2008-09-07-Angels of the Races


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Topic: Angels of the Races

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Andromadeus

TR: Gerdean



Men-O-Pah: Father, we thank you for this beautiful day that you have made. We rejoice in it and we praise your holy name. We thank you for this time together and we ask your presence here with us. Be with us, Lord, and guide our thinking. Amen

MERIUM: I am Merium. Good afternoon.

Group: Hi Merium!

MERIUM: My lovely friends. What a delightful day! What a party! It is good to see you all gathered here again and, speaking of parties, wasn't that fun to acknowledge Michael's birthday last week with the Santa Fe bunch?

Renault: I'm glad you liked it.

MERIUM: We liked it.

Renault: I'm glad you came!

MERIUM: We wouldn't miss it. You know me, I love a party, and we love to see you congregate together in his name. And so of course we would honor you honoring him. We are such an honorable bunch, wouldn't you say? (Convivial laughter) I say that not facetiously, for there is great honor in those who are born of the spirit, those who have set their priorities to give God great volume.

I am going to turn the tables on our visiting lecturer today. I have discovered that when he speaks first, he tends to dominate the mindset of you all, so before he comes in and colors your thinking, let me take a few minutes to spend some time with you, just to jabber and focus on our family configuration that we have enjoyed now all these many years.


We have seen some tremendous eras come to pass in this configuration of believers in Central New Mexico: the formation of the teacher base in 1993 when Tomas came originally, prompted by the Urantia Book reading group there that asked Welmek for a teacher and was given one; and then the long period of time that went on as the soil was prepared to assimilate the seeds that Tomas was able then to plant in your consciousness as well as the consciousness of the listeners far and wide of those many lessons that he delivered in tandem with other teachers and by himself, including me.

And so many great things have come to pass across the world as the result of your contributions to this peculiar format, this symbolic and energetic connection that you and we maintain through this process. Witnessing and verbalizing your belief that we can and do communicate -- the finite with the infinite, the human with the divine -- is testimony to your faith and belief and community.

Anatolia is and was a vital part of the history of this group, and the visits from cherubim Bob, What-About-Bob, were also fertile seeds that have grown fruit in the new age consciousness. And so as you have stopped your daily affairs to inculcate this humble gathering, you have altered the course of destiny for many. You have contributed your fair share to the evolution of spirit reality in Urantia. You have been part of the solution more than part of the problem. You have been blessed and cursed with the mental foibles of growth in the deep mind. And so you have contributed to the development of your own soul. And I am happy to have been a part of that.

It is no wonder then that I truly love to celebrate and have parties, because it is a joyous activity we engage in.

All right, then. I'll come back after while and we can ask questions and talk about other things, but let me give the podium to Andromadeus who stalwartly plods on with his instruction to us as to the efforts of the seraphic planetary government. One moment, please.

ANDROMADEUS: I am Andromadeus. My blessings on you this afternoon, dear students. (Greetings) We have four more categories to cover and I'd rather like to save the first for last. I'd also rather like to reveal the second and third listed in the text, the progress angels and the "angels of the churches" as two sides of a coin, and that leaves me with the angels of the races to discuss, which I will do today, if that is amenable to you all. (Agreement) Would you read then, for us, Renault, the definition as put forth in the text, what it says about angels of the races?


Renault: From page 1255, it's number 5. The angels of the races. Those who work for the conservation of the evolutionary races of time, regardless of their political entanglements and religious groupings. On Urantia there are remnants of nine human races which have commingled and combined into the people of modern times. These seraphim are closely associated with the ministry of the race commissioners, and the group now on Urantia is the original corps assigned to the planet soon after the day of Pentecost.

ANDROMADEUS: Thank you. And before I proceed, what is your understanding of what those nine races are? What is your understanding of what those nine races are? Is that clear?

Renault: Caucasian, or white. Negroid. Polynesian Island peoples. Orientals. Mongoloid peoples. American Indian, red races. That's only five.

ANDROMADEUS: You are referencing the six colored races of the Sangik. There is another range of understanding races: the Andonic race, founded by Andon and Fonta; the Nodites, which result from the merger between the mortals of the realm and the altered Caligastia 100; as well as the sons of Adam.

The Polynesians, as you mentioned, Renault, are a blend of other races. In fact, all the races today are blended to some degree or another; there are no pure races.

Renault: -- left. Even pygmies? Maybe? Aboriginal Australian--?

ANDROMADEUS: Those are not races. They are aberrations of the norm, similar to how dwarfs are aberrations of the norm but they do not constitute a race in and of themselves. And so in conserving these races and what they have to contribute, what would your guess be as to why the angels exist and what they do? Read again the definition as we think about that.

Renault: The angels of the races. Those who work for the conservation of the evolutionary races of time, regardless of their political entanglements and religious groupings. On Urantia there are remnants of nine human races which have commingled and combined into the people of modern times. These seraphim are closely associated with the ministry of the race commissioners, and the group now on Urantia is the original corps assigned to the planet soon after the day of Pentecost.

ANDROMADEUS: That would include everybody. All the continents. All those who have constituted the human race -- not counting pre-human. So from the time life began (that is to say "religious life"), from the time man evolved into a human being.

The Adamsonites, those who are the progeny of Adam's sons and daughters, are augmented with the Adamic stock that was so critical to the upstepping of the mortal races. That was why they [Adam and Eve] came here, to up-step the stock of the races. And so although their following through with the appropriate plan of action was unsuccessful, they did nonetheless infuse their own biologic contribution, and so their progeny have an edge. But they are not more loved by our Father than are those Sangiks or earlier peoples who each had their own contribution to make and who are now protected and cared for by the angels of the races.

When we talk about the Sangik races, we are talking about the three primary and [three] secondary [races]. That is to say the blue race (of which you are remnants), the red race, the yellow race, the green race, the orange race (both of which have been assimilated) and the indigo race. We are speaking of these terms for the most part because they are the more obvious but even that is diminishing because of the inbreeding that goes on, on an inhabited world. And yet, each one of these six colored races brings something to contribute to the whole of humanity.

The blue race is known for its adventurous nature. The yellow race exalts antiquity and the family that goes back for centuries. The red race, the most noble and faithful. The orange race, which liked to build things, and the green race, also had something to offer. And the indigo race has much more to offer than sports and jazz; they are also a noble people and their spirit runs deep.

Preliminary to these Sangik races, were the Andonites, from Andon and Fonta, and they were not very highly evolved, rather animalistic, and yet they offer stories of heroism and bravery that your more modern races would not know how to deal with. And then there is the blending that is the Nodites, and they, of course, have their own contribution to the whole. In some ways they helped to boost the carriage of the Andonites, but they had their own agenda.

This is not abnormal. All the races tend to like to identify with their own kind and avoid, ignore, or attempt to capture those that are different. You see that even today. There are racial difficulties and conflicts even as in your lifetime you are witness to many triumphs.

The angels of the races seek to support and nurture that within each race which is contributory to the whole, to the overall benefit of humanity. When the judgment is made upon the world, this world, that light and life has been attained, you will be one race; you will have mixed and blended these sundry aspects such that it will be virtually impossible for you to discern one from another and you will all carry within you the legacy, the racial legacy of one another.

The angels are working hard to cultivate that about you each and all that is contributory to the betterment of the whole, physically speaking, for when you are at your best physically speaking, you think better and you make better decisions. And so they perform a vital function in the evolving worlds -- in this evolving world.

If you have questions, I will entertain one or two before we return to Merium.

Renault: In the blending of the races that we're doing on our experimental planet, is that part of the experiment as well? And too, is there a general uplifting of the DNA going on in the world these days?

ANDROMADEUS: Before I get to the DNA, let me address the first half of your question. All the worlds of time and space, whether they are experimental or not, have an assortment of races, most particularly the colored races. There are not always six; sometimes there are only three, but there is always an assortment of races that contribute to the mix. Each world receives a Material Son and Daughter and so each world would have offspring from the Adams and Eves.

Thoroah: As well as from the Andon and Fonta?

ANDROMADEUS: As well as from the original human beings, yes. They would not have the interference, necessarily, of the Nodites or their peculiar contribution. That ended up being an experiment.

Thoroah: Was that because of the Lucifer Rebellion?

ANDROMADEUS: Yes. Because of choices that were made by mortals, it was experimental and it was permitted.

Thoroah: So under normal conditions, the Caligastia 100 and the Andonites would have eventually commingled?

ANDROMADEUS: The original staff would have served for a period of time and left.

Thoroah: And those would have been … what? I mean, the Nodites were basically the result of a failure to carry out the plan originally, so would Nodites be a positive or a negative result? I mean, if there hadn't been a rebellion, would there still be Nodites and would they have been more of a positive influence?

ANDROMADEUS: There would not have been offspring from the Planetary 100 if all things had gone according to play.

Thoroah: Okay. They weren't supposed to commingle with --

ANDROMADEUS: No. Thoroah: Would their progeny --

ANDROMADEUS: Not with the mortals of the realm. Thoroah: Would their offspring have eventually commingled anyway?

ANDROMADEUS: They would not have had offspring. Thoroah: Okay.

ANDROMADEUS: But, coming to a sex planet with all their equipment, it would not take (in your terms) "a rocket scientist" to figure out what they might be tempted to do. There is great power, in fact, in the procreating experience. There is a tremendous power in creating life, and when you create your children, you experience being as gods. You duplicate the creator prerogative. It is a hard temptation to resist.

In the animal kingdom, it is born in you as an instinct. But the composition of the original Caligastia 100 was such that the advanced aspect of their nature was to take precedence over the finite nature, but in the rebellion, that was lost. That was distorted. That was a part of the arrears. When they sought to exclude God and become as gods, they opted to embrace their human nature and become as mortals, just as the mortals longed to mate with the Nodites so as to become like the gods.

You might anticipate there is a bit of conflict in the remnants of the Nodites, having this in their DNA.

And now we come around to the question of DNA. Would you reiterate your question?

Renault: Well, I was listening to a radio station today and this fellow was talking about a method of changing or correcting our DNA. As a process of healing ourselves or each other or whatever, so that, combined with Donna D'Ingillo's talks about changing or healing our DNA, and uplifting the races and opening the circuits is helping to uplift or change our DNA, part of all that. Part of the Correcting Time. Not just a mental or a spiritual capacity for enlightenment but bodily.

ANDROMADEUS: Your DNA was implanted in you from the beginning. Your DNA does not need modified or changed. There is nothing wrong with your DNA. The Life Carriers put it there in accordance with the instruction of the Creator, Michael, and his Consort, Nebadonia. You have everything you need to be fully functioning animals of the realm en route to God in Paradise. What you have are social diseases that affect your DNA that need corrected so that you can return to the original embedded pattern.

When we talk about upstepping the DNA, it is not upstepping it to a new plateau, but upstepping it from the mire that has clogged the spiritual and social consciousness of those of you who have been besotted by banality and error. When you take a shower after having not had one for three days -- working hard, sweating, salty, grungy; your hair is oily and you smell bad -- you go into the shower, you soap up, you shampoo, you shave, whatever; you come out, you feel like a new person.

You could say, symbolically, "I'm a new man." "I'm a new woman." Well, you aren't. You are the same one you were before you went in there, but you got rid of a lot of stuff that you had accumulated through the experience that you no longer need to carry around with you. So when we talk about your DNA being up-stepped, it just means you had a shower on the inside.

Now Adam and Eve were to have modified your plasma, thus adding an element to an already fine race, human race of people, that would make it easier for you to access the spiritual circuits and thus you would inherently-- it would inherently provide you with an increased ability to withstand disease. When you live in God's will, when you live in His favor and don't break universe laws of cause and effect, it's pretty much a "cake walk," but that has not been the case on this world. You seem to take some perverse delight in making life as miserable and difficult as possible so that you can bail yourself out, pat yourself on the back, and say "what a good boy am I!"

It would not be necessary for you to go through those contortions if you simply adjusted yourself to the divine will. I say this "simply" as if I were expecting more from you, or speaking down to you, but I do not intend to demean you, rather to encourage you. And so don't take it personally when I say this, at least don't take it so personally that you resent my words to you and provide yourself with another opportunity to go into a psychic tailspin over what I have said, giving you yet another opportunity to prove your confusion.

The angels serve in this capacity. To help you stabilize the peculiar assortment of conditioned responses inherent in your racial composition.

Gerdean: Is this why the UB talks about it being our racial blend being, such as it is, makes it more difficult in the mansion worlds because of what you are talking about?

ANDROMADEUS: Precisely. It makes it difficult for you to know what you are when you are still and yet such a convoluted assortment of sundry parts instead of the whole that you would have been if you had not undergone this twist of fate.

All evolving worlds experience some similar adjustments as you will, because only worlds settled in light and life have fully integrated human beings, ready to fuse. All the worlds have mortals in a state of half developed consciousness. And so there is always some work to be done in the mansion worlds to help you piece yourself together as to where you got this idea and why you did that and what went into developing this loyalty or that anger.

I don't know if this has shed light or confused the issue, but I am assured that I have planted seeds and so I will leave it at that.

Esmeralda: Could I ask you a question? ANDROMADEUS: Yes.

Esmeralda: I am wondering about the blending of the races. Is Obama helping to further the racial (inaudible); it would seem to me that he is.

ANDROMADEUS: Yes, he is, but that is probably more -- Esmeralda: To make us more compatible and more understanding.

ANDROMADEUS: No. No, only in a very, very overall general sense. You are pointing more at politics or culture than race. Racially, certainly he is contributing by being a biracial person, procreating. Any person procreating contributes. And those who have racial stock, any kind at all, if they mate wisely will contribute to the overall advancement and blending of the races.

But the fact that he is a biracial person running for office does nothing to advance the angels of the races except as he is an educator and an example that others may or may not use or follow in their own procreating choices. He should not be held up as a warrior for the angels of the races, but he is certainly a dramatic example of the affirmation that a woman of good stock and a man of good stock will create good stock.

Esmeralda: Well, that's not exactly what I was hinting about. I was hinting about our present situation. Do you think it's going to help our nation?

ANDROMADEUS: You're talking politics. For that I will return you to Merium.

Thank you for your attention.

Group: Thank you, Andromadeus.

MERIUM: Here I come with a feather duster! I am going to help stir up some of the old, moldy DNA that has been sitting around composting all summer. (Chortles)

Men-O-Pah: "Composting." I love that.

MERIUM: We have questions! I understand … Esmeralda, what is your question? Esmeralda: Well, what I'm thinking … not politics.

Renault: It's cultural. Thoroah: It really is. He's a symbol.

Esmeralda: Well, he is a symbol, but I'm not talking about whether … Will it help us as a nation to be less racially (inaudible) and will it help in any way to broaden our acceptance in realizing that we are all eventually going to be one race?

MERIUM: One could only hope. Esmeralda: And stop the discrimination and …

MERIUM: He is not going to do the whole thing, no, but he will certainly do some. In fact, he is already. It will help bring to the fore some of these moldy thoughts that have been composting for decades, some of which are quite putrid. This is not going to be comfortable for a lot of folk. It is a lot like surgery on a boil. It's going to stink; it may make people nauseous; but it needs lanced and healed. It will be done sooner or later; it cannot not be.

And so it may be one of the things that you will witness in your lifetime. In fact, it is being witnessed as we speak. But I don't know to what extent you are privy to just how brutal it can be. And so, of course, when you set forth a shining example of humanity as an icon for harmony, racial harmony, there will be an effect from that cause. Just remember that love is more contagious than hate, and so keep your love flag flying high.

Men-O-Pah, did you want to ask a question?

Men-O-Pah: Well, (inaudible) inject something into the discussion here. I recently participated in a group study that has been promulgated by the National Geographic Society over a good many years. I took a DNA sample out of my mouth -- both sides -- and put this into a test tube or something to make the bacteria grow and sent it off and what we got back, I don't really understand very well.

Apparently, from what they say, the mutations that have happened through mankind down through the ages are passed by the women. The women pass those mutations that are changes in their genes to their sons, of course, but the sons do not pass it on. It's passed by the women. And if you go along and look at the DNA in the people who lived eons ago and every now and again one of the women will have a little bit different gene cell; her DNA is a little bit … those things have been happening, you know, down through the ages.

The thing that really struck me was that apparently, from all this information, we all, every last one of us, whatever color we may be, we emanated from Central Africa. We all came from there. They've all traced us back there, and some of the people have led off to the west, some to the east and for my own -- and I don't know what this means; you may be able to help me with this -- my group belongs to Halbo, the Halbo Group H. That doesn't mean anything to me. I don't know what it is. But anyway, the migration of the people, of my ancestors, from Africa up through the middle east (we now call it Iran and Iraq) and then eastward to (inaudible) to Europe and finally up to, I would say, Ireland now, and then across the ocean to what we call the United States. Halbo Group H.

But the thing that really sunk home to me is that mankind emanated from Africa. It doesn't really say what color those people were. We have the notion in our minds that they are black, but it may not be so. And there are no -- as you pointed out -- there are no purebred people now. And the fact that we have a "black man" who is a candidate for president, has got to be a great boon for mankind.

Esmeralda: Color is not -- Men-O-Pah: It doesn't mean -- Esmeralda: It doesn't mean anything.

Thoroah: Potentially. It potentially could be something really good. That's what Merium is saying. Potentially it could have a negative effect; it could be a volatile thing at first because there's a whole lot of people whose apple cart is going to -- when it goes over, they are going to be really upset about this. They're probably already brewing stuff and it's kind of scary.

Men-O-Pah: We've been needing these exchanges for I don't know for how long! And I personally, myself, would like to see that and some of those exchanges may affect me personally (inaudible).

Thoroah: It reflects more on us.

Esmeralda: I hope it helps to stop the racial feelings in our nation. You can see it's still strong and I think that's unfair. And politics aside, whether he wins or loses or what, I think it will help people realize that color -- it's the person and the race doesn't really matter.

MERIUM: I would like to return to Men-O-Pah's recitation there about race starting in Africa. The text would clarify a great deal for you there, Men-O-Pah, for while that is true, you need to perceive that your thinking seems to come from the idea that you were born there as wee babies, as human beings, without color dye having yet been added.

Life itself emanated from the salubrious waters of a region around what is today Africa, and yet that life implantation in those waters gave rise to trigger the long evolutionary process that begins in the history of Urantia with ameba and trilobites and protozoa and mollusks, tadpoles, frogs, early land animals, reptiles, birds, dinosaurs, horses, bison, lemurs, mid-mammals, primates, human beings, Andonites, and that includes many peoples, prior to the Sangik races even coming along adding color. And so while, yes, everyone did come from that pool, they did not come there as is revealed in Genesis, but as an evolving process, and this intelligent design had within it the pattern that was worked out in the laboratories on high before that life was even implanted here by the Life Carriers, and set in motion by Spirit -- "Mother Spirit."

The racial characteristics of the Sangiks came much later than when evolving man finally stood up and sought to look for God. That is when the racial drama began to unfold. And its last chapter unfolded with the Adamsonites. And so this focus on race is far more broad spread than the simple but dramatic example of the Democratic nominee for the Presidency of the United States in 2008. If you look closely, you will see these same battlegrounds taking place in other countries, in other cultures, in other languages, in other nations. It is a part of the ongoing advancement of the human condition into light and life where each person delights in bearing the other's burdens and where we know one another as sons of God And where our differences are regarded as assets, not liabilities or something to fear.

And, as an aside, regarding your comment about the DNA passing through the women, this is perhaps why men have been so zealous in keeping her from entertaining another man's seed. As if his would somehow be short-changed or neglected, when in fact, all participants of the advancing civilizations are vital links in the chain that leads us -- hopefully -- forward.

Are we getting heady here? Is it time for a party? Some balloons and music?

Renault: Some day we will realize we are all one.

MERIUM: Well, enjoy the fact of your differences in the meanwhile. Personality is unique. It is a gift, and regardless of your racial background, you have that signature that is uniquely you and that is augmented by all that you have ever been, all the way back to Africa.

Esmeralda: Merium, thank you for answering the question the way you did. You expressed what I was trying to get at, to the effect (inaudible) bring us closer to light and life, where we accept everyone and there is no rejection because of race. That was my thinking.

MERIUM: A lot of that can be enhanced by the social and cultural aspects of human associations. Since you always tend to fear what you don't know, it behooves everyone to present themselves as friendly so that you can get to know each other and learn to enjoy the taste of each other's food and the sound of each other's music, such that it is no longer threatening or laughable to you.

There is a great deal of value in doing the same thing for cultures as the angels of the races do for races, such as keeping alive the Native American culture, even as the red race is gradually and slowly being assimilated, as the blue race are no longer blue but have been mixed and diminished to become white, and all races modify in their advancement.


It's really quite interesting if you can see it from our perspective, and see inside each human being before you look at the outside. You are very programmed to observe appearances first. "Act now, think later." That is something you can act on independently or with a different set of angels. Perhaps we will go into that more next month when Andromadeus will bring to our attention one of the other three remaining sectors of planetary government, that we can understand better and thus understand better how it is that the Most Highs Rule in the Kingdoms of Men.

Bye bye!