2008-08-20-Monjoronson Q & A Session 16

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 16

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, we approach you in deep gratitude for this experience of life that we have, for this gift that Michael brought to this world and the loving, nurturing attention of our Mother Nebadonia. Every year at this time we are in remembrance of the service of Michael as Jesus and we recall His devotion and dedication, His love and we are uplifted and inspired by His example. We find ourselves this evening desiring to be in His service and so we gather together under the banner of the Monjoronson.com website and ask that His emissary of light, His brother Monjoronson join us in this regularly scheduled process. We are grateful for his service to us as well. It seems we are surrounded by the love and the light of those who administer to us and we are indeed grateful to the very depths of our hearts and souls, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to keep our scheduled appointment and to entertain any questions that are submitted to this point of reference that we refer to as the Monjoronson.com interface with the world. It is indeed my sincere pleasure and privilege to join with the other volunteers in this process to create this avenue of approach and to uphold and foster it with our intention and our will. Let us proceed forward with any question this evening.


Q#1: [Mary] I am a writer and ever since I heard the news of the Magisterial Mission I feel a lot of the arts and entertainment is falling short. Can you advise me and all the other artists out there on how to continue working and is it okay to use the information from this website, the Teaching Mission and Urantia Book in a creative way in my work? It is so integrated in my life that it's hard not to write about it, thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Thank you for this observation and question. It is a real tribute to your spiritual growth for you to come forward with the observation that art on your world may stand in need of what you might term an upgrade, and this is because you are seeing art through a different perspective. You have elevated your ideals and you have raised your awareness, you have grown your consciousness and as a result of your growth and evolution you now see things from a different level and perspective. This is good, this is a joy to behold. It would not do, it would not serve The Father to remain fixed in your perspective, never growing, learning, changing and making new assessments based on your new awareness.

Rather, as you grow and become aware, your perspective shifts and your observations of things familiar to you will be seen in a different light. This is your privilege and perhaps even your pleasure to embrace that it is your awareness that has shifted that causes you to see some of the same art as you have witnessed before but see it through different eyes. When Michael walked this world, His challenge was to bring a new awareness of The Father in heaven and in His mission to bring this new awareness, this new understanding. He was able to change the perspective of His followers to see The Father with a different light with a greater awareness.

And now as an artist, it is your privilege to bring forth your visions and your ideals from a grander perspective, from a greater height an in so doing you portray this new level of awareness and understanding out to the others. Where you see there may be lack, it may be your privilege to furnish what is missing. Where you understand there could be a grander expression, it may become your privilege to offer it. Truly you are blessed if you are fortunate enough to realize not only a need but have inspiration as to how that need should be filled in accordance with your greatest awareness and understanding.

You ask if it is appropriate to bring in the new concepts that have brought you this new perspective and I say it is your privilege to do so. These new influences which have brought you these greater awarenesses can never be separated from your consciousness from this point on. They have been embraced by you and are now a part of you. You have been changed for all time, there is no going back. When you evolve and grow to reach these plateaus of understanding, there is no returning to former unknowingness. You now own your achievement in growth and it is yours to take with you forever and of course it will influence everything you do for the rest of eternity, not just the rest of this life.

And so I encourage you to bring forth your grandest visions, your greatest ideals, your sincere inspirations for they are the manifestations of your newly found awareness and they are to be as your contribution to The Supreme and to your brothers and sisters. If you are inspired, then by all means ride that wave of inspiration and by all means may it become colored and flavored and tinted with your personal accomplishments of having gained greater awareness. In all aspects regarding art, I encourage your application of complete freedom to simply be who you are and do what you are inspired to do.

There are no wrong contributions if they are your sincere expressions and so be about this business of expressing and becoming in the process, more and more perfect in your expressions and by all means utilize any and every source of inspiration that you have gathered along the journey and let it be true and beautiful and good and pleasing to your Divine Parents as I'm sure any efforts that you make are. Thank you for your concerns about the appropriateness, but I would lift the burden from you of these concerns for art is an expression of the individual not to be challenged by any other but simply to be offered as a contribution, as a gift to those who have made all this possible for you. Good luck, I'm sure you will be fruitful as you are guided by your inspiration, thank you for your question.

Q#2: [Mary] Thank you for your inspiring answers. This next question comes in the form of two questions. I understand Monjoronson that you are a specific high level created being so that you do not belong to one of the genders we have as humanity here on earth i.e., woman or man. Is this information correct?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question, I perceive that it is virtually impossible to describe to creatures of gender what it is like to be a creature of non-gender just as it is impossible of complete description to a mortal of time and space what it is like to be free of time and space and infinite in nature. But nevertheless we can make our attempts to reconcile your thought patterns. You have no other paradigm to use for reference so for you there is always part and counterpart in this material realm; plus, minus, male, female, dark and light. Time and space is broken down for you in this way to illustrate contrast and to illustrate necessary combinations of contrast.

A being of my order is not designed to go through the time/space experience as you are and therefore this lesson in contrast distinction and unity is not part of my required career. I am created by The First Source and Center and as well, you have been created by The First Source and Center through the avenue of the combination of apparently distinct sections you call male and female. There remains throughout your ascension career this facet of part and counterpart, both being required to establish the whole. You refer to your earthly parents and your Divine Parents but the further you go in spirit nature the less this contrast is distinguishable until you have gone all the way back to where there is but One-First Source and Center.

And so it is your destiny to go through this experience and in the end discover the unity that is in the apparent diversity that you are surrounded with in these beginning phases. This is one of the greatest lessons of your eternal universal career and it is impossible as many times as it is said to you, for you to fully grasp the oneness that you are growing towards, the oneness which contains all aspects, the oneness which includes all parts which make up the whole. But for now you operate under this illusion of separateness required to bring about wholeness and this is quite necessary and serviceable to you because there are these different aspects of the whole which are identifiable in this realm as distinctly different and so you start with difference and work towards sameness.

As for me personally, I recognize my Parents as combined in The First Source and Center, one day you will too. But here and now it is necessary for you to come to terms with the necessity of combining part and counterpart, yin and yang, male and female and as you grow you most certainly will loosen your grip on your definitive declaration of difference. I understand there is more to your question.

Q#3: [Mary] Yes, the second part of the question this person asked I find a little difficult, as they refer to a concept out of the Urantia Book, the meaning of which I don't quite understand. I will read the question and you can address the essence of it. It has to do with the concept of mother and father. It reads, because I understand from the Urantia Book that we humans, being the spiritual beings from the past, we've a mother and a father both spiritual, however we've a disposable body. Now, you're also a spiritual being, but of course high in level and with a different kind of body. So, a mother and a father aren't always needed to bring spiritual beings into life? Could you please bring some more color into this?

Monjoronson: As I have just commented, you refer to your Divine Parents and you register that you have an essence that is paternal and an essence that is maternal and you register that this pattern holds true even down to your material plane where you register there are maternal and paternal elements to your own life and species. As far as you can see from your perspective you are correct in assessing that there are two distinct aspects required to come together to make life, bring life, support life, nurture life and create some combination, something that was not there before and from your perspective this is an accurate assessment.

As I have said, the further you are from your material perspective, the more you may come to realize that these are complimentary elements of the same great creative force and they are simply distinguished by their natures both being mixed together and necessary to instigate this creative process. Beings of my order do not possess a material body as you do. We are created as a result of the intention of The First Source and Center without the element of material combination that you are familiar with and so beings of my order are unlike you in that we not only do not have a gender, but we do not have a body that could have a gender but we may have elements of either the yin or the yang, the part or the counterpart.

For beings of your nature this is quite a stretch for you to realize. Your bodies are indeed quite disposable and after you have this body that is quite defined by gender, your next body will be less and less defined in that regard and you will find yourselves becoming more and more of a combined being containing the elements you consider to be at this time opposite each other or part and counterpart. In fact, they are not opposite at all, they are simply aspects of the same and it may take some time before you grow to the realization of this universal truth, being surrounded by a vehicle which is so clearly defined in your terms.

It is curious, our different perspectives on this when ultimately we both have the same Creator, the same First Source and Center has willed us into existence and the experience of one of my order is so vastly different from the material time/space experience as to be difficult of description but I appreciate your effort to inquire about these dimensions to further your understanding and awareness. Suffice it to say that your experience with your gender and your body is quite limited to this material time/space dimension and at no other time in your evolution will you be so surrounded by such distinction but rather you will be merging towards the center of what you conceive to be this duality of expression.

You have been told that you are not judged or perceived by spiritual beings as male or female but rather all are seen as children of God. It is you who draw such detailed distinctions of things such as gender, race, age, but you are seen from on high all as equally viable developing spiritual beings without reference to any of those qualifying factors which are so all important on your world. I pray you begin to see yourself in this way, as children of The First Source and Center who has created such things as parents who engender different characteristics but combine them to co-create the likes of even you.

I hope this helps to broaden your perspective some and lift some of your qualifications that you impose upon yourselves, not only for your gender but for your race, your culture, your age, your education level. Your standing before The First Source and Center or God is unfettered by any of these considerations. You are seen for who you are in time and space, a unique divine little first source and center yourself and all these other qualifiers that you surround yourself with are largely inhibitors for you to one degree or another.

You are in essence a spiritual being unfettered by any such qualifications if you would only see yourself that way. I hope this provides you with some additional perspective on this question of gender and necessity for such definitions in your life experience. Thank you for your question.


[Mary] Thank you Monjoronson, that is the last of our questions this evening.

Monjoronson: I would take this brief opportunity to join you in your tribute to Michael of Nebadon who so graciously lived a life on your world as Jesus of Nazareth and who has in so doing provided such a gracious example for all the mortals of the realm to pursue what is good and true and beautiful always in all decisions at all times under any circumstances. Truly His service to your world was an inspiration to all the universe of universes and I join you in your tribute to His service marked at this time of year. We are all indebted for this service and now we find ourselves with the desire to be in service to Him in this time, under these circumstances.

This represents our choice of the moment and this may be taken as our gift, I join you in offering this gift. Thank you for this opportunity, I cherish this opportunity as you do to make this offering and look forward to future opportunities to come together in service. Thank you all for participating in this evening of service, farewell.