to acknowledge that God is within each of us and that God does send personalities to interact, guide and help us. We welcome the presence of our guide and mentor, Monjoronson as well as other personalities that accompany him. We experience in this gathering a unity of purpose to unfold in this moment what wisdom might come of the questions and answers which flow between the human and the divine, the human and the celestial. We pause now for the centering, the alignment. We take a deep breath to set aside whatever cares of the day have passed and to lift ourselves into the higher vibration for connection. We open ourselves up to the love and light of God's presence through all of our various personalities.


Question #1: [Mary] This question asks if there is a conflict in following the teachings of Yogananda with our Father Michael? What is the relationship between Paramahansa Yogananda and Christ Michael?

Monjoronson: [Jonathan] I make my contact known, this is Monjoronson. Greetings to you all, I surround you with love. Paramahansa Yogananda was a great soul and he still is and he went about doing good. He walked in the truth as he perceived it by way of the light that radiated up from within and he saw the Father's presence and came to know those truths that were represented by Michael when he sojourned upon your world as Jesus. And so this great individual exemplifies to all how one can take the enlightenment given by, as you [worded?] Father Michael and incorporate it into ones life with such a degree of significance that the human being manifests a Christ light, actually exemplifies Christ.

Many people are inspired by the lifestyle demonstrated in such humans as Paramahansa Yogananda and are led to replicate that lifestyle in their own. Whenever Jesus was adored and rendered divine, while knowing full well within His being the truth of the statement, He forever passed on, if I may call it, the compliment to His Father in heaven and so the admiration of one such as Paramahansa Yogananda is passed to Michael which is passed to The Father in heaven. This is the connection between these two beings and I also address the energy of devotion anyone may have towards such exemplary figures as you have posed in your question.

Question #2: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson, this next question has to do with working with our angels. How do our angels assist or affect us? What are they allowed to do or not able to do and what can we do to connect with them better on a personal level?

Monjoronson: [Jonathan] I will make my contact once again through this t/r and address your question thusly. You know that about you is an atmosphere and that within that atmosphere there are currents which you identify as wind and often will redefine them as tornados and hurricanes depending on the situation, a lso you have gravity, an ever present force which draws you toward the planet. These two forces function, one you come to trust, that being gravity will perform infallibly and do so predictably and you establish your environment accordingly. Wind however has a variability and you find yourself adjusting to the changes in the force of wind.

Sometimes it is accepted as refreshing and other times it is dreaded as a threat and a danger. Your angels are two forces about you as they guard your soul. Sometimes you will discern their presence as you do wind and it may have a beneficial breeze like quality but it may also contain elements of adversity which will strengthen your character. Otherwise they are like the force of gravity, ever present, stabilizing and predictable such that you do not need to have a conscious preoccupation over their function for they will perform without fail and you may continue with your human purpose as you work it out in the sanctuary of the soul with God.

These children of God are like yourself, dedicated to doing the will of God. As you orient your center of volition to the will of God you are lying in sympathetic relationship with the angels and while this dimension may prevent you from having much if any sensory contact with these beings, you are working in concert, you are working in faith and trust. They are assigned in the role of a servant and in doing so they are granting your will the controlling directionizing power. So devoutly and sincerely address what you can comprehend at your state of ascension to be the will of God and you will mightily contribute to their freedom to function in your life for your benefit and welfare. I hope this addresses your question.

Question#3: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson. When practicing unconditional patience, tolerance, forgiveness and love Monjoronson, I sometimes run across people with strong egocentric tendencies and self centered attitudes full of pride and false justification. In these cases, the softness of unconditional forgiveness and love sometimes enables the person to continue on with their negative behavior patterns. Receiving forgiveness can give certain egocentric people a feeling of false righteousness and make them feel justified in their self centered behavior. Other times this unconditional love and patience can even be conceived as condescending which inflames or angers these people even further.

How should we act in the face of the spiritual ignorance of our brothers and sisters so that we can be helpful and productive teachers and role models and at the same time not enable unproductive responses by those with defensive and fearful reaction patterns? In short what are the boundaries regarding what we on Urantia call tough love? When does tough love do more harm than good? Thank you for addressing these concerns Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: [Jonathan] There will never be a precise formula or application that will address such conflicts between two personalities as long as one functions with the notion that there is personal gain to be acquired at the expense of another losing in status, then even unconditional love will find a degree of failure in its expression. The source of that expression was pure as the love was extended but the reception of that was parried by the force of ego pride. The beauty of unconditional love, of forgiveness is it's issuing forth from the soul of the individual.

It is given freely and in so doing it is manifesting divinity and whether it is received or not matters little. That is an issue to be reckoned with by the other personality and you know that that being has The Father's presence working to draw that child ever closer. You may not effect an outcome that you perceive to be akin to the way of spirit but you will manifest the way of spirit and in so doing add one more element to the composition that will bring about a realization in that other in due time. It is honorable to be concerned over anothers welfare and to inquire into oneself as to how one might be able to assist in anothers unfoldment and growth.

Your manifestations of the qualities of God is really the end of your responsibility, to merely give and let it be and for you to trust that that same God that has worked through you is working in the other in ways you may not perceive to bring about their comprehension and experience of those truths. Michael of Nebadon taught when He was on your world to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. The poetry of the phrase is waiting with wisdom. Express as you know best and ever rely on the presence of God to work with in and effect the transformations.

[Mary] The second part to this line of questions Monjoronson is: when do we allow our fear or suspicion to guide us away from personal harm when dealing with behavior patterns from spiritually lacking individuals on this world so affected by the scars of rebellion?

Monjoronson: Ever be aware of the significance of your personality in the matrix of the Supreme and know that all individuals like yourself have the same degree of significance but each is irreplaceable. When it comes to danger, you have an ethical dilemma. You may consider the value of your life in relation to a value transcendent of yourself, the so called dying for a cause. You may also consider the safety of your being as you realize the benefit you can bring to others if you were to preserve yourself from peril as would a parent who knows that the survival of the child is dependent upon their continued existence to a healthy extent.

It may be well to lay down your life for others and it is a noble undertaking, but you also have a responsibility to the Supreme Being in the continuance of your experiences and while you will engage in further growth on other levels, it is to your charge to preserve as best you can, your vitality and longevity on the level you are on. When another is interfering with your unfoldment you have every reason to safeguard yourself but when a situation occurs where you are contributing to the growth of the Supreme and to the well being of your fellows, you may give the ultimate gift which you know is only a temporary transition of physical embodiment.

You will have and do have already in place, hardwired reflexes that will sound their alarm and if you also are grounded in spirit through devotion and quiet time you will also be well alerted by the divine presence as to what action is of benefit to all involved. When in doubt, reflect upon the actions of The Master as He walked upon your world for He knew when to risk His safety and well being and He knew when to step aside and avoid encounters that would be injurious to His projected goal.

Question #4: [Mary] Once again, thank you. Here is a question Monjoronson from someone who has been bothered by this experience that they had when 11 years old. They were home with only their father in the house, mother and other sibling were away at the time. This person asked the father if they could sleep with him because they were scared. In the course of sleeping in his fathers room in his bed he was not sleeping and the father was and he had the experience of [seeing] a being duck through the doorway as they were quite tall being over seven feet. This person claims they were not an apparition, that they were positive they were awake and was not dreaming and gave a description in some detail which I will not repeat right now unless your request that I do. This person did look and stare directly at the 11 year old individual and eventually the father was awakened by the child's shaking and screaming and when the father did wake up this "person" was gone. It was quite a scary event in the child's life. The question then Monjoronson is, who was this "guy" and why did he show himself to me?

I will go ahead and relate another question that was left on the website because it kind of touches on the same vibe that the question from the 11 year old had by seeing that being at night. It reads, I received both a divine and an evil presence some months ago related to what I think is the last revelation of the coming of Jesus. Since then I'm not the same in the spiritual and the energy sense and my spiritual guide passed away and the universe has sent me to you Monjoronson.

[Mary] The reason I include that one is that this second comment did have the experience of being visited not just by divine presence but also by an evil presence. I thought these two instances might relate to each other in feeling that they have been visited by an evil presence and the one person wonders if you might know who that evil presence might have been. Thank you Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: [Jonathan] The greatest scar left upon planet Urantia is the fear of great beings, of powerful people. It was the plan of Michael to share in love all creatures with one another and this space would be one of everlasting trust to the degree that even the word trust would mean nothing, nothing more than the way things are. But the rebellion infused the legacy of human development with the experience of malevolence from higher beings. Coupled with the chemistry and reaction patterns of an animal origin, human consciousness will react in a recoil fearful sense to supernormal manifestations.

At issue is the presence of good and evil spirits and I bring in a third element, that being the human consciousness and its prior habituations and orientations. Because of the history of the human race even without the guidance of benevolent beings as was intended on your world, you have come to love God even with the many descriptions that are existent on this planet. But you also retain a wariness of a so called higher evil. The power has been eliminated from this world. All that remains are the patterns of behavior in the human race.

These experiences are intermixed between the super normal, the celestial that is, and human orientation. This child interpreted the experience. I am not accessing that this was a malevolent being that was in the child's presence. Fire can bring fear and fire can bring comfort, it is all a matter of what is needed by the one who seeks it. There is good and there is evil and there is the human ability to perceive, to encourage or to act upon either one. When considering matters of this nature remember that it is threefold in contingencies, causes and repercussions.

Question #5: [Mary] Here is the final question of the evening Monjoronson. This person states: I was wondering, having to do with the coming energy changes, is there is a specific minimum level of vibration that we need to achieve, that we need to be able to achieve with our mind in order to be able to survive productively during the coming energy changes. They do provide as commentary to their question, extra information about biofeedback technology enabling us to determine the frequencies of the vibration of our mind and the different colors associated with different frequencies', etc'.

The question is basically, is there a specific minimum level of vibration we need to be able to achieve with our mind in order to be able to survive productively? Thank you for your consideration.

Monjoronson: [Jonathan] God is no respecter of persons. This is one of the pivotal points through which to discern the qualifications of any being. I will address your question by giving two examples. You have the notion of a nest of birds and how a young bird will take to flight when the time is right and there is the image of the mother bird kicking it out of the nest to encourage it to do so. This question has some of this element woven into it for there is the desire to know at what point one is able to leave the nest and take to flight and the desire to be prepared to do so to attain a level of existence that supports and is sustained by the energy of the new phase.

I admire the one sensitive to such an urge for it will encourage further growth and spiritual unfoldment but I began by saying that God is no respecter of persons, this energy will lift all regardless of where they are at and the second image I used to illustrate it is a school of fish. As the currents change they surge and swell and move about altogether because of this all surrounding power. As the energy shifts, so will each one of you from the level you are at.

A fish is not exhausted by such changes for it lets it flow. As you diligently pursue spirit in each day you become better able to flow with the changes of energy and of spirit direction. You know that you can continue your course even as the swell sends you sideways. Only those who push hard against the current are depleted of their energies and stalled for the time being in their travels. If they allow the shift of the current to let them glide to the side they may continue to swim forward but this energy will assist everyone.

If there is a required level that I would give to you to attain it would be to encourage you to be expressive and encouraging toward the attainment of more refined levels of spiritual sensitivity. Sharing this state of awareness will help them to go with the current as the energy rises. There will be no one left behind and deserted as unqualified to be uplifted.


Mary: Thank you so much for your response Monjoronson, that concludes our questions for this evening.