2008-09-09-Curiosity and Apathy

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Topic: Curiosity and Apathy

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Midwayer Chief Bzutu: “We are here, and we are ready to commence just as soon as you prefer to open your mouth and speak.”

Samuel: “This is Samuel of Panoptia, your Group Teacher. I say, Group Teacher, because among the Akashic Construct students, which you have taught, there are a number of beginners that I now have contact with.

“This evening I wish to talk with you, my students, about human curiosity . . . and laziness or apathy. I wish to speak with you about these natural instincts, which to a greater or lesser degree are part of the personality, part of your human characteristics to, on the one hand learn as much as you can, whilst on the other, and to some degree, this is offset by laziness. There are many times in your lives when you dearly wish to know a certain thing, and there are times when there is a feeling that the input of new facts, figures and concepts simply adds up to too much.

“These personality characteristics will remain with you for a long, long time, even after you have ascended to the mansion worlds. Even though you will be gifted with the mind and memory that will not allow you to forget anything, as you may do now, there will at times well up a resistance to further learning, even in the higher spheres.

“As much as you can achieve in this life by opening your mind to new facts, new revelation, especially when it deals with the spiritual, you will be at an advantage in your later lives to come. The mind endowments you will be granted will be similar to those that are granted to the angelic forces. You will not be as them, but you will be similar to them. Your education will go on and on, because as human beings that have lived under tough conditions, you will be hardened and strengthened to take on extremely responsible rolls within the outer space universes that are now forming.

“This revelationary fact, which has been with you now for some time, was well known on other planets, and long ago. Your involvement with the outer-space universes is going to be your future, as it will be mine, and for which I am now preparing. This is what you all, too, are now being prepared for in service to your Creator. Therefore it will be important for you in this life to overcome your obstacles of apathy; your obstacles of ‘I don’t wish to know that,’ your obstacles of ‘This knowledge I have no use for.’ Be open minded, soak up information, especially as it relates to the spiritual realm.

“This is your Teacher Samuel. I thank you for your time this evening. This receiver will often complain about the difficulties placed in his path. However, we well remember that he long ago applied for the receipt of a great deal of knowledge. And so, we suggest, grit your teeth, my son, and take in all we dish out to you. I say au revoir.”

George: “Thank you Samuel. Thank you both”