2008-12-27-The Psychic Matrix

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Topic: The Psychic Matrix

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “Among us in the Midway Realm, many a story is being told about our first real (1972) face-to-face meeting. Although you and your parents and siblings were well known to us, and we all were known to you at some deeper conscious level, our important face-to-face encounter was needed to overcome the ‘case-hardened, black or white, and dead-or-alive’ concepts on your part.

“We well recall the total conviction on your part that we were dead, expired, ‘ex-mortals,’ and mere ghost that should find peace in the idea of an existence come to an end. So absolute and powerful was that conviction that for a mere moment in time I considered the possibility of what you were ‘driving home.’ Psychology has its parallels, and we are not immune to this (human) trait of momentarily considering even the utterly impossible. We reminisce here about the past as a new year is about to begin.

“This world, our world, is injured and bleeding profusely, still. Overindulgences for some, and desperate shortages for the many are widespread signs of a planet in trouble. You have not yet found basic equity for all to be the way forward towards that minimum of collective progress the Universal Father requires of all. Wrong actions by the powerful still make virtual slaves of the majority, and wrong thinking justifies such actions. The Correcting Time inaugurated on the former rebellious planets will, indeed, and in time, turn this around.

“Those who are regularly time prompted by us to awaken and see their individual functions are, together with us, among the ‘coagulants’ that form the psychic matrixes that help slow and eventually cause to stop the hemorrhaging of this world, its crimes, its inadequacies, its tears of sorrow and desperation. Your right action, right thought, healing approaches and prayer, shining examples and justified protests are what will turn this world around.

“Count on us all to keep prompting you all, for we are alive and active, hardly mere ghosts, but brothers and sisters in a sacred pact with you to better this world for all who dwell here. The entire 11:11 Progress Platoon of old sends its love and affection to all who reach out to those around them to form the psychic matrix that will allow the year 2009 to be better for all than the years just past.

“This is ABC-22 at your service.”