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Topic: Angels of Progress

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Andromadeus, Jesus

TR: Gerdean

Session 1


MERIUM: I come rushing in, literally rushing in to shower you with my glee at your afternoon's soiree. We have all been quite pleased to observe your discussions and the effort to probe into your gray matter for these delightful concepts that we have been attempting to convey. I say "we" as compared to "Andromadeus" because "we" are all a part of that divine conspiracy to lift you up into greater comprehension of the universe and how it works and how you fit therein. And so we are very pleased to join with you this afternoon and embrace you in the spirit of spirit-motivated camaraderie.

There were a number of points brought out in your discourse earlier that could give rise to a response from us this afternoon, but first let us get our task underway, that being the study we have been engaging in, so that we can get on to further discourse and sharing before you tire and seek sensual pursuits.

Renault, would you please read us the description of …? Wait! I don't know what one we are going to read! We'd better get the instructor in here to instruct us. See how eager I am, too, to engage.

ANDROMADEUS: I am Andromadeus, your visiting lecturer from On High. (Group: Greetings!) I know that sounds presumptuous to the mortal ear.

Renault: Well, could you give it a geographical location? On High?

ANDROMADEUS: I am not concerned with geography. I am here with you now and provision has been made for that, and that is all we need be concerned with.

Renault: Okay. I'm ready.

ANDROMADEUS: On High is, however, a place. A geographic place in the universe, far removed from Urantia, where we consort today, but it is not that far removed from consciousness. That is to say, the mind is able to bridge the gaps.

Yes, we are going to continue our discussion today on these aspects of seraphic service that add so much to your lives, socially and spiritually. I believe today I would like to talk about the angels of progress.

Renault: Okay.

ANDROMADEUS: Would you, Renault, read to us about those angels, from the text?

Renault: Okay. "No. 2. The progress angels. These seraphim are entrusted with the task of initiating the evolutionary progress of the successive social agents. They foster the development of the inherent progressive trend of evolutionary creatures. They labor incessantly to make things what they ought to be. The group now on duty is the second to be assigned to the planet."


Renault: "The progress angels. These seraphim are entrusted with the task of initiating the evolutionary progress of the successive social agents. They foster the development of the inherent progressive trend of evolutionary creatures. They labor incessantly to make things what they ought to be. The group now on duty is the second to be assigned to the planet."


ANDROMADEUS: This is the sector that you gravitate to, you in the avant-garde of the new dispensation, you in the New Age who have branched off from the traditional approach, who have rebelled against the status quo, and who have set out upon the grand adventure of discovering the unknown. … The pioneers, as it were, of tomorrow.

Usually, the participants in the sector of angels in support of this progressive way of thinking are the youth, the younger people of each new generation, which, in coming up, states they can do better than their parents. They can do better than their home town. They can do better than what went before them. This is to be expected in each new generation.

And yet not all of the generation follows such an ardent path to change. Next month we will discuss those who opt to stay home and treasure the life they have loved and know and believe in. Today, however, we identify more closely with those who left home and have set sail upon the seas of discovery -- not just scientific discovery or factual study but emotional girth and mental depth and spiritual perception.

Science fiction writers would be influenced by the angels of progress if they were depicting ideal societies. Inventors are helping the angels of progress when they are of a mind to introduce a new gizmo or a new technique that will deliver elements or facilitate progress with greater ease. The strivers of your nations, those who compete against others to break records, to press forward, to "push the envelop," to exceed even their own previous accomplishments. These are all effected by the angels of progress.

Ambition is in their domain. Action, the unknown, and adventure are all part of the angels of progress. Medicine research, scientific research, so much excitement and new discovery fall in the realm of the angels of progress. How they work will depend upon the laborers in the field, whether they are sufficiently healthy in body mind and spirit to pursue the goals of tomorrow, whose vision of tomorrow is not warped by the perspectives of revenge or retaliation, will depend upon the cellular composition, the genetic disposition, education and many other factors, and so there is a great appeal to this arm of seraphic service.

They work with you in your mind as part of that conspiracy, through the aegis of your own indwelling Adjuster and your own temperament. The decisions are weighed in your mind -- "the mind arena of choice" -- and so as your mind grasps what it is inclined to interest, it is lodged there until such time as you act upon it and if your will and the Adjuster so will, it will be enhanced by an awareness of other data that can then be steered in your direction to foster that inclination.

If and as your mind thwarts this process, through reticence, reluctance, ridicule or any of a number of possible re-routing of your focused energy, it will accept your rejection and leave you alone, allowing then a space in your consciousness for the entrance of another influence, another good influence, that will be better adapted to who you now understand yourself to be, and what you now understand yourself to be better qualified to do in terms of service.

In this way you participate in your own destiny and you contribute to the weaving of the cosmic tapestry that is created when you interact with divine intelligence, in particular when you interact in such a way as to be helpful to the divine will. This in contrast to the sometime mortal propensity to fight against divine will, simply because of its relative state.

Always will your arenas be overseen by those of us who are involved in the planetary administration. Our agencies are at work and constantly maneuvering the swarming hoards of consciousness resident in the human condition so as to establish a balance. A balance may not always be harmonious, but it is more often than not able to sustain stability in the face of often-tumultuous change. Herein you have cosmic security, whereas the finite world does often stir your sense of insecurity.

When you feel unstable in your consciousness, when you are passing over opportunities in favor of those which are better suited to your soul, assuredly some ministering spirits will support you and uphold you in the process of making your decisions and steering your course over the experiential shoals. And so, it happens in your mind. And it works itself out in the finite arena.

While those of you in the service of the angels of progress are often seen as the superheroes for your willingness to accomplish something in the name of progress, like the superhero, you must maintain an empathy with the most humble among you, for you never know when your service with one sector will be traded to another sector for service in the greater, global spectrum. And you may find yourself doing duty in a new area that would not appeal to the general consciousness of the progress group.

And so, rather than setting yourself up for a difficult transition, consider that some of the adventures and enterprises of the progress group are the antithesis of those in the "angels of the churches" which carry considerable weight and will stop the march of progress if it is deemed On High that progress is going too fast and far and furious than the rest of the paradigm can keep up. And so balance is restored in order for stability to be continually maintained, even as growth continues.

It will behoove you to have an appreciation for both of those arenas of service, and so next month I will talk about those angels of the churches which are apposite the angels of progress in so many ways. Are there questions?


Renault: So is it our religions that are keeping us from progressing as fast as we could, or is it our technology that needs vamping down?

ANDROMADEUS: Those are two options. There are hundreds more. It is not just one single --

Renault: -- cultural, familiar, state, etc.

ANDROMADEUS: Yes. It is quite an amalgamation of realities.

Renault: It does feel like sometimes we take two steps back from one step forward. Seems kind of long and laborious.

ANDROMADEUS: Well, this would be a typical Nodite response. [Laughter]

Thoroah: This doesn't imply the angels of the churches are retrogressive, does it?

Renault: No.

ANDROMADEUS: Certainly not. There is value in maintaining stability. From the perspective of the angels of the churches, it could be said that the angels of progress are immature, erratic, risky, dangerous, egoistic and any number of adjectives that would denote a negative, but they don't do that; humans do that.

Renault: What does it look like on a world without our problems, one that's in light and life? How do the angels of progress work with the angels of religion and family and culture to keep that progress going? In other words, is it easier for angels of progress on worlds of light and life?

ANDROMADEUS: These seraphic sectors that we are discussing in this term are unique to Urantia. They are unique to Urantia because of the unique needs here. It has only been established since Michael's return to Salvington, which in historic terms was very recent.

Renault: A few minutes ago.

ANDROMADEUS: Very recent. Other worlds -- those that are not in quarantine, and have been -- have their own system of governance. Yours is unique to your needs.

Renault: I imagine each planet would be unique to their needs.

ANDROMADEUS: Yes, but in the main they are more standardized. The worlds that have not been subjected to isolation through rebellion and default run a rather ordinary course. It will be some time before you and your sisters in the insurrection will be considered "ordinary". It may be that you will never be considered ordinary. Not the lease of which reasons would be Jesus having come here instead of a Magisterial Son to deliver you of the Spirit of Truth.

Since this is the one world in all of his creation that he opted to visit on his seventh and final bestowal en route to his Sovereignty, you are automatically in a class of your own. And so it is hard to imagine how you will ever be ordinary like the other worlds. In fact, if the world of Urantia is established as a shrine to Michael, it will hardly be seen as any of the other worlds. Even so, it must go through the same stages -- more or less -- as the others go through, in order to attain its goal of light and life. It's just that it will take a different route to get there, and these ministers in the planetary seraphic corps of angels to minister to you are relatively new.

You will note that the angels of progress have changed over twice. It would seem then that progress has gone through two cycles since the Master was here. You can pretty well look back and see when these progressive surges came about and if the new team, the new angelic team was all fired up and ready to go or had reached its apex.

Renault: The Renaissance.

ANDROMADEUS: It would certainly appear that way.

Renault: It was like a light bulb went on.

ANDROMADEUS: There is one going on now, too, but that has a lot to do with the revelation. It remains to be seen over time whether that coincides with the changing of the sectors or not, and I am not at liberty to clarify that for you.

Renault: Are we being upstepped? Currently?

ANDROMADEUS: As long as the angels of progress are on board, you are being up-stepped because they work incessantly for what might be instead of what is, so when you are striving to reach an attainment of some sort, you can be assured that the angels of progress are at work. To the extent that you opt to work with them, is your free will.

I will turn this meeting back over now to Merium with my thanks for your attention and your unbridled progress. Farewell.

Group: Farewell. Thank you!


MERIUM: Merium back here, and before we do anything further, I would like to take a recess for five or ten minutes so I can open the windows and let in some air and so you can round up your consciousness which has been body surfing on the waves of space. I'll be right back.

  • [Intermission]

Session 2


MERIUM: We are here. You wanted to ask Andromadeus something from the last transcript. He had said the original Caligastia 100 were not authorized to have offspring, and yet they did sire the Nodites. The question that came up was whether they were to sire anything at all when in fact they did give rise to the Primary Midwayers which must be construed as offspring, but they are not mortal offspring. They did not culminate or eventuate in a new race, and so Andromadeus did not feel it was necessary to spell that out. However, since this seems to have wrought confusion, I am happy to clarify that on his behalf. If that helps.

Renault: Yes, thank you.


MERIUM: I'll use that as a springboard then, to address some of the on-going concerns about this process of transmitting/receiving this peculiar format that we have established between the ministering spirits and the evolving mortals of the realm. The entire concept of such activity is in itself worthy of discussion, in fact of study, one which we feel has never been appropriately developed for the bias against such activity is so great and for such good reason!

Even so, in the name of progress eventually it will need to be done and it will need to be approached in the light of the revelation, as well as experience, without fear or rancor. This is a part of the process of advancement! And yet it is very clear to us that the ignorant perceptions of evolving mortals is valuable for the reason that wisdom springs therefrom. Just as modern medicine has come from alchemy and astronomy has come out of astrology, tremendous new strides in spiritual consciousness will come about as a result of these primitive efforts we engage in today with you in what we term the Teaching Mission and but yet what is regarded globally as New Age channeling.

We might as well discuss the Witches of Salem, when in fact midwifery and women's intuition are a part of the fiber of your lives. Fear and ignorance must be abandoned and in order to dispense with much of it, investigation is necessary. While there are those who would call such investigations riff-raff, it is also an art form, and legitimate steps in the evolution of the races.

And so while it is far from perfect, and primitive compared to how it will be in the future, it is a legitimate rung on the ladder of searching for ways to accomplish light and life in an evolving world, including in your own soul which, of course, is where it must come from in order to be represented in the world at large. And so it has been said that those of you who would engage in such activities as we engage in this afternoon are reserve corps, but that is not something we are willing to carry on about because it is important to us only that enough minds are inclined toward progress to balance out those who uphold the status quo and counter those who would drag evolution backward, down into the abyss of barbarity and oppression, ignorance and prejudice such as has been your legacy and out of which you are nobly climbing.

Our communications format is a sign of the times. And the process does not require 100% submission or involvement, only enough to fulfill the proscriptions of the angels of progress. And when progress has attained its goal, it will be held in abeyance then until such time as the effects of its causes are allowed to settle down and adjust to the new level of awareness and possibility that has been made evident by these investigations.


Renault: Is it T/R'ing?

MERIUM: Put that in a sentence, or a question.

Renault: Sorry. I was thinking that this form of communication, coming in the age that we're in, so to speak, i.e., the Teaching Mission first started flowering in the early 90's and yet the sleeping subject was doing something like this unbeknownst to him much earlier. Is this form of communication going to be put in abeyance until other things catch up?

MERIUM: Not necessarily. For this kind of communication has been going on for centuries, just not with such blooming popularity.

Renault: I would say another thing is that it seems to be fairly widespread, not just in Teaching Mission circles but other ways and forms and means of communication are happening and people just pick up on it in different ways according to their background.

MERIUM: Absolutely. It is just a natural part of the flowering of evolution. It will happen in some form or another on any evolving world, but those worlds that have had Adam and Eve input and guidance have been able to do so with less obvious means. The activity happens in the mind. T/R'ing is a mental process.

On ordinary worlds as they advance, it is an ordinary and normal part of advancement that individuals reflect what is in their minds and as it assimilates divine values, those divine values will be incorporated into the minds of the citizens and reflected back out in their social undertandings and demonstrations of how they think.

This is life. This is ordinary behavior. Just because as we discussed earlier you are not "ordinary," does not mean that you will not also have to go through some very ordinary processes, and while the processes itself is ordinary, the demonstration of it is not because your circumstances are not ordinary. I don't know if this helps or confuses.

Thoroah: It seems that you are saying that the communication will be there but the transmission of it in those of us sitting around listening to the transmitter won't be necessary eventually, that these communications will be more natural and telepathic or more transparent, etc.

MERIUM: Indeed! As we evidenced, as we witnessed prior to our coming in this afternoon, the discourses going on between Thoroah, Gerdean, Renault and Miriam were and are representations of the mind at work in its milieu in alliance with its connection to cosmic consciousness. And that's what T/R'ing is, after all. Bringing in your highest concepts in a method of communication which is received, or can be received, by the open minds of the listeners. The only thing is, eventually the T/R's (as you know them) will be "out of a job" because everyone will be able to think and speak this higher conscious connection by and through their own skills and abilities and will.

Renault: All right!

Thoroah: And that will have elevated the social conversation exponentially.

MERIUM: Utterly.

Renault: Great.

MERIUM: It's a process. We are just demonstrating how it feels, where it leads, how it operates, and, frankly, teaching you how to comport yourself in the family of man as it was intended. It doesn't take you away from the arena of animal existence or the trappings of society or the habits of cultural conditioning, but it does add a dimension of consciousness that bridges upon the morontial, such that you are in the process of engaging in these "soirees" participating in the progress of your world.

You are connecting humanity with divinity. You are bridging the gap between this world and the next such that it does not seem so dreadfully far away, but that it is here within your own domain and in fact resident within your own mind. And so you bring a dimension of spiritual security and peace, confidence and affluence to the environment that might otherwise appear to be lost in fear and shame, downtrodden and satiated with hollow victory.

In this context, you do function as reserve corps, for you do act upon the Spirit of Truth as you have been trained in the deep mind for this kind of work. The real work it seems is in the daily plodding of establishing the beaten path, the sure way, without that becoming dead, crystallized. And that goes on in your mind, and so as you keep your mind alive and your perception alert, you keep the Spirit of Truth going here with something to do, and this does indeed assist in the process.

The potential is there. It is a personal choice as to whether and to what extent you can and will optimize that potential and actualize yourselves, even as you remain stable and, to all intents and purposes, ordinary.

Are there questions?

Renault: I think we've been trying to live our lives by these teachings, and as things come up in our day to day little world, as we trudge along, I think the teachings have really helped a lot to make us decide to pick love. You know? On the side of love. So even though we may feel isolated and cut off and without any help out here, just knowing that we do have overseers and people that love us and help us and guide us and want us to want what's good for us, I think that helps keep us going.

MERIUM: Yes, it does and it also keeps it going for you when you have opportunities like this today to share with other like-minded people. It reflects back to you your own reality such that you are made credible, even to yourself. And this gives you strength in numbers. Even though your numbers may yet be small, you can recognize what benefit can be had from such camaraderie and shared beliefs as we have. Even when our beliefs differ, we oddly enough manage to have faith and that faith brings us back to this distant shore where we set sail in harmony, in tandem, to build a bridge from Urantia to the rest of the system and on beyond, to the Constellation … and Havona! This is part of the Correcting … part of the Connecting … Time.

Renault: Thank God.

MERIUM: Well, take heart. As you say. It is love that makes the world go round. Even if you may not understand how love works, just knowing that it does work is ample. And so Remember Love.

Renault: Is that the new default position?

MERIUM: It's the Source, and so even if your perception of love is in error, even so, it provides the springboard for clarity and greater appreciation for love. And thus we progress.

I am feeling the energy wane. You did great this afternoon. You kept it going for quite a while, and the fruits of your labors will be made manifest in your lives and in the lives of others as a result of broadcasting this good news into the realm. We'll see you next time. Bye-bye!

Group: Thank you. Bye-bye.

Gerdean: There is somebody else here.

JESUS: I am here. Michael. I am coming to you, however, as Jesus. I prefer visiting with you as your brother, your elder brother, than as your Sovereign Lord, because I regard you as my coworkers and peers, my younger siblings. I am your big brother in every sense of the word. And while it is true that I rule the universe, I am here as your friend.

Part of my rule is to administer to my people in love, as that is my mandate. Mercy is love inserted into your midst. Mercy can only come from an appreciation of how imperfection affects the process of becoming.

I shared with my brothers and sisters a form of prayer that has become commonly known, in which I suggested that you forgive others their trespasses as they forgive you likewise. It is only through this dissolving of the hardness of the heart, through merciful reflection, one on the other, that any progress at all can be had. For when everyone is locked in to their own perceptions, blind to the value of others, there can be no fluidity, only rigidity, and in that sense, there is stalemate, potential crystallization.

In an effort to keep this gospel alive in the hearts and minds of those of you who are still hungry and thirsty for truth and righteousness, to proceed into the kingdom within your own hearts and minds, so as to reflect this divine reality outward in your association with others, mercy is always a factor. When you look at what could be instead of what is, you look at what could be in terms of mercy. Not merely accomplishment and acquisition, but how can I make life more meaningful for others? How can I help others live more fruitful and satisfying lives? How can we together work towards the greater good, that which will satisfy our innermost longings?

I know the solution. I am the Way. And I represent the Father, the divine path, as do my sons and daughters who follow me. Judgment is beyond our purview. The Ancients of Days are those who stand in judgment, and they have understood that those from my world are promised mercy. I will assume responsibility for my universe. Even that which happened without my sanction, I will hold myself responsible for the outcome.

You may give that to me. And I will pass it on to those above us who will take care of those things on behalf of the children of time. You need not worry about being judged. Not by me. Not by my administration. But you will be shown mercy -- if you don't presume upon mercy beyond your capacity. The decision is always yours. This is free will.


In faith of your will to live in Father's will, I embrace you. Until we speak again, be of good cheer.

Group: Thank you. We love you.