2008-10-02-Circuits, Politics

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Topic: Circuits, Politics

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS (T/R Gerdean): Good evening, my friends, this is Tomas, the opportunist. I realize you were expecting to hear from Michael or Nebadonia, and be assured they are observing. Nothing goes on in the universe without their oversight, without their supervision. But I would like to come and chat with you for awhile. I have not been busy much with this format here in the Rio Rancho group. Andromadeus has been holding forth. His year's sojourn with you is nearly up and perhaps I will come back to lecture some more.


I have been enjoying outside service ministry to the world at large and to some groups who have been in the market, as it were, for a contact. I am very accessible and fairly experienced so I'm a handy one to call on - as are all of us, actually. It's not that difficult for us to go where we are directed. You too will find that to be true when you begin to connect yourself to the circuits as a matter of course. As it is, you tune in largely when there is a program, a format such as your group settings or the Light Line broadcasts, and some of you have scheduled quiet time, but when you perceive this cosmic connection as a constant, you will be more available to the prompts and more open to see the light when it shines on an opportunity to be of service.

Abraham might call those "mission callings." They are opportunities to give up yourself for the good of something or someone else, in terms of enlightening the situation or the load of your fellows. In the Urantia text it talks about Golden Rulers - those who live by the golden rule. It makes reference to one day in the future there will come a time when everyone delights to bear each other's burdens. And won't that be something new and different! In this day and age it is not exactly front-page news but it is rare to see service projects written up and touted as modus operandi for people at large. They still think in terms of good works as projects for heroes instead of what any mortal might do if they were to allow themselves to follow the prompt to be actuated - activated - when the light shines on the opportunity.

This is how the midwayers respond to the prompts of the angels who are in charge of certain ministries throughout the universe, your universe. It is interesting to see how many of you second-guess what you might do in terms of service and how often you think in terms of service as if it were a temporal project rather than a spiritual project. I don't mean to say that one has more value than the other, for service is service. But when you think of it always and only in terms of the finite world, the material considerations of the finite existence, you overlook the myriad opportunities inherent in the emotional or mental or morontial or spiritual dimensions which are a part of your composition, even here and now.

Indeed, as you act on those higher levels, those other dimensions of reality, in service, you help turn on the light in the minds and souls of those you serve. For their Thought Adjuster is triggered. It responds to the slightest flicker, and if you can generate some flickers of recognition and/or faith, it gives your Adjuster something to work with.

You who live so much on the Internet, no doubt are aware of how many things go around that offer prayers for others, often adorned with cherubs or angels and hearts, often with music and beautiful pictures, but all of these exalting the human need to recognize the existence of a divine dimension. And to forward that email to others to others so that you are giving testimony to your faith, even if it is an elemental faith, it is nonetheless an indication of a farther reach than the norm, a farther view than the standard. And so the hunger is there, the need is there, and the self-consciousness is lifting. As you see this transpire, let yourself recognize this as progress … progress even within your own-- not just your own lifetime, not just this time frame, but in the past several years just since the onset of the Teaching Mission, as you call it … this new dispensation. Tremendous progress is being wrought.

The discussions you enjoyed before I came in, having to do with the anticipation of visitations from others on high, predictions as to what may be anticipated, not only in terms of the elections, which are heated up and embroiling your nation in a paradox of meaning and values, but the many rumors and speculations from far distant worlds, other life forms, galactic federations, enterprises, worlds and peoples. All these are becoming a part of the consciousness of humanity.

All of it, of course, to the traditional mind, to the conservative mind, is quite outrageous, even frightening. All the world is not on fire for change! And even those who do enjoy change often are reluctant to let go of what was in order to embrace what will be. It takes time to process these things and to undergo growth. Over-rapid growth is suicidal, but stagnancy is not appropriate either, and so there must be a balance as we press on, in confidence of tomorrow, even as we reassure those we would help that while it may be different, it need not be worse! In fact, it could be better. In particular, if we learn how to associate as sensitive and caring and ethical citizens -- not only of the nation and the globe, but of the universe.

There is no real opportunity for boredom for those of you who are alert, even those of you who have some restive spirit that disallows you to live complacently. Living mindfully is stimulating. The mind is the arena wherein you make your choices and so that is where you will find the light shining. When the light shines in your mind on something, note where the light is shining and see how often it is a service opportunity. It may be shining on your own thought process that needs cleaned up, clarified, worked on, discarded, rearranged or adjusted. That, too, is an opportunity. The better prepared you are, the better able you will be to respond to those service opportunities when they are revealed to you and the more confidence you will have in going out to meet them, and resting assured they will in fact meet their mark. This is an act of faith.

Even as I talk about this being an act of faith, I am mindful of the debates that are going on even as we speak and how it is that the American people will look to their prospective new leaders in terms of faith. How much you want to have faith in your leadership is apparent. Each of you have a conviction within you that tells you who you can perhaps have faith in, or who supports the values you hold dear, and this is how it is for everyone.

And so while you may have faith in your candidate, it is also good to have an understanding of what they represent, so that your mind is a part of the process -- not necessarily to defend your choices, but to help you understand why you choose the way you do, for this represents you in many ways in your faith path. What you stand for and what you represent, what you believe in, is how you advertise your faith and your conviction. Are you one who knows when to respond to prompts that lead to in-depth understanding, that lead to hard choices, that lead to compassion, and to the next right thing? Or does your mind gravitate to the easier, softer way, the more convenient or the more clever approach? Cleverness is no substitute for character, and so we urge character. What kind of character do you have faith in?

This is something that goes well beyond the elections and well beyond debate because in the end each of you must make your choices as to how to live your life as a faith son or daughter, dependent upon the spirit of truth as you see it, shining its light on the path before you. May your feet fall firmly in the light, and may you forge ahead in full confidence that when you step up to the plate of opportunity, opportunity will be there with something for you to do. This keeps the momentum going. This keeps you from being discouraged -- this walking in the light. Even if you walk alone, how can you not be amazed and impressed by what you see when divine light reveals the path before you. Insight, divine guidance, inspiration, encouragement -- all these are a part of the wondrous nature of God who lures you -- lures you -- into a greater awareness of His presence.

Well, that has been a good opportunity for me to get back into the pattern of sophistry that I so love, this teaching aspect of my task here with you. Having concluded my little lecture, I would love to hear from you and engage with you if you have questions either about the lesson itself or about anything else that should have crossed your mind or come up into your consciousness during this hour or in anticipation of it. The floor is open.


I will not take that as an affront. I will take it as an indication that you are lost in thought and are still pondering my words in terms of your own faith path and your own object lessons as to finding the light that shines on your opportunities to serve.

They are not always in the limelight. They are not always "big deals" to those who judge you, but the Father judges your intent and knows when you respond from your heart to one of these opportunities, even if it is to glance at someone with a look of encouragement when you sense they are feeling down. The energy that you project is often as strong or stronger than the words you use or the demonstrations you display. And so on those days when you feel that nothing is going on, just get out there and walk among the people for a few minutes so that your Adjuster can connect with the Adjusters of those others. This in and of itself is enough to stimulate a turning point in the day.


All right then, boys and girls, run along and enjoy yourselves. Take full advantage of the opportunities that are presented to be of service to your own mind and to the essence of others as it is presented to you, and I will look forward to our next encounter. Amen and farewell.