2008-09-16-Monjoronson Q & A Session 20


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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 20

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Thank you Michael for this connected embrace that you hold everyone in. Thank you for the cycle of life that we endure on this planet. Thank you Mother Spirit for your embrace, the loving service of your ministering spirits, the angels. Thank you Father for the gift of eternal life that we may one day come unto the shores of your eternal home in Paradise. We connect with the loving embrace of the spiritual circuitry provided for us here this evening. We now enter into this sacred space where we lift our consciousness to reach your outstretched thoughts, the innermost revelations of our divine self. We thank you father for the personality we each must painstakingly acquire through our great efforts to enjoy this life in the flesh and to savor your presence, your eternal and loving presence here. This evening we invite Monjoronson and his staff and any celestial visitors that may chance to grace us with wisdom. Monjoronson I now turn this evenings question and answer session over to you, thank you.


Monjoronson: Greetings, it is good again to be amongst you my friends in this energy circle of love and spiritual connectivity. There is much to look forward to in each and every moment. May you choose wisely and often to connect to the spiritual presence which shines within each and every soul on this world of Urantia. If we are ready, let's begin.

Q#1: [Mary] Good evening Monjoronson, this first question is rather lengthy, mostly a statement of their understanding with a question at the end.

Greetings Monjoronson, I really appreciate you being here to enlighten us and cause us to think. I have been reading a lot of your transcripts lately and I came across one where you talk about us being in a time capsule moving up and down the eternal timeline taking on experiences. This particular transcript has made me rethink where I begin. I thought the eternal I began at the birth of my soul but this transcript from you has caused me to think that perhaps my true beginning is as a personality [first] from God and this personality in this time capsule decided to experience the material realm and the planet Urantia or earth so as a personality I chose my parents, I chose my race, I chose the country I would have the experiences in an I have done all of that.

After I had done all of that I waited until my vehicle of choice, the fetus is finished baking in the incubator of the womb. After about 9 months my vehicle is ready and comes forth from the mothers womb for me to begin my journey. At around 6 or 7 years of experience a new reality is being developed within me with the help of a blessing of a fragment from the Creator, the First Source and Center. This is my soul. This soul is my living record of all of my experiences on the earth plane and thereafter. This soul is also my ticket into the next level of existence and experiences, the heavenly worlds. This soul will act as my morontia brain allowing me to experience the morontia realm just like the physical brain did for the mortal body.

I am almost full circle but not yet. I will not be complete or I will not have come full circle until my pilot, the thought Adjuster, guides me all the way from which I came all the way back to Paradise. I started out a personality from God, proceeded to the farthest reaches of the universe in my time capsule, decided to take on the flesh. I developed a very heavy soul full of experiences. I then became like the angels and like the spirit beings and now I am back home where it all started on Paradise, ready to start again as a finaliter. This is what I got from that transcript you authored Monjoronson.

Now the question is: Am I seeing this correctly, do I start out as a personality from God, stepping down into the lower realms for the sake of experiences? Does this perhaps illustrate another example of why Christ Michael born of woman? Was Christ Michael showing us how we personalities step down into the flesh and later to experience the resurrection of a greater self leading back to God? Thank you for your clarification on this transcript you offered about us and the time capsule, thank you.

Monjoronson: Good evening, this is Monjoronson. As a brief point of clarification, Michael of Nebadon's incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth and His subsequent birth by a woman was a preordained phenomenon associated with Michael's rise to sovereignty in His universe of Nebadon. This being, Michael of Nebadon is a Creator Son. Creator Sons must experience the receiving orders of sonship created in such a universe as Nebadon in order to gain sovereignty and experience of all of the descending sons of God.

As far as the mortal Urantian individual is concerned, yes, your personality which is brought to your mind in consciousness by the indwelling Adjuster is eternal, the personality is eternal. You, an animal origin creature can certainly become eternal by the unification of thought, will and action by following the leadings of this indwelling Adjuster who prepares the soil of your soul to reap the fruits of your personality. It is like the part of you that you are becoming is eternal and in pursuing that eternal piece of yourself, you will naturally assume the eternal adventure.

It is quite an adventure. It is not quite a leap from the morontia worlds to Paradise, the universe is not that polarized. There is a tremendous amount of gray matter you must traverse. You must become familiar with everything there is in a great and grand universe. Your must absorb all intelligence and all experience that is available to one sojourning in the universe as a faith son of Michael, Mother Spirit and the Universal Father. In your understanding of yourself it is not so important to have an exact picture of who and what you are because in the larger picture this is impossible to comprehend and understand.

There is simply so much you have yet to experience but you certainly can begin to determine the quiet and still presence within your consciousness, which-ever guides and directs life's lesson towards the perfection of your eternal and progressive future. Be of good cheer today and tomorrow will take care of itself. Do what must be done in the now. Paradise is the eternal now, become conscious of the eternal now potential within you, within the very soul that the identity of the human and the presence of the thought Adjuster indwell.

Penetrate this soul with your will and your action to grow and become such as the presence which indwells you. Hold your head high and know that you are a faith son of the everlasting Father. Know that the graciousness of a whole universe awaits your arrival. Know that you have been blessed with life, with identity, with a purpose, a reason to be, a call to move forward, with a will of action, a heart of gold, strong and empty hands ready to do today's work. As you ponder this answer, this concept of the time capsule in which eternity is encapsulated into the presence of now, and as you progress so does this time capsule progress.

It extends to accommodate more of the future. By the time you reach Paradise you will have experienced the complete continuum of time, you will have touched the circle of eternity. You will have arrived from a voyage so fantastic that only a human is privileged to such a voyage. When you have earned the eternal rest you will be completely exhausted from the thrill and experience of knowing everything there is to know in this great and grand universe. Thank you for this question.

Q #2: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson. This next questioner asks for your help with the following: It is difficult to keep a balance in this world. Our politics are very black. Canada, where this questioner lives, appears to be but a satellite of the U.S. and are people mainly interested in their own welfare and are as asleep as are their American neighbors. I am learning to keep an awareness but also to not add to the negativity by becoming emotionally upset. I do have trust that the light is increasing and will overcome the darkness. My question is about the lovely people around me who are very busy with their lives and to varying degrees oblivious to what is occurring.

Will this mass of people awaken only when the predicted changes occur and have they at a soul level contracted to be here to organize and build the new society based upon the oneness of all that is? Thank you for your help.

Monjoronson: There is in the mind of God, a great dream that as humans you begin to glimpse, this dream of oneness where all beings have utmost respect and love and sustainable connections towards all life and all peoples everywhere on this planet. Great is this dream in the mind of God that you have discovered it, the challenge is to present the dream to yourself in a way which is balanced and sustainable within your own life and consciousness. It is a dream of blue sky and sunshine on a misty cloudy day, on a gloomy and soupy day.

One must keep ones mind in the light to be able to see our way around the darkness that others may begin to see as you; as your light passes them by illuminating their surroundings, giving others a glimpse of this great dream which they cannot yet articulate within their own lives. Yet they have sensed this dream, a small part of the dream. It is not fully comprehended, it is not causally sustained. This dream is the reference for all that we can be here on this earth, now in this time. It is necessary to call upon the sustenance of strength and grace within ones own reference of ones self that you may the more grow in balance and understanding, in patience and loving service, in affection, in inspiration.

It is true that all beings will eventually come around. Urantia is a world beset with many false idols, many unworthy goals and many bad habits. This does not necessarily have to be the pattern of living if ones own soul has truly glimpsed the great dream. Begin to live and act like you want to be and you want to be treated. Begin to take control of your life. Begin to bring down parts of this dream into your own reality. The others are drowning in the sea of water and you have the life raft, therefore go and collect each one when chance they call upon you.

Yes, everyone is swimming but soon they will become tired of swimming and will be in need of this life raft. Eventually everyone will need to sustain their sense of self, their sense of well being, their sense of purpose. It matters not that people are involved in political struggles, social and economic struggles. As a breath supplies oxygen to the blood to be brought throughout the whole body, so does your will bring in grace and living sustenance to supply to those who are hungry for more.

Be not discouraged by the seeming arrogance, the careless pity and the sense of entitlement that seems to be taking over modern society. The human tenacity to acquire and maintain a material hold on reality is just a prelude to be able to understand how to hold onto a greater yet unrealized reality. I thank you for this question this evening.

Q#3: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson. We have just a little bit of time left tonight and I will ask a question we didn't have time to ask last week. This person is from Holland and they feel there is not much going on with the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission in Holland and they feel quite alone in this. They ask: Can you give me some insight in what is done here in Holland, what can I do, any news about my teacher? Thank you.

Monjoronson: To the person asking this question, begin to have faith and trust that you are not alone, that there is a great and grand unseen universe all about you. Begin to create a space within yourself to accommodate the presence of a spiritual personality. Adjust your thinking to allow yourself the time to listen to the presence for which you ask. It is important at first to trust that there will be a connection and to have faith in the subtle presence of spirit personality as it interfaces your own consciousness.

As your search begins to take you inward on the journey of discovering, first the indwelt presence within your soul and the vast universe of spiritual presence which is contactable with your mind by using faith and trust. As to the current situation in Holland, I can say that as you begin your inner search, you will then become aware of others that also search inward. I cannot tell you how this will happen, you must trust and have faith that this certainly will happen. You have within yourself the power of faith and trust to create whatever you want to happen within yourself.

The mind is the last great frontier as it is now offered to Urantians. Make good use to explore this frontier. Begin to sense the greatness that goes on within you and not be overwhelmed by the emptiness of everyday life which others seemingly reflect back to you. It is always important to view the cup as half full and if it still looks half empty, your cup is too tall, you need to stand up, and now when you look down on it you will see that it truly is half full. I thank you for this question this evening.


Mary: We thank you for being here with us tonight Monjoronson and that will be the end of the questions tonight, thank you.