2008-10-29-Higher Self, Co-creation, Fusion


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Topic: Higher Self, Co-Creativity, Adjuster Fusion

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan



Jonathan: I extend a welcome to Monjoronson and express my receptivity to be in contact and to faithfully transfer the messages you would choose to relate.

Monjoronson: I am here, this is Monjoronson, let us be engaged in the questions of my fellows.


1 - What Is The Higher Self?

Question #1: [Mary] Thank you for being here Monjoronson. Our first question asks if you could please explain the higher self. This person has found that it is a concept that they are not really not clear on and request your help with their understanding of the concept of higher self.

Monjoronson: This concept has two meanings. The first meaning and perhaps the most important is the presence of the indwelling God. While this term, higher self, may seem like a contradiction to the divine self for it refers to the human being, it is nonetheless true for this divine presence has pledged to merge and become one with the human self and so you have each a partnership, two selves to become one. The higher self in this respect is the divine self.

Most human beings are not comfortable referring to themselves as a divine self and so hold their divine presence as another entity. The other meaning of higher self is more of a reference of an assemblage of hopes, aspirations, ideals and high values that you hold for your human self. That which you would like to become, this reference can be inspiring, can motivate the soul towards growth. It feels more attainable to reach to a higher human self than to reach and perhaps wrongly assume a divine high self.

There is however one drawback in this approach, that is the assumption of a low self. Whether you refer to yourself as a true self or a high self, you imply that you are also encapsulating a lower self and a wrong self. As a human personality you are simply a self, with high aspirations and sometimes with wrong behaviors. You may approach this concept of high self and do so with peace by realizing that you are one self with high ambitions with a sight set on God, with a desire to live a holy life with the anticipation of growing in awareness, of expanding your ability to love and to bring about good to all your fellows.

If you work in this manner, then your human self resonates with and approaches affinity with the divine indwelling God-self. Each soul that aspires to attain God, give themselves over to God, acknowledges the greatness of Deity and surrenders to the Father's will, but God has done likewise and given Himself to be yourself. At this juncture of time wherein you are a distinct human personality and have within you the divine spirit of God, you will wrestle with this duality of two selves.

I encourage you to accept who you are and to accept the divine Presence. You may not be able to honestly say now that this divine Presence is who you are but you can accept it as who you will be and may refer to it as your higher self. The bridge between your human self and this divine Self may be referred to as the [second] concept of the higher self, your hopes, your desires, your ideals to reach to and attain God. I hope this fulfills your quest.

2 - What Does It Mean To Be Co-Creative?

Question #2: [Mary] Thank you so much Monjoronson. The next question is also a question that asks you to address a certain concept that is often used and that is the concept of being co-creative. They would like to know what that exactly means and how they can translate that into their daily life, the concept of being co-creative.

Monjoronson: Firstly I will refer back to the first question for there is the relationship wherein co-creativity may occur. Many times it is wrongly assumed that one must completely give up assertion and simply accept the leading of God with no assertion of your own will. This you will find to not be the will of God for it is the Father's desire that all His children be creative, to express not only [imminent] reality but new realities which is the relationship of your personality to everything about you.

When you seek to express your will and to do so with the guiding rails of truth and goodness, you immediately experience the same desire by the Father within you and your power becomes compounded, your creativity more certain of expression. This is as equally valid [an] approach of your will as is the one that assumes submission to the Father's will and negation of ones own except that I would refine that approach by adding that once you receive the creative assertion by God, you must not be passive but be about the Father's business to get up and do the work and do it willingly.

Then you are co-creating with the creative expression of the divine Presence. We are within the realm of Supremacy. Prior to this dimensional expression from God, the Deity created and creatures came to life. Here within Supremacy, creatures are co-creating and new life is coming about, new levels of awareness as well. This is a stupendous opportunity for every one of you as it is for myself.

Even this present engagement of myself with this transmitter/receiver is a co-creative synergistic partnership. I do not assert my expressions over the will of this receiver but in alignment with the will of this receiver, and he becomes a certain pitch and tone of my expression while I could likewise convey my meanings through other tonalities through other receivers. Thank you for the question, I hope this stimulates your thought and encourages you to be co-creative in partnership with God.

3 - Can You Help Me Find Myself?

Question #3: [Mary] Here's another question that I will just read as written: I have looked for God with all my soul. I knew then He was looking for me even before I found Him. I recognized He is my Father and that the brotherhood is my family but I feel I lack something. I have everything I need but I do not feel happy. Can you help me to find myself and receive their love and then return it to the brotherhood through useful service? Thank you very much.

Monjoronson: I approach the response to this question with some caution for the word happy is quite variable in its application. It may refer to a sense of well being that results from a healthy physical form and unhappiness may be simply the result of chemical imbalances within the body. No matter how hard you try to smile you do not feel good, that is, happy. But there are cultural aspects too, for your society infuses the word happy with possession and attainment of stature and financial gain, of a good family, and therefore happiness becomes an evaluation of how many items in your life are present that your culture tells you ought to be for you to be happy.

Then there is the deep and profound spiritual contentment that may also be referred to as happiness. This contentment need not have any emotional aspects for it is on the level of the soul, and it is in relationship with God as you have expressed, each one having found the other. Remember that Jesus said; "happy are those who are poor in spirit". This seems to be a paradox. Would not one be happy if they were rich in spirit?

Your longing and your seeking continues to propel you ever nearer, ever closer into the arms of God. This is a happiness of reaching to God for your sustenance, for His love. It is not a happiness of attainment wherein you fulfill all. To continue to grow requires the sense of continual lack. Without need there is no hunger, without hunger there is no being fulfilled. I encourage you to focus on contentment in the spiritual dimension, and as you find that peace you will experience the resultant glow of happiness; it will manifest even in the realm of emotions. Thank you for asking.

4 - What Is The Difference between Spontaneous and Adjuster Fusion Combustion?

Question #4: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson for addressing such a personal and kind of a difficult question. Our last question this evening is as follows. This person says that they hope you can shed some light on their question considering the limitations that you have in answering our questions.

They would like to know what is the difference between spontaneous human combustion and the process of fusing with our Thought Adjuster while in the flesh? What causes the electro-chemical mechanism, the human body, to burst into flames and become completely consumed if this is not a case of fusion with the Thought Adjuster. Thank you for your response.

Monjoronson: These are two differing phenomena. I am not at liberty to reveal the mechanism involved with spontaneous combustion. You will understand this occurrence when you are further schooled by the Life Carriers as to how such an event takes place. The fusion is a combustibility wholly unlike simple burning of physical things. It is the intensity of spiritual light that does not burn but disintegrates, that even on the molecular and atomic levels the energy becomes so intense, matter flies apart.

This intensity appears as a flame but it is really properly termed fusion. The unification of the divine Self with the human self is an energy force and I might say, a co-creative act. The brilliance, the power, the joy is so profound that even matter trembles in the presence. Perhaps I have disappointed you by not being able to address the mechanics of spontaneous combustion but I hope here to stress the profound and solemn and holy magnanimity of fusion with the divine spirit. Such an event is nearly beyond accurate description.


Thank you for your questions. I salute Michael and I encourage each one of you to reach for your highest ideals, to be ambitious for the kingdom, to accept your limitations for those limitations are merely the revelation of the edge of your growth and as you encounter them you expand your abilities and thereby fulfill the will of the Father.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson, my appreciation goes out to you as well as to the T/R for his services this evening, farewell.[